Untold Story Post 85: Theory of Nothing

Somewhere, sometime in my life, someone said, “If you do nothing, nothing will happen.”

I was amused by the deep thought with what the author has said this. I loved it probably more than you did while reading it now, maybe because I was high on weed.

Now that I am sober and re-think the same above quote, it gives me quite a shock on a daily basis.

Thus every day I wake up.

Make up a Task list.

And do my best to complete the maximum task on this list.

Seldom I hit 100% completion and those days I could would or be able to sleep at night properly.

Rest of the Days I think I did not live my life to the fullest.

Out of the blue, I gazed upon an offer on Gumtree. (gumtree.com.au is a website in Australia where people advertise to sell the things they have). I saw A box of books for AU $ 20. I scrolled the post and thought one day! One day even I will have a library of fiction & nonfiction books, at my house.

Then again in my head, I came upon the same thoughts about the Theory Of Nothing: As if you do nothing. Nothing will happen.

Thus I did something.

And results are the two pictures of this post.



Though a small start but Today I do have a mini library at home.

This task was not on my daily task list but I just followed my instincts or the words of some random stranger in the past which changed my thinking to initiate an action plan in the present.

Reflecting on my day, I think I beat up procrastination, laziness and put on action to execute something beautiful.

Then again when I told this story my cousin with a similar photograph as above, then she said, “Congratulations on Buying them but will you ever be able to read them at all?”

I dogged the question in reply explaining it in Aussi dry humor that “they are part of my retirement plan.”

But in reality, the Theory of Nothing is ringing more like Jingle Bells on a Christmas night.

“If you do nothing, Then Nothing will HAPPEN.”


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Untold Stories Post 81: THE BROKEN ENGINEER

My Engineering lifespan of four years was a journey along with roller-coaster of emotions.

Girls biologically wired to cope up with emotions, having this as their strong suit, could choose the practical decisions on their own.

Boys on the other hand needed a support group, which they even fail to admit that it is a support group.

The incidents I am quoting are not always alcohol induced, but alcohol did open up some strong men’s heart which left them to crying on the floor. I would not like to mention any
names of this article for the reason that I fail to get their permission yet to share their part of story. So these incidents only form my my point of view.

Scene 1:
First and second year of engineering everyone tries their best to accommodate and live with the new environment which they are forced into.
Not everyone is accustomed to live away form their respective parents.
At that time, may be due to my rebellious age I would love to live away from my parents and have less of a control of them over me.
But some of the boys were connected to their parents in a very very deep and complicated bond that only they could express.

I went to a house party.

Ya because in Engineering life, every day is Party.

Ohh ! I am sorry Every night is party and every day is a kind of sleepover.
In this party a new song got trending.

And with a very slow dial up or mobile internet connection at time this was downloaded the with high definition video of “YOU CAN PUT THAT BLAME OF ME”
by Ackon.
We watched the song once.
We watched the song twice.
and then thrice.
Goosebumps were running on the lyrics,

“Sorry for the times I left you home,

I was on the road and you were alone”

And all of a sudden may be the desi guy finally understood the English lyrics and started crying.
He just went on that he misses his mom and now want to just go home for good.
I was astonished to see such a strong personality breaking down in front of me and weeping, sitting outside of house, not bothering to observe the strange world which in constant caution he did before. I was not a emotional supporter and thus could not help the guy, but that day I was thankful that I am still living with my parents. And I was not sure what would be my go when I had to leave away. (*fast forward to year 2013 when I had to live alone, I did cry, but that story for some other time)

Scene 2:
This was just past the Final year Engineering life and I was invited to another party.

This time it was booze and chicken and what not in the house.

One of the reason was, though not by 9 to 5 jobs but street smart Engineers in their final year and beyond, learn their way to gain income through various objectionable mediums.
Those time the song, “Tera Pyaar Pyaar Pyaar Hooka Baar” form Khiladi 786 was released and I asked for if I can have Sheesha instead of drinking.
Truly speaking till this day I never like alcohol. I am just a social drinker who like to loose control once in a while.

