The “Wants” but Not the “Needs”

Sitting, working or study at “home” I am daily bombared with many commercial adds. Tapping deep down to my insecurity or just touching the peak of my craving curve. These adds, target the basic choice of a person. Though I am learing Data Science and I am hopeful to be on the other side of the imaganary line where I will be making software and Data Analysis platforms that can predict a model or some behaviourial pattern. But currently on primitive side of the imaginary line, these “Wants” are of a big distraction.

Thus instead of giving on to those Wants” I am just making another list here with pictures of all the things I want, instead of the ones I actually need.

  1. Playstation Five PS5

Its been pending since the start of the year. Probably the lack of availabilty in the current market makes it more desirable. I currenlty have a PS4 and probaly more than 100 games. Actually exactly 121 Games (I just checked my list) and out of that more than 50 are my Retirement Plan Games. Still the Craving for buying a PS5 is an itch difficult to get out of.

Play Station Five PS5

2. An M1 Apple

This is an expensive one as well thus more difficult to decide on one. Since the annouce of M1 processor and my Professor suggesting me to buy a mac to do Data Science instead of the Windows I am use to. I am actually confused between the two. Should I go for a Mac Mini which is equaly powerful as the Mac Book Pro using an M1 Processor.

Mac M1 Machines

3. Nintendo Switch (unpatched)

Since the time I learned that Nintendo switch can be homebrewed I wanted one my hand. I knew only the first generation can be modified without the use of a soildering skills that I do not have now. I wanted to try out the what all a small platformer can do with modifying its softwares

Nintendo Switch with Atmosphere Installed in it

4. Back Massager

This is the one craving I am ready to give into. Spending at least 8 hours on chair in front of my system, this is the one thing I am eager to buy as soon as possible. I have see the cheaper model of Massaging Instrumentation at nearest Kmart and I guess this is the one on my bucketlist before Dec 2021. The craving started when I went to one of my freinds’ (MJ’s) house warming party and used a similar model kept on his dinning chair.

Back and Thigh Massager

5. A portable Vaccume Cleaner

One of my household duty is to keep the house clearn or at least Vaccume it once a week. My current vaccume clearns is eons old and thus I wanted to upgrade it from past month. Though I am very keen to upgrade to a Codless vaccume cleaner but comparing its power and runntime only being 20 minutes, I would probably buy a Chorded one.

I-Vac X20 Stick Vaccume Cleaner

6. Go Pro Camera

I know I know my list is mostly of electric and electronic cravings but an Action Cam is one on my list from a very long time. Especially since the time I learned that the new Go_Pro Hero 9 has inbuild image stabilization and thus even if you walk and capure something, the video comes without any shakes even on 4k 60 frames per second.

Go Pro Hero 9

7. Google Pixel 6

I wanted to upgrade my mobile(Moto G9 Plus) since last November which it got its first crack on its screen within first month of its purchase. The warrenty did not cover the glass damage and though its a good working mobile still it was not the first choice at the time of purchase. I have used a Pixel 3 and I am aware of the Google Phone performance thus would like to switch back to it as and when possible and not being heavy on my pocket.

Google Pixel 6

8. iPad Pro

This is another latest crave arised when making Mathematics Videos on my Youtube Channle. I recently started a journey of Revisting the NCERT/CBSE mathematics books from Class 1 to 12 ( link: ) While expaling anything on camera, many times I feel like there should be something which I can write on to show what I am thinking while explaining any maths problem This lead to search of devices with Pen capture and finally I landed on Ipad Pro which can do the job along with other stuff.

iPad Pro with Pen

9. Mirrorless Camera (Originaly Thought DSLR)

If/when I have a Go-Pro and Google Pixcel, I dont really need a good video capture device. But this list is not of the needs anyway. Thus I thought why not include the long awaited DSLR on my list. Currently the DSLR would be very heavy thus I switched on to the craving of possessing an Mirrorless with 4k 60 to 120 fps caputre and that is only possible in a camera ranging way above my pocket range. Cannon R5 or R6 are on the market that caters that “want”

Cannon R6

10. 4k Laser Projector

It was either this or a 75 inch TV. But in house if we really want the Theater Kinda feeling then a 4K Laser project is something I would plan for when I will buy a house of my own.

4k Laser Projector

All the images used in this post belong to their respecive creators fond on the web. My list could have been longer but currently all togher they have crossed my annual earning already. Thus even to think more I have to first expand my pocket or source of earning then dream upon making the Sand Castel.

If in your dream purchase list matches mine, please do write it on the comment section below. And if my list gets updated, either I will update this one with more items or just make another list next year.

Till then, be in touch…

See you on the other side !!!

Tapish Dongre

Untold Stories Post 81: THE BROKEN ENGINEER

My Engineering lifespan of four years was a journey along with roller-coaster of emotions.

