Diet Plan for Myself

Current Weight 102KG

Target Weight 73Kg by the next 365 Days

PLAN for the next 10 Days – Then Big reward.

Think like Bharatlal, Cheat your brain like he did, but in reverse.

Keep Chewing Something, Buy Chewing Gums, Trick your brain that you are eating food.

Eat Healthy ONLY.

Zero Sugars, no Soda.

Lots and Lots of Water.

Tea without Sugar and Milk

Small Steps, 10 mins of Exercise per day.

Reduce Carbs.

More Proteins.

Re-do the Planning in the next 10 Days.

Peace Out !!!!

Inner Child Wounds

I struggle myself a lot to cope with a few of the below-mentioned “Wounds” but after reading the comments under the original post, I discovered I was not alone. Indians by default live under the influence that “Parents are the Perfect Beings” and thus mosty anytime I expressed this to my classmates and colleagues, they did find a fault in me in even expressing my feelings on this subject. Then I discovered more about intergenerational trauma and the ability to cope with it. It is nice to know that even other people who have faced similar issues were able to come out of their childhood traumas and live a decent life for themselves and the next generations. One of the best lines I could read in the comment section by Markus Wilson was, “I forgive him, or should I say, I forgive myself for wanting him to be more than he could be.”

Hope I could fix the repetitive stories in my head or at least give them a proper ending. For a Better Future.


Tapish Dongre

April 2022

Inner Child Wounds. Image Courtecy Facebook “The Soul Journey with Saraha Moussa”

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Perceptive Thinking on E-Baba’s Birthday

The Adam Project (Netflix 2022)

So 16th March 2022 about 00:00am I got the Google Notification that it’s “E-Baba’s Birthday”. For those of you who have not read the previous articles I wrote on E-Baba, he is my paternal Uncle having very high moral grounds in my perception.

With the notification came a moral dilemma, should I even wish him or not?

I know wishing any person on his/her birthday is a positive social activity. But to wish E-Baba there are various Caveat attached. The most prominent one was that I was somewhat angry with him myself. Don’t get me wrong, he still holds a high moral value as a perceptive being. But his clashes with his own family made him choose an action in the past where he left everyone hanging dry. His side of the story is true that he was hurt. But hurt people hurt other people, consciously or unconsciously. Thus when he had fought with his brothers and left the main house, there was no fault of us at that time, that we deserve his isolation. And for leaving me as a kid, unguided, that really made me angry.

In later years, due to good circumstances, now that he is making his efforts to re-console with his brothers and sharing happy memories of them being together, this, in turn, made me angrier. That, “all the years of anger that I had held on to, was that of no use or no worth”?

Watching this movie “The Adam Project” I was able to have another perception of myself. In a conversion in this movie, (exactly at the time of this picture above) it is expressed that we tend to be angry when we grow up, or tend to, not because we are really angry. But in fact, because we are sad. It is easier to be ‘Angry’ than to be ‘Sad’. To mourne from our pain and then to recover. Is easier to blame others and tend to relive the made-up stories than to face the hurtful truth. Since this whole month I am trying to accept my own one truth after another, so thought why not give this theory a chance too.

Instead of being angrier about E-Baba’s constantly changing actions, let’s consider him as a normal human being. A human being who makes mistakes.

And when I think it that way, I am able to think one step ahead of that where I was stuck all these years. And that is, We tend to accept the mistakes of people we love. Or in other words, we tend to ignore the mistakes of people we love and accept the person as a whole being. And whenever we are not able to accept a person as a whole, that is only because we are not able to ignore the mistakes that the person has done to us.

There again comes a choice in the present moment, when we are all alive, Not in memories but here in flesh and blood. Time for new bonds, time for new memories, time for new fights, and time for new love. I think I can get past this mental stuck and move in a new direction. Not a right or wrong direction, as no one could judge where our future lies. But at least one step ahead of our past stuck.

So somehow grabbed the number from my cousin’s sister and texted him, “Happy Birthday

Unfortunately, this is not a complete story as it is rolling on this present timeline, thus even I don’t know where my or others’ actions will lead in the future, but till that time when my heart beats more than normal that compel me to write more about E-Baba, I can only Say it is “To Be Continued….”

See you in the next post or next life, whichever comes earlier.

Signing off for now

Tapish Dongre



Why? I asked, and he smiled. Ignored Probably as I was very small.
Maybe my age reflected an under-understanding of what I have asked.
Or the importance becomes negligible when strong question is asked by a kid.

Why? I asked again, at my teenage.
My rebellious age made it sound rude.
How can I ask an authority to respond to an action taken years back?

Why? I asked again in my twenties.
Tiredness and demand of Justification were there in my query.
The hurt of the Ego may be to the respondent that he didn’t answer yet.

Why? I asked again, in towards my mid-age.
Silly he thought, that I still needed an answer.
“I even forgot about it” was his reply.

How can you still remember? he asked,

“Axe Forgets but Tree Remembered” I replied.

If the story goes further I predict.

Why? I would ask again on his Deathbed

Expecting an answer, which he never can make sense of.



-Written by Tapish Dongre in the memory of the unanswered questions by people very dear to me.

Untold Stories Post (UTSP) 80: Marvel vs DC = Fictional Neutral Post

Stories were, are and hopefully will be my passion that motivates me time to time.

With my previous mention on multiple occasions, this must have come across that in current generation of Fiction Wars, I am a super Marvel Fan.

This gives me a strange opportunity to randomly meet strangers and connect with them sharing the same love for stories.

In my understanding Marvel has reached up to that limit where ancient literature like “Ramayana and Mahabharata” would have reached.