Since I was not drinking I became the judge of two heavy drinkers of that group. The completion was who can have and handle maximum amount of alcohol.
One of the player was very dear friend of mine and other was a Super Senior.

“Super Senior” as if it is even a word.

But we use to believe anyone who is more than two academic
batches ahead of is a Super Senior.

They Drank almost one and half bottle of Whiskey “McDowell’s No. 1” and discussion turns to arguments and then crossed the stage of apologies. Finally the Super senior broke heavy.
He started crying out a loud, “What a waste of life we have become. Four Years of Engineering academic course and its been 7 years for me and still not completed these stupid fucking semesters. Still taking money from my parents. I should die of shame.”

That day I realised though outside we can pretend to be strong on our failures but inside the failures eat you out alive. And for an Engineer, the worst part is
taking money from parents. They internally feel loss of  self respect if they continue doing it after certain years. But in a non- induce stage wont admit it openly.
Dr. Phill calls this stage and behaviour as “Moochers” And I am sorry to admit that for more than 22 years of my life I was one. But that night I decided, doesn’t matter what,
I will find a job, I would clean someone’s house but will not live a Moochers life. (*fast forward, I still owe a lot of sum to my parents but I believe I am off the mooching ground)

Scene 3:
People say keep the best for the last.
But I would keep a very ordinary story to dilute the emotions we had in previous scenario.
I am not even evolved in this story. Thus presenting to you in the form I perceived it form the closest friend.
It was time of campus section. A process where companies come to University and take the brightest mind to work with them. That means for selected few, you will end up with a job right after you have completed your degree. Being the first batch in Biotechnology our college fail to create a carrier show for us. But with enough struggle manage to get one company to interview us.
(I was in a different state of India and focused that I need to perceive a higher education and thus decided not to for this campus event).
My friends who went there were sitting outside for hours before their interview and in contact with me by telephonic conversion through sms.
Only one or two people in that group were given adequate soft skill training about the interview.

The package was in the range of 8 to 12 thousand rupees per month. Which was definitely way too less than expectation of Engineering Graduate. People with soft skill taring have the idea of how to respond to the question “Are YOU happy with the SALARY package offered?”
And if you want that as your first job without having the necessary training for the job, the answer should be “YES”

But one candidate who knew this information started discussing outside, before the interview, and also influenced the interview seekers outside that the salary package offered is very low.
Lets all demand for making this salary package at least up to in the range of 16 to 20 thousand per month.
If we all demand for a higher salary, we will push the economy high and the company has to accept us with giving us an higher salary package.

At this point I would say, WOW ! and Excellent move. Forcing the company to actually provide the acknowledge pay rate to every employee and set the bar high.

Few hours later I was again dazzled by the information, that company only selected few candidates who said they are happy with the salary package they offered.
And rejected all who went against and demand more money to do this job with a pay raise.
The shocking part was, The candidate who influenced everyone to ask for raise actually said “YES” for the pay offered and got selected.



Untold Stories 71: Dialogues From The Past

As 2016 Ended and 2017 Begun, I have completed 27 Years 3 Months and 26 Days on this planet. I have no memory of How I was born, may be I should have asked my parents for more background stories, but I remember some of the dialogues personally spoken to me by the people whom I came in contact with in these years of social learning. So here is a List of Top The of them and a short Incident about how it happened and what did I learn.