Girls biologically wired to cope up with emotions, having this as their strong suit, could choose the practical decisions on their own.

Boys on the other hand needed a support group, which they even fail to admit that it is a support group.

The incidents I am quoting are not always alcohol induced, but alcohol did open up some strong men’s heart which left them to crying on the floor. I would not like to mention any
names of this article for the reason that I fail to get their permission yet to share their part of story. So these incidents only form my my point of view.

Scene 1:
First and second year of engineering everyone tries their best to accommodate and live with the new environment which they are forced into.
Not everyone is accustomed to live away form their respective parents.
At that time, may be due to my rebellious age I would love to live away from my parents and have less of a control of them over me.
But some of the boys were connected to their parents in a very very deep and complicated bond that only they could express.

I went to a house party.

Ya because in Engineering life, every day is Party.

Ohh ! I am sorry Every night is party and every day is a kind of sleepover.
In this party a new song got trending.

And with a very slow dial up or mobile internet connection at time this was downloaded the with high definition video of “YOU CAN PUT THAT BLAME OF ME”
by Ackon.
We watched the song once.
We watched the song twice.
and then thrice.
Goosebumps were running on the lyrics,

“Sorry for the times I left you home,

I was on the road and you were alone”

And all of a sudden may be the desi guy finally understood the English lyrics and started crying.
He just went on that he misses his mom and now want to just go home for good.
I was astonished to see such a strong personality breaking down in front of me and weeping, sitting outside of house, not bothering to observe the strange world which in constant caution he did before. I was not a emotional supporter and thus could not help the guy, but that day I was thankful that I am still living with my parents. And I was not sure what would be my go when I had to leave away. (*fast forward to year 2013 when I had to live alone, I did cry, but that story for some other time)

Scene 2:
This was just past the Final year Engineering life and I was invited to another party.

This time it was booze and chicken and what not in the house.

One of the reason was, though not by 9 to 5 jobs but street smart Engineers in their final year and beyond, learn their way to gain income through various objectionable mediums.
Those time the song, “Tera Pyaar Pyaar Pyaar Hooka Baar” form Khiladi 786 was released and I asked for if I can have Sheesha instead of drinking.
Truly speaking till this day I never like alcohol. I am just a social drinker who like to loose control once in a while.

Since I was not drinking I became the judge of two heavy drinkers of that group. The completion was who can have and handle maximum amount of alcohol.
One of the player was very dear friend of mine and other was a Super Senior.

“Super Senior” as if it is even a word.

But we use to believe anyone who is more than two academic
batches ahead of is a Super Senior.

They Drank almost one and half bottle of Whiskey “McDowell’s No. 1” and discussion turns to arguments and then crossed the stage of apologies. Finally the Super senior broke heavy.
He started crying out a loud, “What a waste of life we have become. Four Years of Engineering academic course and its been 7 years for me and still not completed these stupid fucking semesters. Still taking money from my parents. I should die of shame.”

That day I realised though outside we can pretend to be strong on our failures but inside the failures eat you out alive. And for an Engineer, the worst part is
taking money from parents. They internally feel loss of  self respect if they continue doing it after certain years. But in a non- induce stage wont admit it openly.
Dr. Phill calls this stage and behaviour as “Moochers” And I am sorry to admit that for more than 22 years of my life I was one. But that night I decided, doesn’t matter what,
I will find a job, I would clean someone’s house but will not live a Moochers life. (*fast forward, I still owe a lot of sum to my parents but I believe I am off the mooching ground)

Scene 3:
People say keep the best for the last.
But I would keep a very ordinary story to dilute the emotions we had in previous scenario.
I am not even evolved in this story. Thus presenting to you in the form I perceived it form the closest friend.
It was time of campus section. A process where companies come to University and take the brightest mind to work with them. That means for selected few, you will end up with a job right after you have completed your degree. Being the first batch in Biotechnology our college fail to create a carrier show for us. But with enough struggle manage to get one company to interview us.
(I was in a different state of India and focused that I need to perceive a higher education and thus decided not to for this campus event).
My friends who went there were sitting outside for hours before their interview and in contact with me by telephonic conversion through sms.
Only one or two people in that group were given adequate soft skill training about the interview.

The package was in the range of 8 to 12 thousand rupees per month. Which was definitely way too less than expectation of Engineering Graduate. People with soft skill taring have the idea of how to respond to the question “Are YOU happy with the SALARY package offered?”
And if you want that as your first job without having the necessary training for the job, the answer should be “YES”

But one candidate who knew this information started discussing outside, before the interview, and also influenced the interview seekers outside that the salary package offered is very low.
Lets all demand for making this salary package at least up to in the range of 16 to 20 thousand per month.
If we all demand for a higher salary, we will push the economy high and the company has to accept us with giving us an higher salary package.

