Untold Story Post 61: The Sitting Position


It was winter of 2011 in India when me Akshay Korkalai and Gaurav Pendke went on a trip to Delhi from Nagpur Maharashtra. I remember that year because I graduated that year and on that Particular travel we all three missed our Graduation Party. As the Railway was fully booked to plan of our sudden trip we could only manage to get “Waiting” ticket on the train.
Waiting tickets on Indian Train are/were permission to enter into Reservation Compartment of the Train system but only seats were not allotted till someone else cancels or dose not make up to the journey. It was an 8+ hours of night journey Thus we all three decided to sleep on floor and therefore took bed-sheet with us. Before the trip as usual our fortune teller of group Gaurav Pendke foretasted that the trip would be worth less as the number of people travelling is “THREE” and there is a saying in hindi “teen tigada kam bigada” which poorly translates to if there are three people on one job the job is going to be messed up.

The journey started and we were prepared not to get any seats thus we all were wearing our old T-shirts which we did not care even if it gets dirty. Old Jeans and Paijama’s were complimentary for the same reason.

On the start of our Journey we met a Guy who was taking same journey as us. But fair to mention here his dressing sense was little more posh than us. He was wearing a Brand new looking T-shirt and Jacket and Matching Jeans which we don’t even think of wearing on a travel. I told him that we are going to sleep on floor and we have extra bed sheets if he would like to join the adventure. He smartly refused the offer and I trust Akshay’s word on it that this guy stayed all night sitting on corner of someone’s seat rather than comfortably sleeping of floor. May be to him Pride was more important than Comfort. And I thought that day, if I have not joined the self named “Stifflers” group, I would be that Guy. That person though now looks stupid from my point of view according to the decision he is making, was me if I was not as casual As I was that day. I just thought again “I was that person some days ago”

Two Years passed and I got ready to take my first flight to Australia. I only lived with variety of Indian’s thus was not exposed to foreign culture or people all my life. Thus I decided to present myself best of I can. I wore brand new clothes and a leather Jacket which is still with me for some reason. My pants were neatly Ironed. I maintained my etiquette the best as I could. Our plane had waiting of 2 hours before the flight. And for the first time my eagerness pulled me 3 hours ahead to be on the airport. I was probably the one of the first 3 person to enter the Waiting room. As the time passed The waiting room got completely filled with passenger travelling abroad. I was keeping an eye on their style and presentations of walking in and getting comfortable in an Waiting Room. I was shy and did not talk with anyone when I started this journey. About 30 minutes prior to boarding the flight the room was full and then entered a group of Spanish/German Girls and they saw there was no place to grab a seat thus they formed a circle to talk and sat on Airport Carpet. They did not hesitate in taking this decision and then I re-thought at that moment…Why I am doing such a show off. Why so much pressure on presentation. I know self presentation on special occasion is Good but I like to be simple from inside which I was not at that time.
Looking at bunch of people sitting on floor I just thought again “I was that person some days ago”

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