  1. Maza Madka Voie, Me Kai Karu (Translantion form Marathi to English, Its my pot and its my wish whatever to do with it). Nitin R DongreWhile Breaking an Modearately Expensive Earthen Pot in front of all in anger this dialogue was used by Nitin R Dongre who is eldest paternal uncle to me by family of birth. Though Frightened in childhood by his actions I learned you can do whatever you wish to the things that belong to you, but to do that you need to earn them first.
  2. Think Big, Be the Biggest and Best Cobbler if you like to. Sanja R Dongre. My 3rd paternal Uncle said this while I was polishing a shoe and thinking low of myself at the age of 6, and he motivated me that if you think big, you will achieve big, so never aim small in whatever you are doing in life.
  3. Paristati, Paristati (Situations Situations) Nevedita R Dongre. I heard the dialogues complaining and escaping from things, coming from my paternal uncle’s wife. She was always blaming all the fault of their misery on situations and living an unhappy life as much as I could observe. I learned never to blame things on situations and take actions while modifying you plan as according to how the environment changes.
  4. Bairi Zali Manun Aiku Nai Yet (I am deaf so I cant Hear You) Old Granny Khobragade. Even after shouting instructions to My Great Granny of Maternal side, she said in her end of days that I am becoming deaf thus I cant hear you properly. I learned that your body is not going to be healthy for ever thus live every day of your life fullest till your body is giving favourable conditions to enrich your living.
  5. Dada Me tuza Sathi Kahi nai karu shaklo (“Dada” meaning Big Brother-a person’s nick name, “I couldn’t do anything for you”) Milind R Dongre. After his father’s death my father use to use this dialogue many a times during the day. I observed that while grandfather was alive my father lived his own life and tried monthly visiting his own father which were frustrating for me. But there were several moments where my father was angry on his father for the past deeds he did. Overall I learned that if you want to do something for someone or your decision is not do anything for anyone, the moment to decide is now. It now or never as regret is an emptiness which cannot be filled no matter what.
  6. My father is not dead, He was Assassinated. Nitin R Dongre. Deducting form the 1 year sever illness due to a head injury, my Grandfather died.  Medically it was a natural death but some said that he stopped eating food to save his wife from the pain to do his daily chore as for 1 whole year he couldn’t move at all. To this day various members of family have various theory of his death. A strong statement of his assignation in front of everyone present around the funeral ceremony by Nitin my Uncle depicts that human will believe  in the theories and knowledge he/she is having. Thus my learning form this dialogue was to expand and expose you mind of education to as vast boundaries as you can. Even if you are going to die believing an Inception, let that be a huge one.
  7. If you are born you are Invited. Ali Raza Cheema. Hesitant to go to an uninvited party I was not sure that I should attend a birthday party whom I barely know. But going to a Australian Island for the first time ignited a spark of curiosity in me. Thus I went to the party anyway. I learned that the statement is true, if you are born you are invited to see the beauty of the nature, meet unknown people and know the world more.
  8. You will Do it. I know that. P. Anand Rajsheker After 3rd consecutive attempt to write CSIR and examination to apply for PhD in India, I lost all hopes and then my professor said this world to me, YOU WILL DO IT, I KNOW THAT. I did that examination again and failed again, then wrote again and failed. I did not know that examination is/was worth my time or not but I liked the trust someone kept in me to push me forward, a trust which I never received from my teachers before. Thus may be I will write the exam again in future years or complete PhD by any other means. But I learned that trust is a strong motivational force.
  9. I cant Imagine you as a father, I just cant Ali Raza Cheema After observing my all time childish behaviour my Roommate and very close friend of that time in year 2013-14 said, I really cant imagine you taking care of another newborn, you are a child of your own thinking. I dint learn anything but that point made me think on the topic what kind of father I want to be and will I ever succeed. I guess I have to wait and find out…
  10. Gandiwar lat Marala Lagte Yechi. (YOU NEED A KICK ON YOUR ASS SO THAT YOU CAN UNDERSTAND) Raghunath P Dongre I was not close to my Grandfather at all, but most of my strong memories are of when he was lying on the bed for 1 year after the head injury of his. I tried my best but could never understand what he wanted to say. His vocal chords made very funny noises instead of really saying any meaningful sentences. He use to regain his memory for a very short period of time and then forget everything, even who you are or who he himself is. I was never hesitant to do any of his work while he was in that condition. My own brain was adjusting the quotient of humanity vs scientific curiosity of my grandfather’s condition. I had the image of an well educated as well as M.A.L L B advocate level of literate man lying on a bed with no memory of what ever he studied throughout his life. Then one day when I was not really able to understand what he wanted to say, I was exposed to the worse Marathi language swearing coming from an educated grandfather who never used such words before in front of anyone, at least not in front of his grandchildren. That was shocking as well as an eye opener for me that the white collar fake image he had for the whole life is been shattered by just removing a part of his memory. Thus I learned and decided to try not to have a double face life and accept the both good and bad in me. Most important, never portray only one side of your image as both the positive and negative qualities I have, make me as ME.

