Khichdi / Instant Khichdi

Dear users,

I was searching for the Khichid/ Instant Khichdi episodes if they are uploaded somewhere.

I am aware they are available in India in DisneyPlus Hotstar.

Unfortunately, as this service is location restricted, thus I am not able to view the content outside India.

Thus please comment below if you can find these episodes somewhere.

I will update this article as and when I find any information related to this.

For now

Instant Khichdi 18 Episodes are available on Star Bharat

Instant Khichdi Start Bharat

Same is availabe in Two part Links having 32 Episodes at Start Plus

Instant Khichid in Two Parts per Episode

Hope to find the links for whole Khichidi Franchise.

Thanks for your help in advance.


The Flight

Usually, an airplane, a train, a bus, or simply any vehicle is just a mode of transport. But today I want to write about just a few moments before taking that transport.

For my story, we arbitrarily start the night before I was going to take my first flight to Australia. I had to catch this flight from Bombay (Mumbai as it is now called, though internationally people still remember it as Bombay), while I was living in Nagpur. Approx 800km distance in between them.

So the night before my first flight I took a Train from Nagpur to Mumbai and moments before the start of the journey, there were tremendous emotions flowing all over the place. First I was going to miss this train. And the emotional trauma still follows me to this date, that feeling of what if I will miss my first International travel opportunity only because I am going to miss this train. Randomly I get the dream that this will happen again even though I am over 10 years residing in Australia.

There were more, more emotional pieces of baggage. On one side, completely opposite side of the platform were my parents and sister who arrived at the train station before me. On another side, were in an autorickshaw on the completely opposite side of the platform trying to enter the train station while the train was already ready to leave.

At this moment I was going to get separated from my girlfriend (now wife) and there was neither time nor the opportunity for an informal goodbye kiss. And the recent time I met my parents they still remember (actually complain) that I did not say my goodbyes properly.

For the next 5 mins I ran, I ran like a maniac. Holding a fully filled 30kg checking bag while my girlfriend was running behind holding my cabin bag which actually had my passports and boarding tickets. The train has already started moving and somehow I jumped in a running train leaving so many emotions behind (as well as my checking and bag). I saw my parents, girlfriend, and probably the riksha-wala running behind me. (Ya we forgot to clear the payments for the autorickshaw and my girlfriend gave him money later on.) They all chased after me and pushed all my luggage one after the other and I did catch the last Duronto Express from Nagpur to Mumbai.

On the train, I did think I am leaving behind the frustration of joblessness, and the emotionally challenging bond that I and my girlfriend had at the time. And I am leaving behind several unsolved undiscussed conversations with my parents where I was upset or it was just teenage anger. But as soon as I boarded that train, there was some sense of relief.

Several years later if I would talk to a psychologist about this situation, I bet she will discover that I always had that fight or flight mentality where I am mostly running away from my problems rather than facing them head-on.

Some situation that night and the day I caught my flight seems so stupid now and remembering them feels so awkward. For example, in Mumbai, I met my collegemate and a very good friend Bharatlal with whom I used to share the deepest of my secrets. I took out all the Indian currency in my pocket and gave it to him saying, “What use I will have of this abroad ?” (I agree I was stupid, I did not know there are currency exchange counters at all international airports). To this day my friend remembers this dialogue “Money from one country will be just like papers in another.” Probably we both were stupid at the time. Or as a famous comedian rightly said, “ALL FRIENDSHIPS ARE DEPENDENT UPON MUTUAL IGNORENCE.”

But that time I had several issues with the people whom I was surrounded with. Bharatlal knew that. And he also knew that I am also scared to go to Australia as well. Hopeful as well as scared. Before getting inside the airport, he took out his half-broken MP3 player and gave me his headphones with a tuned-in song, “AA-ZAA-DIYA (Pairo ki Bediya)” from the movie UDAAN.

Music has the power to drill down as well as build up a person’s emotions. Thus, that is the only thing I focus and hold on to while remembering that stressful emotional rollercoaster time before my first flight. The song AA ZAA DIYA….

How was your experience on taking your first flight or first step into a new journey ???? Please do share in the comments section below.

See you in the next post or next life, whichever comes earlier.


How Special is Today ?

Actually, it is a normal Saturday day, but trying to add a little drama to life to make it feel special.

Planned so many things in life, and never stuck with the plan. So wherever I am today in life, I am because of my own inconsistencies and a little bit of environmental influence.

One of my good friends Bhratlal said, (Actually he reads shit and he said so many things nowadays) but just for this conversation that you and I are having now, Bharatlal once said, “Whichever time, place, family, or surrounding you are born in – it is a Biological accident.” and later on he continued with some philosophical things like “what you do after the accident is what you make out of it” or something else which I am not able to remember as I was lost in my own thoughts when he was saying it. But the word “Biological Accident” sounded special. I thought wow, never ever used ‘Biology’ to define ‘Accident’ referring to our own life. Ohh Hooo !!! Loved it !!!!

Next para I wanted to talk about my job. I don’t know why but it just felt like writing about it. So currently what I do is work for a company named, “Sxxxxx Parking” actually its better if I don’t take their name. Full day 8 to 10 hours of my shift I fix server computers, listen to complaints from the Control center (Call Center) in a sweet Philipino voice that says go and fix this issue, and then I go and fix the Parking Gates/Ticket Jams/Printing errors/Software or Hardware errors. This job sounded so fun when I started but after 90 days of working, I feel like quitting every day.