At this point I would say, WOW ! and Excellent move. Forcing the company to actually provide the acknowledge pay rate to every employee and set the bar high.

Few hours later I was again dazzled by the information, that company only selected few candidates who said they are happy with the salary package they offered.
And rejected all who went against and demand more money to do this job with a pay raise.
The shocking part was, The candidate who influenced everyone to ask for raise actually said “YES” for the pay offered and got selected.



Untold Stories Post (UTSP) 80: Marvel vs DC = Fictional Neutral Post

Stories were, are and hopefully will be my passion that motivates me time to time.

With my previous mention on multiple occasions, this must have come across that in current generation of Fiction Wars, I am a super Marvel Fan.

This gives me a strange opportunity to randomly meet strangers and connect with them sharing the same love for stories.

In my understanding Marvel has reached up to that limit where ancient literature like “Ramayana and Mahabharata” would have reached.

The character depth, story cross connection, multiple language translation, huge roll over of currency and love are the common factors I could get comparing various literature and Marvel universe.

I even observed that there is No Particular GOOD or EVIL permanent state of a character.

Dead-pool being the Villain of X-Men series is now a Hero having his own franchise.

Venom being villain in Spider-man series is now a comparative Good character according to 2018 story line.

This was similar to Ravana begin the Villain of Ramayana but later fiction, more research and ongoing work presented him as a good  devotee of God (Not that bad Man then).

Krishna being the super hero, smiled as Gandhari’s son death and sentenced to internal curse. (Bad present inside Good)

I can comment more by comparing Greek Stories and Bible or Quran, but at last results the same purpose. Stories to teach a lesson, to inspire, to learn, to entertain, to fear, to laugh and to connect with similar or dissimilar mentalities over the globe (and hopefully beyond).

Yes UTSP is mostly about personal experience with day to day scenario, thus let me divert in the above comparison and tell you another story.

I was working in Sun-corp Stadium and I met a guy who was leading the food retail team on that particular day. We started talking about fiction stories and then he said, he is a DC fan thus he is waiting for AQUA MAN release this year.

I replied I am as eager as he is, but I am also interested in next edition of Infinity War (which is Marvel Based story-line).

Suddenly he was firm and said, I don’t watch Marvel movies BECAUSE I am DC fan. The discussion went on and on about Marvel and DC.

Late coming home I realized, Fuck the shit.. I love both Marvel and DC. Being one’s fan docent mean I hate the others.

Many days later when I was watching the 2018 Venom, I meat a Marvel fan who hated DC fictions up to an extent that he would not support even the release of AQUA MAN.

And the next step I am doing in this post might be controversial but pattern seems to be true at my current understanding.

I am trying to develop pattern or similarities between religion and fiction. (Both having its followers, preachers, as well as extremist)

More I met with people I gained info that People following Marvel in general avoid DC and vice a versa.
Similarly people following one religion or faith try to avoid lessons and practices from other. And Extremist even try to pin down the non-followers of their own kind.

The time I was most glad was, while meeting people who believe in Peaceful co-existence. The people who like to put Political, Racial, Linguistic and Religions barriers aside and share a Smile together.

Being Atheist (agnostic actually) and Religion neutral gave me access and acceptance to people from all religion. And being Fiction Neutral gave me the entertainment from all over the industry.

And thus I even hope to meet more and more people who are able to keep the FICTIONAL FOLLOWER barriers aside and give chance to be entertain from more and more and stories, let that be from DC, Marvel or even M. Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable Universe.

Who knows I might create a new genre in future years to have a fan following. But in all case, Do love each other, and Keep each others happy. Let only the Fictional Characters Fight. 🙂 We as humans can co-exist.!!!!

#utsp #tapishdongre

UTSP 78: The Thin Light Air


This Story won’t teach anything Good. In fact it is the opposite of Good. Thus not sharing names for this story at all.

In India, a Holiday is celebrated called “Holi” which is festival of Colours for Kids, Fire & Crackers for Young Adult and Food, sweet and drinks for the Adults. But another class of age group comes in between the Responsible Adult and Young Adults who celebrates this festival in unique manner than others listed above.

So weeks before this festival in the year 2009-10, I was in mid of my Engineering and in those days living away form the family gave extra freedom that give you wings. I did not have a television neither a laptop on those days so whenever I feel extremely bored I use to hit off to my neighbour’s house where bunch of more College mates use to live.

They had a 19 inch CRT display TV and in those days that was enough to keep more people inside the house than outside. One such night I went to their house and the house was unexpectedly quite. Only two guys chilling out and watching news with mid loud volume. We never watched News unless something exciting is going around and Zee/Star News people are presenting the story with extra spice than its required.

Suddenly both the guys started laughing very slowly.
I watched there was nothing funny on the news channel…still I thought let me continue to watch what’s the funny thing about?
Then the two guys started laughing more..