Enjoy Your Year Guys. Though I did not achieve something today but I guess 1st Jan 2017 was the most productive day of my life, I learned a lot and am eager to learn more throughout the year.

Happy New Year to ALL


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Untold Stories 69: My Dead Friends


6.9 is my Date of Birth, and this number also symbolises an adult mating position not ideal for mating, anyways lets get back story.

“Books are not papers and words, but a conversation between two individuals on a one to one basis not separated by some, but many years or generations.” -Author Unknown

Our basic life Ideas though we claim to be to be our own are mostly inspired or influenced by things around us. Smart thinkers may deny the above line, but more Smarter thinkers will at least give time to understand the point. More than understanding, its better if we could accept and then use the theoretical concepts, try it and then form our own.

For example, My Grandfather born in 80’s due to his upbringing or Influence of the India Pak division and tragedy in 1947, had very rude attitude towards Muslims in India. I dint really talk this with him face to face, but after his death, when I was able to read his Dairy Pages, I could interpret this information. Currently I dont judge him for his views but that defiantly Influenced me not to have those views and treat everyone equal, no matter of which believe system one follows.

Another example when I was reading a book of Chetan Bhagat Revolution 2020 (the writer is still alive by the way) I was so negatively influenced, may be because of my age or the long distance relation I was under that time that, I became super Possessive for a short period of time. I am happy that I could come out of that phase.

Similarly a student of Science or a Student of Religion, talk confidently about their respective subject without even getting the Idea that the words he/she is using are not of his own and been derived by the content of Books the individual is Reading or the content of People he/she is surrounded by.

By now you must have an Idea that Books or People who you talk to, have an influence over your way thinking. Most of Motivation speakers including your own mom advice you to be aware of what friends circle you choose, as most of the time, you become an average thinker of sum of the Circle around you.

Now choosing a Right book is also important, its like you are choosing a Dead or Alive friends which at least for some time will have a little impact on you.

Most of the books I choose to read are of writers who are no more alive, but through their books I can have a one to one understating that what kind or type of thinking they had in their time. They are My Dead Friends and I am fortunate to have them. Like other Friends I don’t actually always have to agree with them, nor I have a compulsion to be in their company. but when I am in or out of their company, I feel like slowly I am a changed person.

Hope you have your Dead Friends too….name me some, introduce me with some of special ones…and Have a Great week ahead 🙂

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Untold Stories Post 64: Biographies


Someday on July 2012, I was sitting with my parents on the “Ghost House” (16th Samta Layout North Amabjhari Road Nagpur India). I call it Ghost House both because Grandpa and Grandma Died there as well as the physical and philological environmental condition of that house is just like only “GHOSTS” wants to live there.
I started with a conversation “Why all the example we ever talk of people are so negative, Either they are failed in life or Dint make it or stuck in some part?” “Why there no positive stories of people in our family or surrounding who actually made a difference? Live their life big?”

The Negative thought analization might be because I might have recently watched the documentary by Ronda Byrne The Secret and
seriously wanted to keep the garbage of negative thought and examples out of my life at that time. May be I was venerable or lost what to do next and all what I was loaded with was examples of failures.

My mom and Dad came with some examples for the people who could achieve some position in life but being in a middle class society of India, I could see less praise and more of Jealousness in the stories I absorbed that day. May be lets accept we all do that at some part of our life. Comparing our current position with others and being happy or sad over it…

Years later and some months before in the present timeline Kritika Zariya (https://www.facebook.com/angel.kritika.391) contacted me asking me guidance what pathway to chooze after completing 10th. “I would like to follow you” she said. Should she choose Biology or Mathematics.
At that point I was really not in right state to answer the question asked and accept Have I really reached that point that people can come to seek guidance from me? I modestly told her, I am still a student of life and yet did not discover my destiny.

On those days when I was at her position to choose from the carrier available, to avoid all failure and risk in carrier we had only two options, one to become and Engineer (which I did) and other to become a doctor which my sister Kritika Milind choose(Though she wanted to become an Animation Designer for a while).

