Biotechnology towards betterment of ALL

In 2007 When I entered in First discussion with my professor(Biswas Sir) about biotechnology I was explained all shining technologies¬†and researches so far. The only question I asked is “How could common Man use this technology? At what price does this technology will be available to common man?”‘
The answer was unexpected but truth that This technology is for only rich man for now…Comman man cannot afford this tech. at the cost of his income. In other words for 100 years India was slave under British empire and Now for many further years Indians will be slave under only the money owners.

A DNA test is just like purchasing Gold jewellery.
Artificial Organs are only for the guys who spoil their kidney livers and lungs with alcohol and smoke…

Ohhh Sorry Friends Let me correct my self…Even Labor Class is addicted to Alcohol and Smoke…So my previous statement is wrong..
Only Rich Alcoholist and Smokers can replace their organs..

Technology is actually a boon and not a bane, So let me not curse technology or its users, My only aim is get equally benefitted. There are a¬†huge number of government schemes available but the information to this facilities is only known to the books kept lock in the HOD’s rooms.

In my 4th ¬†year of B.Tech when I purchased forms myself I knew that GATE exam can be written from Pre Final Year itself (This facility is not available now). A huge stock of Information is hidden or not being exposed to students, the future “Kings” of new world.

There is an alternate proposed solution for the rise in demand and scarcity in supply for this technological backwardness. Though not ¬†legal but I suggest “Piracy”
“Piracy in Biotechnology” I don’t mean actually stealing technology from other countries and Selling it here but what students can build is a huge network and Supply Information which is rightfully yours.

Mostly students do not share this information about any new things they discover because they are afraid that this might rise up the competition level. Remember guys that the seat you own in any institution/company is never be taken by other guys just because you passed this information to him. In fact even if you pass the information to a guy/girl more talented that you, what you are doing is ¬†“WINNING a Fair Fight” along with supporting the upliftment of your own Field. In my case Biotechnology.

I know there might be readers in support or against my point of view. Please suggest your opinion on the comments section below or on¬†Facebook under Tapish Dongre’s page. Eagerly waiting for new Ideas to grow up..

Believe in Yourself,¬†Believe¬†in your Field….

The Thought Reader

For many years man is¬†interested¬†to know what’s going on in a woman’s mind. Sorry for the latest technologies that anything like the “Thought Reader” machine could not be established yet.

A famous writer¬†Napoleon¬†Hill on his books on “Law of¬†Success” ¬†wrote that “Every thought has a¬†frequency”. Less¬†vibrating¬†substance can be observed by touch, little more than that can be heard by bare ear(resonance), little more than that vibrations can be felt as heat (friction), very great vibrations can be seen or¬†emitted¬†as light (VIBGYOR) and for the final the things vibrating above that¬†frequency may be thoughts.

I look forward for the future Bio-technologist that we invent something that will revolutionaries the world if we are able to hear thoughts going on, on others mind (or your own mind).

All the very best friends.

And Keep Faith: “Anything is Possible”


Time Travels and We Sleep!!

Imagine you by any means of accident get into comma. A deep sleep may be for a day, a month or some years. Lets fix 10 years.

You are sleeping on a bed and have a memory of the last good night kiss before dropping your girlfriend to her house. Your dad and mom worrying about why you came late in house this night. Your brother or sister asks to promise that you will do their work as soon as possible. And you sleep for right 10 years on your bed having no idea of what is happening around you.

And after a long duration you get up form bed finding your body has become huge. Your girlfriend is married to¬†some other¬†guy and your¬†mom¬†and dad no longer to welcome you…

It could happen worse or it could happen a great¬†fortune….anything….

But in my view the point to note is this happens every day to you. You go to bed and sleep for certain amount of time. The clock is still tickling on your wall. The whole world turns around and completes half a rotation till the morning and before you get up, many things might have changed….

So better sleep less and work more as Time Waits for None.

A Note 2 Human

(Original writing date: 12th August 2010 )

Humans ! Human are the dominant species of 20th century. With the power of knowledge and exposure to exploit a vast number of species, they decide the life of others.

Human decide the selection of the most productive speicies to live and others to die. Even there are examples that human favors a spices of food chain to suppress or modify the population of other.

Human need “grain” to feed upon and rats spoil them. Thus to reduce the “rat” population, human favor the life of “snakes”.

At a microbiology lab, microbes useful to human are re-cultured and the one of less importance are killed by using selective media.

Though Your are the Dominant species of today, I want to inform you that I promise you of a day when I will be the Snake in the life of you all Rats !!

Tapish Dongre


The Brain…..

Source of  !dea: Source code(2011)

Our Brain makes us do all the work . Our brain controls our body part. Our brain controls the movement of our middle finger of our right hand. How do we know that our brain could?

The link lies in the answer:

“What You Believe Is The TRUTH”

You ¬† <–>¬† Brain¬† <–>¬† Truth

If you think you have the potential to move a finger of your right hand, then you are able to. If you think you can’t, then you can’t. It means that¬† a person is paralytic with his hand¬† if he believes that he cannot move his right hand. Its your brain makes you active and¬† allows you to control all your body parts and this could happen only if you believe that this could happen.

Another example is :

Gravitation acts on any body around the planet and we are confident that we will fall to ground because we strongly believe in the concept of Gravitation. But if you don’t believe, I mean strongly disbelieve the gravitation then there you have the power to “walk on walls” or “fly” against the Gravitation. What you require is a strong believe that the concept is true. Matrix et al.(1999)

This can again be explained that you want SUCCESS in life. Then you need to strongly believe in yourself. And when you do that, you are automatically a successful person. This works as the “Truth Lies in Your Believe.”

-Tapish M. Dongre