I imagine and asked “are you guys laughing on me??? I am looking odd??”

I looked myself in the mirror hanging on the cracked wall, and saw I looked awesome. I had the confidence of a stud that if I go out and say hi to girls outside at least 8 out of 10 will reply me back.

I said, “fuck you guys”.

They started laughing more and more.

I enquired what’s wrong with you what are you laughing at?
In the mean time they laughed so hard that they couldn’t even listen what I was talking.

They laughed uncontrollably.

I said screw you guys and I left the House. Saying “fucking crazy people.”

Weeks later I came to know they had their first “ joint” on that day.

After that I wanted to know what is the feeling like? Why they couldn’t stop laughing and curiosity shifted from what the were laughing on to, to what I would be laughing at when I have my First.

Later the same year on my Birthday I did have my First Joint. I remember I was laughing so hard for no reason and my cheek was like hanged on laughter mode that it hurt-ed to bring back to normal mode. I fought with my Girlfriend for no reason, and next day work up with a huge Hangover and Hunger to eat more and more. Ya everyone tells you not to smoke weed, no one tells you the side effect.

The end of Engineering had series of fortunate and unfortunate but unforgettable events, and as I said nothing good can be learned from this post and in fact that post is opposite of good. But opposite of good doesn’t necessary means bad. It’s not always white and black and sometimes a grey area in the story and life too. (Apart from where I saw my house door moving everywhere and I couldn’t find the way out 😉 )

So by my personal experience I would say that Drug Abuse is definitely bad, but if you know your limit and have control over your risk factors then getting high on a small dosage is not extremely bad either.

Story about the two guys who got high on my neighbour house is, for one who could controlled it got in a stable life and made the most out of it, the other one who could not, unfortunately lost his place of residence, lost his continuity of education for a while but still getting back on his carrier as of year 2018. But I am sure they both have interesting versions of their story when they were high.

Signing off for now
Ex Stoner (or future ex – stoner)
And Yours truly

#tapishdongre #utsp #engineeringlife #vip

Untold Stories Post 76: The Book


Only For You Sanmit Ambekar, this will be small post.

So on a random day, I walked down the platform number 5 at Central Railways Station Brisbane, Queensland, Australia to catch Ipswich lane which will lead me to my home in Toowong.
There were more than 50 people waiting for train on either side, but being writer myself I gazed upon a reader. A girl in her late 20’s, blond, slim in a blue dress with lily flower print on it, not covering her legs even when there is winter here.
She had a massive, book on her lap and was reading it with a constant gaze that the outside world dose not matter to her anymore.

I looked on display screen and it says that my train will be arriving in next 7 minutes. I know looking back to girl would be awkward as one you don’t stare at random girls even if they are cute, especially when you are married yourself 😉 .
And two that while you are watching someone there is always a possibility that someone is watching you. I hope the later someone is not a teen with his mobile camera ‘on’ shooting a per-vi-writer cum observer before he publishes his UTSP the following week.

But curiosity killed the cat and my eyes gazed back to the reader girl. I have no clue what she was reading, but I saw a tear coming down her left eye. She was crying while reading a book.!!!!!

Just in that moment, time froze for me. I went on a day dream to appreciate the artist who wrote the book. I still don’t know the book and I still don’t know the writer either but I could imagine the power of the words that a human can
fill in the white pages that can create an emotional turbulence in another human. Words are like power used in a right way can connect to you, doesn’t matter you are sitting right next to me, or oceans apart or even separated by time or generations.

On that frozen time I thought about myself, that would I ever be able to reach up to that level that I can create any emotion impact on my readers. The Tear being a powerful expression of emotion, but joy, fear, anger, anticipation, disappointment, and other various emotions including the “puzzle” what Sanmit Ambekar might be feeling that the story was promised small, but this guy doesn’t seem to stop writing at all.

I wondered would I ever be able to create an emotion with my writing, and if I could, that day I would consider myself paving my first brick in the world of successful writers.

But til then Keep enjoying small stories I write, and Sanmit Ambekar, I cant promise the next one would be a small story, but I am sure it will be an interesting one.

#utsp #tapishdongre

P.S: I did catch my train on time
P.S: The girl closed the book and walked up to the same trian as me.
P.S: If the girl in Blue reads my this post, could you please tell me the name of the book???

Untold Stories Post 72: Inception of Brilliance

(from writing weekly to writing monthly now)

Because My father had a transferable job, I was able to experience what I experienced. I always cursed the transfers but at last I am thankful I had them in past.

Recently The Popularity of Cursing Education System in India is Increasing Day by Day. Mostly the Education system in Primary/Secondary Schools along with the most popular mass production of Engineers in India. The discussion which was once local talk of diss-stress among school mates or pass-outs is now been done Globally. Seriously in Jan 2017 (shooted on very different times) I could find 6 presentation on very popular TED talks by very successful people in their respective field pointing out, researching, digging and explaining why the education system in India is worse.