All the examples except a Doctor or Engineer were neither exposed nor allowed to us at those time. But today the scenario is completely different. They have variety of Carrier to be choosing from. From animation designing to a gamer, for a sports person to a musician, from a Carpenter to Structural designer, From a local salesman to wholesale dealer, from Stalk trader to a Security Guard, from Fucking Saint to a Drug dealer you can and you are free to choose any Carrier in life you want.

That added more questions as Choosing Biology vs Mathematics was a difficult decision for me at time and how can anyone decide if we have multiple options to choose from. What if I choose the wrong carrier path?. As on those days we thought that that single decision to choose Biology or Mathematics will decide our carrier path. But truly speaking it ain’t true. Even after Completing a Degree or being mid way of a Carrier path in one direction you are free to choose and change your path. Or follow both if you like. It is well accepted now and only awaits you to accept that. One of my teacher said, “The only barriers holding you are the ones created by your own.”

And to really have the right motivation in life, or even to believe on the above point is right, the mind has to get familiar that this is possible. One of the way is by Reading BioGraphies. BioGraphies of famous and unfamous people. They tell us all possibility in life and timeline always brings us new possibilities.

In school we only learn The discovers of Electric Bulb, E=mc.c, Great painting by Picasso, but we are not exposed to did Edison ever fucked the wrong girl in life and how did he came out from that situation, Did Einstein ever had problem in reading things, Did Picasso had to choose form Biology or Mathematics and how did he came over that issue and chose Art?

Everyone though famous or unfamous has ups and downs in their life and reading Biography gives you a small hope that when he/she can get out of that situation, I am no one smaller that them, may be made to something Big and one day I will achieve it.

That small hope to accept all possibilities can lead you many undiscovered places. And one day you will stop comparing your story/success/carrier path with others because you will be happy and satisfied with the one you own yourself.

Just start your journey, And keep taking decisions according to time and situations…May be you are on the road not taken, May be you are the Discoverer

Have a happy Week Ahead 🙂
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Untold Stories Post 62: The Unavoidable Question?


Its 2016, we all know that.
The thing which we all doesn’t know is that in my 26 years of Life on planet earth, and After doing 18 Years of Education,
and even coming and Living on Australia for almost three years, People Still ask me “Mr Tapish Dongre what Caste Do you Belong?”
Probably running away or Avoiding this question is not possible I guess for now. Its high time I get prepared to answer this question.

On a recent chat with a ex fb friend Naina Deshkar, she asked me which Cast do I belong, and I effectively dogged the question like every educated person can do.
I said in 2016 who believes in Cast system? Then she went on asking a confirmative question mentioning a particular Cast or Tribe, Do I belong to this cast or not?
Initially it pissed me off and I just unfriended her. But this question again disturbed me for the whole week. It was unanswered as well as Unavoidable now.

I am a story teller and there are not much ways I could express my anger and frustrations except telling stories, may be someday some reader may understand my projectile.
But for now, Naina Deshkar, Allow me to screw you up and explain you the system I understood till now, but before that let me tell you two stories,
1) which is commonly heard
2) which I created to explain the situation further

On a lovely sunny day, Two cats were fighting for a loaf of Bread. The Monkey saw this from his tree and decided that I can
take advantage of this situation. He came in front of cats with a Beam Balance and then said, as you are already fighting on loaf of Bread, let me help you and using this Scale(Balance), I can distribute the Bread
equally among you two. The cats in anger couldn’t decide properly and trusted a third person “Monkey” to be Judge when actually his involvement was none.
Monkey purposely divided the Bread in to “UNEQUAL” parts. When he weigh the new slices on a scale he conclude that one piece is bigger than other thus to make it equal let me have a bite form the bigger piece.
Monkey again purposely took more bigger bite that he was suppose to make it equal, therefore the bigger bread piece became smaller compared to other and then monkey said, now the other piece is bigger than the first one
thus let me have a bite from the bigger piece so that it makes the scale equal for you too. Slowly Slowly using this trick Monkey ate all the Bread and Cats being angry on each other could not even Blame Monkey and have no Bread at all.

