Untold Stories Post 62: The Unavoidable Question?


Its 2016, we all know that.
The thing which we all doesn’t know is that in my 26 years of Life on planet earth, and After doing 18 Years of Education,
and even coming and Living on Australia for almost three years, People Still ask me “Mr Tapish Dongre what Caste Do you Belong?”
Probably running away or Avoiding this question is not possible I guess for now. Its high time I get prepared to answer this question.

On a recent chat with a ex fb friend Naina Deshkar, she asked me which Cast do I belong, and I effectively dogged the question like every educated person can do.
I said in 2016 who believes in Cast system? Then she went on asking a confirmative question mentioning a particular Cast or Tribe, Do I belong to this cast or not?
Initially it pissed me off and I just unfriended her. But this question again disturbed me for the whole week. It was unanswered as well as Unavoidable now.

I am a story teller and there are not much ways I could express my anger and frustrations except telling stories, may be someday some reader may understand my projectile.
But for now, Naina Deshkar, Allow me to screw you up and explain you the system I understood till now, but before that let me tell you two stories,
1) which is commonly heard
2) which I created to explain the situation further

On a lovely sunny day, Two cats were fighting for a loaf of Bread. The Monkey saw this from his tree and decided that I can
take advantage of this situation. He came in front of cats with a Beam Balance and then said, as you are already fighting on loaf of Bread, let me help you and using this Scale(Balance), I can distribute the Bread
equally among you two. The cats in anger couldn’t decide properly and trusted a third person “Monkey” to be Judge when actually his involvement was none.
Monkey purposely divided the Bread in to “UNEQUAL” parts. When he weigh the new slices on a scale he conclude that one piece is bigger than other thus to make it equal let me have a bite form the bigger piece.
Monkey again purposely took more bigger bite that he was suppose to make it equal, therefore the bigger bread piece became smaller compared to other and then monkey said, now the other piece is bigger than the first one
thus let me have a bite from the bigger piece so that it makes the scale equal for you too. Slowly Slowly using this trick Monkey ate all the Bread and Cats being angry on each other could not even Blame Monkey and have no Bread at all.

In my story most of you must have understood by now that the two cats are two greater division of Indian Society being Schedule cast on one side and General on other. The Bread is the Resources (Jobs, education, Infrastructure, Living Commodities).
And we fail to recognize Monkey the friend of both Cats is the GOVERNMENT we respectfully support.

My second story continues with the first one.
On a lovely Sunny Day, Generations ahead form the first story, all the Cats were getting smarter by understanding the Monkey’s trick and getting mixed so that in future Monkey dose not eat the bread like last time. The only difference was internally the Cats really wanted to fight on the Loaf of First Bread that the two cats
were fighting on the first story. Group of Cats even declared the first fighting cat as LEGEND and started to pray on his photos and started building statues of first fighting cat. On a particular day of the year they even started celebrating the “Legend cat’s” birthday and death day. Burning candles on Street, Celebrating with joy and sadness on particular day.
Do you think Generations of Monkey were not smart enough? The first monkey trained his son, and he trained his son and Generations of Money belonging to same species trained each other that how can still we benefit on current bread as well as let the Cats forget about who actually Ate the first Bread.
The monkeys sometimes supported one kinda cats in speech and also funded the other type of cats. Monkeys also showed the respect for the Cat Legend and started constructing more of his statues and allowed other cats to follow his memorial birthdays and death days.
Monkeys modified the “Legend Cat’s” initial plan constructed a system where there will be direct or indirect inequality and the Cats would keep fighting with each other and generations of Monkeys will benefit from this system. Some cats wanted to stay out of this generations of Cat fight and even tried to avoid this mess. But the devotional cats usually use to convince the free educated cats to come and join their battle.
Educated cats now use to fight more effectively than the uneducated on, Ohh sorry let me rephrase Literate cats use to fight more effectively than the illiterate one. You know on a Wednesday 27th July 2016, one of the Legend follower cat asked the free cat, which side of the fight dose the free cat belong? In frustration the Free cat wrote the story of Cats again 🙂 lol

I sometimes wish I could change the situation but most of time I stay away for the “Cat Fight” but even to stay away I had to learn and understand about both the cats and their current situation.
Studying in Co-Education I never had to face Caste-sim similarly even staying in Australia for 3 years I never faced Racism. But if a cat from India persist me answer a question which Cat Community I belong so Today I have an answer.

Initially I thought the Cast division system is limited to Hindu Society as for which one of the creation is started to believe with the books classifying Varna System. Then I discover that there is Schedule Cast and Schedule Tribes in Christianity too.
As per my knowledge I might be wrong but most of religion of India have their own division of labor system which divides the Society and even permits a human to look down on other.
A person just born in a particular cast can either feel proud to be in the cast if he/she is higher to the hierachy system and also for his whole lifetime looked down and feel pity or ashamed if he/she belong to a lower cast in the Hierarchy.

We all know the Legendary Cat Dr. B.R Ambedkar on 13th October 1935 was popularized to have started wast campaigning Against the Cast system in India and many might have feel supported or offended on the speech where he speaks “I deny to follow a Hindu religion which treats me by any circumstance lower to other human being.”

I am not a fan or a follower of the Legendary cat as there is lot of change in the system since 1935 to 2016.
But as its is asked so I would like to reply to a Legendary Cat followerNaina Deshkar‘s question in her own Legendary Cat’s style that: I deny to follow and accept any fucking religion which treats one human upper or lower in socialistic placement over other.
As of today 31st July 2016 on my full understanding of consequences that will be followed I want to clear that I belong to No Cast nor any Religion. I am happy to live without them.

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2 thoughts on “Untold Stories Post 62: The Unavoidable Question?

  1. Tapish, thank you for such a genuine discussion! The sad thing is that the specific role of keeping the status system belongs to the privileged group of cats too, not only to the monkeys. They are interested in having the label of better people without the necessity of efforts to achieve the level. They have struggled for this label (and it is a real active) for centuries. But even though I know that, I was overwhelmed by the question of your “friend”.


    1. Thanks for the comment. and actually reading and quoting the “Cats and Monkeys”… talking more on this subject may involve me in taking side of one or the other and put me in one of the self defined category of Cats….So currently i will enjoy the freedom of a “Free Cat” till the time something actually affects me to change my viewpoints…
      And Cheers mate….Hope future generation has to face none of these..


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