Various presenters also explained In-spite of Poor Education system, Indian Brains create Excellence when placed abroad. This post is of-course not explaining those points as you can find them on TED Talk by browsing on Google/Youtube or TED website itself. Untold stories posted by me at least are more about the learnt experience by individuals on very small detail topic which is untold because it is either so small or extremely simple that mostly remains unnoticed or mind just ignores it.

My school days in Kendriya Vidyalaya, Eddumailaram were though struggling, but were very different than what I observed and experienced in other KV’s attended by me. Constantly we were told something and fed into our unconscious mind that “KV STUDENTS ARE THE BEST” On a random day the school Principal would take a mic and explain we have the best resources for you and we will always be working hard to get you the latest technologies. This school by location was in a very aloof area, I mean to say there were not enough competitions where we could interact or cross compare and confirm that what our Principal is saying is true. We observed our surrounding which looked clean, technologically high, teachers wise well resourced and thus we believed what ever is told to us is true. The next things was that we learned sharing, and thus even if 1 student achieved higher goals which were definitely impossible to achieve by all as everyone had different talent. But by the law of sharing that person was made to stand on a stage, appreciated and then asked to share the victory with everyone. The students being obedient and non selfish that time use to share their victory. And instead of Reporting one student from this School scored high or gained the victory, the reports were made that KV EDDUMAILARAM HAD WON,i.e including all teaching non teaching staff and student had won the award. We were inside the Inception of Brilliance. We all believed we are brilliant students and thus worked hard to achieve excellence.

After that when I moved to other KV’s again due to my father’s transferable job, I met people and teachers who would quote, ‘…….this is the reason why people say KV school students are dumb.” “………. this is the reason why we don’t have enough technology and resources”
That was the first time I learned or believed that yes these are the reasons why we are dumb or week. But years spent in KV YEddumailaram kept my mind strong that We are Brilliant Students, only here there might be lack of resources..

After years of this incidents I forgot all the points I momentary believed to be true. On a phone call with my mother Tejashri Milind, she quoted a recent appreciation that “Even with limited resources, government schools education and non investing a huge sum of money in private expensive schooling your both kids(me and my sis Kritika Milind) turned out to be excelling in their respective fields”

That moment was like a Reality Distortion for me, I googled some KV pictures and found, that Infra structure of the Schools I studied was worse. I could see now the broken benches I used to sit 10 years ago are still there. Some School Teachers who may or may not be excellent in teaching/preaching are still in Board Websites of KV Group. We had only two computer labs having 6 to 10 working computers and 32 classes full of approx 40 students to use that resources. YES EDUCATION SYSTEM, TEST, PRESSURE, MUG UP SYSTEM, GIVING CHANCE ONLY TO TOP 1% HIGH SCORERS and KILLING THE DREAMS OF other 99% is a system which will fail in this advancing world which appreciates all possibilities.

But one teacher/one person in a life time, who momentary can sow a seed in a Child’s mind, who can create an Inception that the child, every child is Brilliant is what makes people Excel throughout the world.

Today I dont even Remember the name of Principal but I appreciate the wonder he Created which kept me and the whole school going.
Hope Every Student Meets a Teacher who have the power to create this Inception….

Untold Stories 70: Is there Baby Yet?


In around the year 2010-2011, my friend Bharatlal Choudhary had started a new hobby of reading books and actually implementing the strategies he read in those book to practice in his life and we being his social surrounding were treated as his experimental specimens.

After reading an article about “Positive Peer Pressure” he explained it to everyone what the theory said, “Peer Pressure isn’t always bad, infact instead of writing a GOAL on a paper and never see it for rest of your life, its better to tell it to your friends loudly. The way human mind and conversation’s are concerned, your friends and social surrounding will keep reminding you of the Goals by constantly asking if you have achieved it or not? Sometimes you will feel motivated sometime insulted but you will have a live time target reminders and the peer pressure that will guide you in completing your GOAL”

The Idea when expressed for the fist time seemed really stupid, but in those days we tried every experiment possible to use the time we saved from Bunking(not going) the University. He stated his first goal that he would buy a motorcycle Bajaj Pulsar 220cc by the end of next year. Telling you the result in advance: he failed very badly to meet the dead line, I dint mean to say he dint try enough because I have seen myself him working hard for the Goal he stated. But when analysing the whole situation, the theory worked. During the whole time of the experiment and even after some months later his social surrounding including myself asked him several time “how the work to achieve your goal is going?”

After that our life began in different directions and I almost forgot that he still uses this theory to achieve most of his goal though first one failed. And this time, he meets his deadline and he did achieved most of his Goals.