The money is good, but not great. And money was the only motivation that I use to go and do the work, but currently, I feel that amount is not enough. Thus probably time to upscale my skills and move on to something which actually fills the whole of current inflation and compensates for the cost of living in Australia. Along with the education loan debt I have to pay which seems like Mountain.

F**K I loaded your Saturday with my problems instead of making it special. You can call it a Writing Accident, LOL.

But writing this felt like a stress buster, so come on, be a little venerable and let me know one of your problems in the comment section below. Probably we can solve it or probably we cannot. But it feels great to express and get it out of your mind.

See you in the next post, and hopefully, make that post a Special one !!!



Diet Plan for Myself

Current Weight 102KG

Target Weight 73Kg by the next 365 Days

PLAN for the next 10 Days – Then Big reward.

Think like Bharatlal, Cheat your brain like he did, but in reverse.

Keep Chewing Something, Buy Chewing Gums, Trick your brain that you are eating food.

Eat Healthy ONLY.

Zero Sugars, no Soda.

Lots and Lots of Water.

Tea without Sugar and Milk

Small Steps, 10 mins of Exercise per day.

Reduce Carbs.

More Proteins.

Re-do the Planning in the next 10 Days.

Peace Out !!!!

Old Bed Time Stories, new Layout

Just wanted to make a quick post about a new link that I have found.

It is by the Library of Congress online link to read the good old Aesop Fables.

Please check them out they are written in a very crips format.

The link to the website is:

And of course, my favorite one is on page number 25: Link

You can just click “next” or “back” on the online menu of that website to go to the next story.

An Image to Guide how to use the Website of Stories

Hope this post is helpful

Thanks, see you in next post or next life, whichever comes earliest.


Inner Child Wounds

I struggle myself a lot to cope with a few of the below-mentioned “Wounds” but after reading the comments under the original post, I discovered I was not alone. Indians by default live under the influence that “Parents are the Perfect Beings” and thus mosty anytime I expressed this to my classmates and colleagues, they did find a fault in me in even expressing my feelings on this subject. Then I discovered more about intergenerational trauma and the ability to cope with it. It is nice to know that even other people who have faced similar issues were able to come out of their childhood traumas and live a decent life for themselves and the next generations. One of the best lines I could read in the comment section by Markus Wilson was, “I forgive him, or should I say, I forgive myself for wanting him to be more than he could be.”

Hope I could fix the repetitive stories in my head or at least give them a proper ending. For a Better Future.


Tapish Dongre

April 2022

Inner Child Wounds. Image Courtecy Facebook “The Soul Journey with Saraha Moussa”

P.S. You can read the original comments by clicking the link below. It will redirect you to the original post on Facebook.

Perceptive Thinking on E-Baba’s Birthday

The Adam Project (Netflix 2022)

So 16th March 2022 about 00:00am I got the Google Notification that it’s “E-Baba’s Birthday”. For those of you who have not read the previous articles I wrote on E-Baba, he is my paternal Uncle having very high moral grounds in my perception.

With the notification came a moral dilemma, should I even wish him or not?

I know wishing any person on his/her birthday is a positive social activity. But to wish E-Baba there are various Caveat attached. The most prominent one was that I was somewhat angry with him myself. Don’t get me wrong, he still holds a high moral value as a perceptive being. But his clashes with his own family made him choose an action in the past where he left everyone hanging dry. His side of the story is true that he was hurt. But hurt people hurt other people, consciously or unconsciously. Thus when he had fought with his brothers and left the main house, there was no fault of us at that time, that we deserve his isolation. And for leaving me as a kid, unguided, that really made me angry.

In later years, due to good circumstances, now that he is making his efforts to re-console with his brothers and sharing happy memories of them being together, this, in turn, made me angrier. That, “all the years of anger that I had held on to, was that of no use or no worth”?

Watching this movie “The Adam Project” I was able to have another perception of myself. In a conversion in this movie, (exactly at the time of this picture above) it is expressed that we tend to be angry when we grow up, or tend to, not because we are really angry. But in fact, because we are sad. It is easier to be ‘Angry’ than to be ‘Sad’. To mourne from our pain and then to recover. Is easier to blame others and tend to relive the made-up stories than to face the hurtful truth. Since this whole month I am trying to accept my own one truth after another, so thought why not give this theory a chance too.

Instead of being angrier about E-Baba’s constantly changing actions, let’s consider him as a normal human being. A human being who makes mistakes.

And when I think it that way, I am able to think one step ahead of that where I was stuck all these years. And that is, We tend to accept the mistakes of people we love. Or in other words, we tend to ignore the mistakes of people we love and accept the person as a whole being. And whenever we are not able to accept a person as a whole, that is only because we are not able to ignore the mistakes that the person has done to us.

There again comes a choice in the present moment, when we are all alive, Not in memories but here in flesh and blood. Time for new bonds, time for new memories, time for new fights, and time for new love. I think I can get past this mental stuck and move in a new direction. Not a right or wrong direction, as no one could judge where our future lies. But at least one step ahead of our past stuck.

So somehow grabbed the number from my cousin’s sister and texted him, “Happy Birthday

Unfortunately, this is not a complete story as it is rolling on this present timeline, thus even I don’t know where my or others’ actions will lead in the future, but till that time when my heart beats more than normal that compel me to write more about E-Baba, I can only Say it is “To Be Continued….”

See you in the next post or next life, whichever comes earlier.

Signing off for now

Tapish Dongre