In my story most of you must have understood by now that the two cats are two greater division of Indian Society being Schedule cast on one side and General on other. The Bread is the Resources (Jobs, education, Infrastructure, Living Commodities).
And we fail to recognize Monkey the friend of both Cats is the GOVERNMENT we respectfully support.

My second story continues with the first one.
On a lovely Sunny Day, Generations ahead form the first story, all the Cats were getting smarter by understanding the Monkey’s trick and getting mixed so that in future Monkey dose not eat the bread like last time. The only difference was internally the Cats really wanted to fight on the Loaf of First Bread that the two cats
were fighting on the first story. Group of Cats even declared the first fighting cat as LEGEND and started to pray on his photos and started building statues of first fighting cat. On a particular day of the year they even started celebrating the “Legend cat’s” birthday and death day. Burning candles on Street, Celebrating with joy and sadness on particular day.
Do you think Generations of Monkey were not smart enough? The first monkey trained his son, and he trained his son and Generations of Money belonging to same species trained each other that how can still we benefit on current bread as well as let the Cats forget about who actually Ate the first Bread.
The monkeys sometimes supported one kinda cats in speech and also funded the other type of cats. Monkeys also showed the respect for the Cat Legend and started constructing more of his statues and allowed other cats to follow his memorial birthdays and death days.
Monkeys modified the “Legend Cat’s” initial plan constructed a system where there will be direct or indirect inequality and the Cats would keep fighting with each other and generations of Monkeys will benefit from this system. Some cats wanted to stay out of this generations of Cat fight and even tried to avoid this mess. But the devotional cats usually use to convince the free educated cats to come and join their battle.
Educated cats now use to fight more effectively than the uneducated on, Ohh sorry let me rephrase Literate cats use to fight more effectively than the illiterate one. You know on a Wednesday 27th July 2016, one of the Legend follower cat asked the free cat, which side of the fight dose the free cat belong? In frustration the Free cat wrote the story of Cats again 🙂 lol

I sometimes wish I could change the situation but most of time I stay away for the “Cat Fight” but even to stay away I had to learn and understand about both the cats and their current situation.
Studying in Co-Education I never had to face Caste-sim similarly even staying in Australia for 3 years I never faced Racism. But if a cat from India persist me answer a question which Cat Community I belong so Today I have an answer.

Initially I thought the Cast division system is limited to Hindu Society as for which one of the creation is started to believe with the books classifying Varna System. Then I discover that there is Schedule Cast and Schedule Tribes in Christianity too.
As per my knowledge I might be wrong but most of religion of India have their own division of labor system which divides the Society and even permits a human to look down on other.
A person just born in a particular cast can either feel proud to be in the cast if he/she is higher to the hierachy system and also for his whole lifetime looked down and feel pity or ashamed if he/she belong to a lower cast in the Hierarchy.

We all know the Legendary Cat Dr. B.R Ambedkar on 13th October 1935 was popularized to have started wast campaigning Against the Cast system in India and many might have feel supported or offended on the speech where he speaks “I deny to follow a Hindu religion which treats me by any circumstance lower to other human being.”

I am not a fan or a follower of the Legendary cat as there is lot of change in the system since 1935 to 2016.
But as its is asked so I would like to reply to a Legendary Cat followerNaina Deshkar‘s question in her own Legendary Cat’s style that: I deny to follow and accept any fucking religion which treats one human upper or lower in socialistic placement over other.
As of today 31st July 2016 on my full understanding of consequences that will be followed I want to clear that I belong to No Cast nor any Religion. I am happy to live without them.

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Untold Stories 50: The Stories IMPACT


Its been 50 weeks since I am writing stories. Some might have made sense or other might be too kiddish or too mature.
Lets take a small tour in a human’s life for the impact of stories.