Human mind today is so self centred that most of us dont try enough to know whats going around with others life, but this self centred mind also have a positive effect that we keep telling others what we did in past and what are our aims for future. The next time someone we meet again whom we have had conversation in past reminds us of some the words we spoke to them and again the theory of Peer Pressure seemed to be working.

I could have forgotten about the Peer Pressure Theory story until I got remained due to current two situations…

One of my current friend and a co-work said in a very jolly mode before signing off from work that Mate, I am singing off taking break and me and my husband will be starting to put full efforts in making a baby. By start of 2017 I want to have my own baby’ were her words. After that every-time I meet her the involuntary response comes in my brain to clear the curiosity and I end up asking, “IS there A Baby Yet????”

The second situation occurred that I keep telling my current co workers and friends that want to pursue PhD in Plant Biotechnology. That must be a dominant part of my conversation that even months after I met someone in a party a night before, people still asked me, “How is your search for PhD is going?” The peer pressure of these questions will surely puts me sad mood momentary but encourages me to apply more places and find options to achieve a PhD in near future.

Try the Peer-Pressure Theory yourself, and I will try if I could resist in asking, “Is there a Baby Yet????”

#tapishdongre #utsp

Untold Stories Post 66: Searching for Job Part 2 – Higher Living Approach.


Necessity is the Mother of Invention, heard it many times in life and now was the time of application. Not being selected in Campus and Rejected the offer of Private Agencies left me to force myself in searching other path which are usually not so often after completing Engineering. I heard of People preparing for Civil Services but as Biotechnology my field of study not being in any of the list of Civil Services acceptance list kept me away form that examination. Still due to father’s wish I appeared in Couple of Civil Services examination and as expected did fail hard. My search and search took me states of India and I came to know along with my three Engineering friends that It is possible to directly join a PhD after completing B.Tech Degree. You have to appear in an examination
called CSIR. CSIR stands for Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. Qualifying this examination will lead you to directly pursue PhD after your Bachelors(Graduation) where as the Common Taken Step is to Do your Graduation(4 years) then Masters (2 years) and then PhD (3 to 5 years).
I was going to save 2 years of my carrier path and be ahead of the competition.

Applying to CSIR-NET was not only saving my two years of carrier path but also providing me with 18 to 25,000 Rs per month tax free income in my account as a stipen which is not as good as doing a job but better than what I would have possessed if I qualified Gate (8 to 10,000)

I attempted GATE for three times along with CSIR about 5 times in a row. The best part of shooting two birds moving in opposite direction with one bullet and not truly understanding or accepting which is your favourite bird to shoot is: You will not be able to catch either of the two.

This is what happened and I Never Cleared either GATE nor CSIR. Along with the emotional troma of not having a Job after Graduation, now I was failure in various examinations too. This situation if you can imagine is adding more and more demoralising emotions to already a student who think himself as a failure and struggle to get out of this situation.
But most of all is “Your Own Relatives”

It is either “Your Relatives in INDIA” takes your constant care and asks about your where about throughout your life, or my observation is true that they Get somehow activated when you are failing in life and comes with ridiculous questions like “How are you doing? or What have you decided to do in life? or Indirectly asking parents that what your son is going to do now?”
I was having struggle to understand these relative actually care for you or they enjoy watching your failure and come to poke you in your weak time. As whenever you are getting Successful in life, the relatives somehow disappears in their own life struggle and forgets about you for ever. (Ya there are exceptions to this theory but those days I felt my observation was not wrong).

The next thing I did was is done by most of common students who are so failed in after several tries, I started to run away from things, running away from Relatives, Friends, Problems, and Even Parents.

I locked myself away from Parents and very less of my friends actually had accesses to my whereabouts. When you are alone you somehow get time to speak to yourself. Usually people talking to themselves seemed mad. But being Mad is what is needed sometimes to take your first step towards success.
And though not adviced by any doctors and psychiatrics but I urge everyone to please find time to talk to yourself, tell yourself what you want, where you want to go, how you want to be and don’t trust me, just do this experiment of talking to yourself alone where no one is Judging you, the true answers come along out of your heart.

I remember in one of alone conversation that once I wrote a page on my dairy with only 1 line on it. The line was
“Money dosn’t have power to push me out of my country but one day I will myself.”

I don’t actually remember the state of mind when I wrote this line in past, by reading it today also it conveys multiple meanings, but on that day I had solutions to all my issues. I selected only 1 exam to get me out of India, and that was IELTS, decided to give 100% of only 1 try to check do I really wanted it. And to my surprise I actually worked hard for it. And even while working hard I dint realise I was doing it as at time It was of my Interest.

