On 26th Dec 2008, I proposed my life partner for the first time. Night After Christmas, Half an Hour before the Girl hostel closing timing, After dropping her form the Mathematics Tuition Class in Nagpur, I expressed my feelings to her without bothering about what she has plans for me or not. For a teenage boy, any proposal takes a varied emotions imbalance when he is afraid of the rejection and keeps on postponing his proposal dates because of the fear of Rejection. But on this day I over came this fear…

Today After 6 years of this incident, I wrote a poem in Indian National Language (HINDI) expressing same emotional imbalance what I had on those days:

Puchna Hai TUM se Muze kuch Magar

Darta HU TUM Naa To Nahi Kahogi

Jab Dekah tumko pheli bar

Karne laga man mei batien do char

Kuch Meethi thi, Kuch Khatti thi

Par Baiten Dil se Sacchi thi

Usme tha Kabi ikraar aur kabi inkaar

Socha tum se Puch hi lu, par

Darta tha TUM Naa To Nahi Kahogi

Socha Tumhe, Chaha Tumha

Har pal apna mana tumhe

Dil ki aawaz aane lagi labo pe

Par roka maine kuhd ko is daar se

Puchunga to tum Naa to Nahi Kahogi

Sadiya Raat Ho gai

Gharwalo se baat ho gai

Samay ki seedi jo humne Chadi thi

Aaage shayad saamapt se ho gai

Puchna tha tumse magar

Darta that Tum Na to Nahi Kahogi

Sacchi Jhuti baato mei jo teri hasi thi

Na Jane Kab meri Zindagi ban gai

Yu hi bani Kavita se puch liea,


Ye hai mere sapno ka haalath

Ab raha na jata teri bin kare kuch baat

Ab shabdo ke alaankar se puch hi liea

Kahi Tum Naa To Nahi Kahogi

Khena hai Tum se Aaj Bhi Magar

Darta Hu, Tum Naa to Nahi Kahogi…

-Tapish Dongre

Life Without You

A day starts
Lights brights
Moon shine
Dissapeared so fine
The boy wakes
sees the life
Of all the happiness
He chooses the light
Light says I love u
Dont leave me
I am for u
Boy says
I choose u
You are my life
But I wana shine too

Boy leads his path of success
He finds a Friend
He walks too far as
This story has an end

A call comes from the morning dawn
It is the light, which says I’m still on
The boy is walking up so high
He always dream to reach the sky

The Friend he meets
has something to fear
Though he never finds
A drop of tear

Boy scared one day
And calls the light
No reply and he get fright

Calls his Friend
just to whisper
I am scared
Be with me this winter

The Friend is whole
Pure and white
Says my Friend
There is no need to fright

Boy gets tears of joy
With lots of love
he dares to fly

The story will allways continue
but friend I don’t know
How will be
Life without u

How will be
life without U

Difference – Hindi Poetry from school days

Kya Ghar? Kay Makan..?

Chahe Mitti ka ho Chahe Iit ka

Chahe Patthar ka ho Chahe Sone ka

Mai makan hu.! Mai Makan hu..!

Magar  prashna to ye hai

Kya Ghar? Kya Makaan?

Jab ban gaya tha mai puri tarah

Tab aai thi rohini mere andar

Tab jaagi thi umang ghaar banne ki magar

Mai Makan hu.! Mai Makan hu..!

Magar prashna to ye hai

Kya Ghar? Kya Makaan?

Kisi din jab tum aie

tab ehesas hua kuch banne ka

tumhi ne banaya hai muze ek ghaar

Mai Makaan tha.! Mai Makaan tha..!

Mil gaya muze mere prashna ka uttar

Kya Ghar Kya Makaan?


Writing Date: 23.3.2003


College – an Hindi Poetry form school days

Jane Anjane Chehre hai yaha

magar wo nahi jo meri talash hai

Dhundta hu mai raat din, subho shaam,

magar wo chehra na mila jo meri talash hai

Jane kaisa hoga wo chehra

din raat meri ankho mai jo

magar ab tak wo na mila jo meri talash hai

Na jane kab mulaqat hogi

jiske hoto pe ho muskaan

labon pe ho bas mera naam

bas dhundta hu use Jisko Meri Talash hai

Jane Anjane Chehre hai yaha

magar wo nahi jo meri talash hai..!!


Writing Date: 19th March 2003