When I was small. Actually small in indefinite past tense. Thus when I was of age 5 to 10, there was a telecast of serial on Indian Television called SHAKTIMAAN. Yes I have told you about Shaktimaan in previous stories too. (Quick Flash Back: He was Indian Super Hero who could spin and fly, use natural resources and 5 elements of nature form which he and all living creatures are believed to be created and Fight Evil People like every other superhero I came to know afterwards).
But when I was small, And this story was told to me, I actually believed the Superhero is real. There might be several factors for it.
1) It was TV serial. Thus it was on Picture/ Photographic proof. And since the concept of Photoshop or graphics was unknown to me The thing which I saw I assumed to be real.
2) The concept was he was created by 5 elements of nature. And most of Indian mythology also supports the 5 elements theories. Thus I assumed the superhero to be real.
3) He was a good man and fighting evil. Just like a JUST person dose. Thus I assume him to be real.
4) He did not achieve his power by accidents, he did years of “TAPASAYA” i.e Yoga + Spiritual awakening and got the powers. Thus the concept or possibility or hope of “every man achieving his dream by handwork and persistence,” made me believe he was real.
5) When I talked with other kids of my age. EVEN they believed in him. Thus it gave me more confidence that what I believe is true.
There are much more factors but I think you got my point….

I was so influenced by the serial that even I believed that with handwork and persistence, with yoga and spiritual energy, one day Even I can become a Shaktimaan.
I started fighting with elders, spiritual teachers, and even with people which have never ever heard of Shaktimaan, to teach me how to become one. I was so desperate to learn to become shaktimaan that I followed everything he did to have those powers.
I started learning Meditation. I started reading books on awakening of spiritual energy. I started performing yoga. And the funny thing is I was not alone. Thus there was a pressure of competition that I want to become Shaktimann Before everyone else dose.

After some years the story writers and producers of Shaktimaan were shocked on what Impact the presentation has done among the kids. Unlike me there were kids going to extremes to prove their believes are true. Kids, definitely smaller than the age of understanding that i had that time, started climbing roof tops of multi story buildings and shouted “SAVE ME SHAKTIMAAN”
Some went more steps further and JUMPED form the room in the hope that Shaktimaan will save them.
Unfortunately either their hope was not strong or Shaktimaan never existed to save them. Many kids were injured and some lost their life.
The producers of Shakitmaan faced the wrath of parents whose kids were killed because of such a concept. Media started awareness programs. Then The producers had to take an action which was never done before in the history of Kids Series making. They showed an episode called “THE MAKING OF SHAKTIMAAN”

Introduced everyone with Graphic Designing team, The actors, the telecasters and the cameraman. They showed to kids how shaktimaan is made and its for entertainment purpose only. This shattered the dreams of 1000’s and 1000’s of kids. The believe or faith in Shaktimaan was lost. Many followers stopped watching Shaktimaan for ever. But some Iditios like me still continued. But the dream of Becoming Shaktimaan one day has torn into pieces.
I count believe that something GOOD as shaktimaan can cause so much damage. People are committing suicidal jump or following a path which was leading to meeting or becoming shaktimaan before and now leading to nowhere. I was now ashamed to talk with all the people with whom I was fighting that Shaktimaan was real and Please teach me how to become one. When I tell this story to my friends that I was a Shakitmaan believer once, they laugh out a loud.

The serial producers accepted their responsibility and with the kids trusting shaktimaan and the only person they listened to, They introduced a segment in their series that taught kids “GOOD HABITS” Buts that not important for my story today.

Though lengthy and thanks that you are still continuing to read it…let me tell you the main reason of writing today. Stories Change people. They change how people think about any particular topic/ person/ thing/ place/ religion/ community.
Change the story and the perception of target can be changed. A good person can become evil and and evil can become GOD. Its just the matter of how responsible you act to tell a story to your future known.
Telling all good points about someone and hiding all negative can make him seem a good person. Telling all negative points about someone and hiding the positive one makes him seem an evil person. But telling all points you know about the person to your story listener makes the listener an responsible person to take his judgement to self evaluate he/she is good or evil person.