Read in many books but finally came to my understanding that if you do the things which interest you, the work is half way done. Your interest puts all the efforts in the work and a Simple Engineering Production formula is “Demand Pulls rather than Supply Pushers”

The demand to experiencing another Country, the Demand to Learn more in life, The Demand to finally stand out the 1 million of Engineers crowd pulled so hard that I cleared the IETLS in my first go. Some of Worlds top 100 university were ready to take me in. And I selected Queensland University of Technology to Pursue my Masters in Biotechnology.
At that time my thought were, lets get out of this corrupted system of Job Hunt and 18 to 25000 Rs I can earn even if I became a Floor Cleaner in other country. And as there is no social stigma of “What Your Son is Doing” as long as I am happy, I will achieve more than what I have aimed for.

Don’t ask me how I managed to gather funds, how many doors, banks, relatives or Agreements I had to sign up for, but I did Manage to get to Australia.
The life was at Higher Living Approach but some basic question of “Searching Job” were still Answered.


Sorry Readers I couldn’t keep up to my promise and instead of publishing this article on 5th September, I was only able complete my writing on 5th October.
I again would find time and publish the last part of “Searching Jobs” towards the end of this month.
Thanks for your Patience – Tapish Dongre

Untold Stories Post 62: The Unavoidable Question?


Its 2016, we all know that.
The thing which we all doesn’t know is that in my 26 years of Life on planet earth, and After doing 18 Years of Education,
and even coming and Living on Australia for almost three years, People Still ask me “Mr Tapish Dongre what Caste Do you Belong?”
Probably running away or Avoiding this question is not possible I guess for now. Its high time I get prepared to answer this question.

On a recent chat with a ex fb friend Naina Deshkar, she asked me which Cast do I belong, and I effectively dogged the question like every educated person can do.
I said in 2016 who believes in Cast system? Then she went on asking a confirmative question mentioning a particular Cast or Tribe, Do I belong to this cast or not?
Initially it pissed me off and I just unfriended her. But this question again disturbed me for the whole week. It was unanswered as well as Unavoidable now.

I am a story teller and there are not much ways I could express my anger and frustrations except telling stories, may be someday some reader may understand my projectile.
But for now, Naina Deshkar, Allow me to screw you up and explain you the system I understood till now, but before that let me tell you two stories,
1) which is commonly heard
2) which I created to explain the situation further

On a lovely sunny day, Two cats were fighting for a loaf of Bread. The Monkey saw this from his tree and decided that I can
take advantage of this situation. He came in front of cats with a Beam Balance and then said, as you are already fighting on loaf of Bread, let me help you and using this Scale(Balance), I can distribute the Bread
equally among you two. The cats in anger couldn’t decide properly and trusted a third person “Monkey” to be Judge when actually his involvement was none.
Monkey purposely divided the Bread in to “UNEQUAL” parts. When he weigh the new slices on a scale he conclude that one piece is bigger than other thus to make it equal let me have a bite form the bigger piece.
Monkey again purposely took more bigger bite that he was suppose to make it equal, therefore the bigger bread piece became smaller compared to other and then monkey said, now the other piece is bigger than the first one
thus let me have a bite from the bigger piece so that it makes the scale equal for you too. Slowly Slowly using this trick Monkey ate all the Bread and Cats being angry on each other could not even Blame Monkey and have no Bread at all.

In my story most of you must have understood by now that the two cats are two greater division of Indian Society being Schedule cast on one side and General on other. The Bread is the Resources (Jobs, education, Infrastructure, Living Commodities).
And we fail to recognize Monkey the friend of both Cats is the GOVERNMENT we respectfully support.

My second story continues with the first one.
On a lovely Sunny Day, Generations ahead form the first story, all the Cats were getting smarter by understanding the Monkey’s trick and getting mixed so that in future Monkey dose not eat the bread like last time. The only difference was internally the Cats really wanted to fight on the Loaf of First Bread that the two cats
were fighting on the first story. Group of Cats even declared the first fighting cat as LEGEND and started to pray on his photos and started building statues of first fighting cat. On a particular day of the year they even started celebrating the “Legend cat’s” birthday and death day. Burning candles on Street, Celebrating with joy and sadness on particular day.
Do you think Generations of Monkey were not smart enough? The first monkey trained his son, and he trained his son and Generations of Money belonging to same species trained each other that how can still we benefit on current bread as well as let the Cats forget about who actually Ate the first Bread.
The monkeys sometimes supported one kinda cats in speech and also funded the other type of cats. Monkeys also showed the respect for the Cat Legend and started constructing more of his statues and allowed other cats to follow his memorial birthdays and death days.
Monkeys modified the “Legend Cat’s” initial plan constructed a system where there will be direct or indirect inequality and the Cats would keep fighting with each other and generations of Monkeys will benefit from this system. Some cats wanted to stay out of this generations of Cat fight and even tried to avoid this mess. But the devotional cats usually use to convince the free educated cats to come and join their battle.
Educated cats now use to fight more effectively than the uneducated on, Ohh sorry let me rephrase Literate cats use to fight more effectively than the illiterate one. You know on a Wednesday 27th July 2016, one of the Legend follower cat asked the free cat, which side of the fight dose the free cat belong? In frustration the Free cat wrote the story of Cats again 🙂 lol

I sometimes wish I could change the situation but most of time I stay away for the “Cat Fight” but even to stay away I had to learn and understand about both the cats and their current situation.
Studying in Co-Education I never had to face Caste-sim similarly even staying in Australia for 3 years I never faced Racism. But if a cat from India persist me answer a question which Cat Community I belong so Today I have an answer.