It all depends on what you teach and what they perceive to learn. If teaching about Shaktimaan still continued then Probably people still believed in him and side by side learned some good points like meditation, yoga and self stability, with a slight side-effect that kids committing suicide or fighting or killings in the Name or shakitmaan. But let me get a step ahead that what I am permitted to..
People even do this today. I believed in shakitimaan and fought for him because of the stories which were told to me, I believed he was real. In Today’s scenario, Even after growing up, people follow the stories that they have been told to as real and still follow the figure, person, character or energy form calling it GOD and are still fighting with others saying what they believe is the truth. Exactly like how I did in the past. But everyone takes time to learn their lesson and makes decisions according to their understanding. I am just a story teller and I will continue doing my job.

Thank you for reading to my views and I believe you will be as good story teller and Create a Positive Impact Like Shaktimaan and I DID…ha ha

Happy Week Ahead 🙂
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On 26th Dec 2008, I proposed my life partner for the first time. Night After Christmas, Half an Hour before the Girl hostel closing timing, After dropping her form the Mathematics Tuition Class in Nagpur, I expressed my feelings to her without bothering about what she has plans for me or not. For a teenage boy, any proposal takes a varied emotions imbalance when he is afraid of the rejection and keeps on postponing his proposal dates because of the fear of Rejection. But on this day I over came this fear…

Today After 6 years of this incident, I wrote a poem in Indian National Language (HINDI) expressing same emotional imbalance what I had on those days:

Puchna Hai TUM se Muze kuch Magar

Darta HU TUM Naa To Nahi Kahogi

Jab Dekah tumko pheli bar

Karne laga man mei batien do char

Kuch Meethi thi, Kuch Khatti thi

Par Baiten Dil se Sacchi thi

Usme tha Kabi ikraar aur kabi inkaar

Socha tum se Puch hi lu, par

Darta tha TUM Naa To Nahi Kahogi

Socha Tumhe, Chaha Tumha

Har pal apna mana tumhe

Dil ki aawaz aane lagi labo pe

Par roka maine kuhd ko is daar se

Puchunga to tum Naa to Nahi Kahogi

Sadiya Raat Ho gai

Gharwalo se baat ho gai

Samay ki seedi jo humne Chadi thi

Aaage shayad saamapt se ho gai

Puchna tha tumse magar

Darta that Tum Na to Nahi Kahogi

Sacchi Jhuti baato mei jo teri hasi thi

Na Jane Kab meri Zindagi ban gai

Yu hi bani Kavita se puch liea,


Ye hai mere sapno ka haalath

Ab raha na jata teri bin kare kuch baat

Ab shabdo ke alaankar se puch hi liea

Kahi Tum Naa To Nahi Kahogi

Khena hai Tum se Aaj Bhi Magar

Darta Hu, Tum Naa to Nahi Kahogi…

-Tapish Dongre

A Never Posted Letter…



Principle K.V.O.F.Ambajhari


Dear Madam

I wrote you many letters in my mind and erased it off thinking of what if you’ll find the truth behind my affectionate way of writing to you, but today I feel so different inside myself.

I was an average student of your school. Scored 73% in my 10th and 60% in 12th grades.

Played none of the sports taught by the professor, never involved in any co-curium activities and I still neither knows what I will become in my future life. Accepting your rules and following them at one go was something not possible for me.

You pointed out many demerits in me and never ever appreciated the qualities I possessed. I loved to challenge and disprove every statement form your mouth against me.

You made my mother cried. You made my father scold me for no mistake of mine. You made your discissions to be imposed on me without my willing. Your almost destroyed my childhood.

Professor(Pandaya Sir, Mathematics Teacher) at school even warned me that I will never ever cross my 12th examinations at my first attempt but I did.

Personally I hate you the most in my life but I must admit you are the best teacher of my life

You taught me many things what I never wanted to learn. You made me what I am 2 day and I am proud of what I am.

In spite of your several rejections, I proud to be ACCEPTED by the world.

Thank you

Thank you for coming into my life and show me the worse I could experience at that age. I pray to your god that please never ever create a wonderful teacher like you.

Sorry that I cannot follow the bible as it says “to forgive”

But I promise of a day that you will be proud of me.

Though I am not interested to ever see you face again in my life but still I promise of an appointment with you after your death. Let it be haven or hell I will pay a visit to you.

That’s my promise.


Yours sincerely

An Average Student.