Initially I thought the Cast division system is limited to Hindu Society as for which one of the creation is started to believe with the books classifying Varna System. Then I discover that there is Schedule Cast and Schedule Tribes in Christianity too.
As per my knowledge I might be wrong but most of religion of India have their own division of labor system which divides the Society and even permits a human to look down on other.
A person just born in a particular cast can either feel proud to be in the cast if he/she is higher to the hierachy system and also for his whole lifetime looked down and feel pity or ashamed if he/she belong to a lower cast in the Hierarchy.

We all know the Legendary Cat Dr. B.R Ambedkar on 13th October 1935 was popularized to have started wast campaigning Against the Cast system in India and many might have feel supported or offended on the speech where he speaks “I deny to follow a Hindu religion which treats me by any circumstance lower to other human being.”

I am not a fan or a follower of the Legendary cat as there is lot of change in the system since 1935 to 2016.
But as its is asked so I would like to reply to a Legendary Cat followerNaina Deshkar‘s question in her own Legendary Cat’s style that: I deny to follow and accept any fucking religion which treats one human upper or lower in socialistic placement over other.
As of today 31st July 2016 on my full understanding of consequences that will be followed I want to clear that I belong to No Cast nor any Religion. I am happy to live without them.

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Untold Story Post 61: The Sitting Position


It was winter of 2011 in India when me Akshay Korkalai and Gaurav Pendke went on a trip to Delhi from Nagpur Maharashtra. I remember that year because I graduated that year and on that Particular travel we all three missed our Graduation Party. As the Railway was fully booked to plan of our sudden trip we could only manage to get “Waiting” ticket on the train.
Waiting tickets on Indian Train are/were permission to enter into Reservation Compartment of the Train system but only seats were not allotted till someone else cancels or dose not make up to the journey. It was an 8+ hours of night journey Thus we all three decided to sleep on floor and therefore took bed-sheet with us. Before the trip as usual our fortune teller of group Gaurav Pendke foretasted that the trip would be worth less as the number of people travelling is “THREE” and there is a saying in hindi “teen tigada kam bigada” which poorly translates to if there are three people on one job the job is going to be messed up.

The journey started and we were prepared not to get any seats thus we all were wearing our old T-shirts which we did not care even if it gets dirty. Old Jeans and Paijama’s were complimentary for the same reason.

On the start of our Journey we met a Guy who was taking same journey as us. But fair to mention here his dressing sense was little more posh than us. He was wearing a Brand new looking T-shirt and Jacket and Matching Jeans which we don’t even think of wearing on a travel. I told him that we are going to sleep on floor and we have extra bed sheets if he would like to join the adventure. He smartly refused the offer and I trust Akshay’s word on it that this guy stayed all night sitting on corner of someone’s seat rather than comfortably sleeping of floor. May be to him Pride was more important than Comfort. And I thought that day, if I have not joined the self named “Stifflers” group, I would be that Guy. That person though now looks stupid from my point of view according to the decision he is making, was me if I was not as casual As I was that day. I just thought again “I was that person some days ago”

Two Years passed and I got ready to take my first flight to Australia. I only lived with variety of Indian’s thus was not exposed to foreign culture or people all my life. Thus I decided to present myself best of I can. I wore brand new clothes and a leather Jacket which is still with me for some reason. My pants were neatly Ironed. I maintained my etiquette the best as I could. Our plane had waiting of 2 hours before the flight. And for the first time my eagerness pulled me 3 hours ahead to be on the airport. I was probably the one of the first 3 person to enter the Waiting room. As the time passed The waiting room got completely filled with passenger travelling abroad. I was keeping an eye on their style and presentations of walking in and getting comfortable in an Waiting Room. I was shy and did not talk with anyone when I started this journey. About 30 minutes prior to boarding the flight the room was full and then entered a group of Spanish/German Girls and they saw there was no place to grab a seat thus they formed a circle to talk and sat on Airport Carpet. They did not hesitate in taking this decision and then I re-thought at that moment…Why I am doing such a show off. Why so much pressure on presentation. I know self presentation on special occasion is Good but I like to be simple from inside which I was not at that time.
Looking at bunch of people sitting on floor I just thought again “I was that person some days ago”

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