The character depth, story cross connection, multiple language translation, huge roll over of currency and love are the common factors I could get comparing various literature and Marvel universe.

I even observed that there is No Particular GOOD or EVIL permanent state of a character.

Dead-pool being the Villain of X-Men series is now a Hero having his own franchise.

Venom being villain in Spider-man series is now a comparative Good character according to 2018 story line.

This was similar to Ravana begin the Villain of Ramayana but later fiction, more research and ongoing work presented him as a good  devotee of God (Not that bad Man then).

Krishna being the super hero, smiled as Gandhari’s son death and sentenced to internal curse. (Bad present inside Good)

I can comment more by comparing Greek Stories and Bible or Quran, but at last results the same purpose. Stories to teach a lesson, to inspire, to learn, to entertain, to fear, to laugh and to connect with similar or dissimilar mentalities over the globe (and hopefully beyond).

Yes UTSP is mostly about personal experience with day to day scenario, thus let me divert in the above comparison and tell you another story.

I was working in Sun-corp Stadium and I met a guy who was leading the food retail team on that particular day. We started talking about fiction stories and then he said, he is a DC fan thus he is waiting for AQUA MAN release this year.

I replied I am as eager as he is, but I am also interested in next edition of Infinity War (which is Marvel Based story-line).

Suddenly he was firm and said, I don’t watch Marvel movies BECAUSE I am DC fan. The discussion went on and on about Marvel and DC.

Late coming home I realized, Fuck the shit.. I love both Marvel and DC. Being one’s fan docent mean I hate the others.

Many days later when I was watching the 2018 Venom, I meat a Marvel fan who hated DC fictions up to an extent that he would not support even the release of AQUA MAN.

And the next step I am doing in this post might be controversial but pattern seems to be true at my current understanding.

I am trying to develop pattern or similarities between religion and fiction. (Both having its followers, preachers, as well as extremist)

More I met with people I gained info that People following Marvel in general avoid DC and vice a versa.
Similarly people following one religion or faith try to avoid lessons and practices from other. And Extremist even try to pin down the non-followers of their own kind.

The time I was most glad was, while meeting people who believe in Peaceful co-existence. The people who like to put Political, Racial, Linguistic and Religions barriers aside and share a Smile together.

Being Atheist (agnostic actually) and Religion neutral gave me access and acceptance to people from all religion. And being Fiction Neutral gave me the entertainment from all over the industry.

And thus I even hope to meet more and more people who are able to keep the FICTIONAL FOLLOWER barriers aside and give chance to be entertain from more and more and stories, let that be from DC, Marvel or even M. Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable Universe.

Who knows I might create a new genre in future years to have a fan following. But in all case, Do love each other, and Keep each others happy. Let only the Fictional Characters Fight. 🙂 We as humans can co-exist.!!!!

#utsp #tapishdongre

Harry Potter Returns

If  I could manage to Get 1000 likes for this story, I will Publish this book as per public Demand.

The Year is 2035, Craze of Harry Potter, the famous Novel written by J.K.Rowling is fading away with time. People believe the Harry Potter Books, Comics and Cos play Uniform is a collectible now. The story of the Boy Who Lived is a classic one. But The deep believers always believed that there is always possibility that an crystal clear Imagination of J,K. Rowling is not fictional one, she has seen something what we, the general public has not. People started entering and discovering the lifestyle of the author, but failed again and again. The research is still on…..we hope to uncover the fact some day some time…

Million Copies of the Book sold, 1000’s of cos play flying broom and magic wands reached public already, got the highest hit index to buy model of Nimbus 2000 and Ron’s Magical Wand, though broken one but still functioning,

Functioning…????? Really or Its an imagination???? Or simply a believe that makes the story true, But I discovered this boy Named Ayush in Central India, in the states of Maharashtra, who had something different that grew my interest in him. Ayush is studding in Class XI and earns more than 30 Thousand Rupees in a month. This is an Ideal salary what professional Engineers Could earn if placed in well known company of India. But this teenage boy either had different level of skills that it was believable that he could earn the amount and stand on his own feet at an early age.

I tried to earn in many Different ways, but I was not able to achieve what this child could attain in age of 19 years, My failures made me angry on myself but curiosity to learn his ways of earning was much higher than the jealousy factor I had in me. I tried my best to gel with this guy and be with him to learn his secrets. The only things I have Discover was, He likes playing video games, watches lot of Television Serials, Has learned lot of different languages, some existing in real world and some fictional languages which is used by elves and other species of the fictional stories of my knowledge. His room is full of collectible from  different cartoons, storybooks, novels, movies. The only Idea I could have by entering his room was, This boy lives in a fictional world.

His computer had Iron-Man shaped Wireless Mouse, Pencil stand was in shape of Skull form the movie Indiana Jones, Stupid Harry Potter Magical Wand stick always hanging as a wind chain which strikes my head everytime I entered his room, Saskue’s Sword form the anime Naruto as a display on his Table. The room was full of mess and books everywhere that there was no place to sit peacefully. I couldn’t take the messy surrounding and preferred to stay out of his filthy palace and breath fresh air in the real living world. The curiosity dropped completely and I stopped judging his ideas and started my ways of thinking how I can earn money and find things in real world as I am not Ayush Ghotekar.

Once Ayush Came to my house and said, Bro I want to show you something, I assumed this must be a new electronic device which he shows me every time he purchase something new, He said its interesting and little scary so he wants someone to be with him when we go there. I explained him there is no place on our outskirts  where you will feel scary and curios too to enter that you cannot go…

He said what If I want to take you more farther than our outskirts? To which, I replied Oh you want to go to city, let me take my motorbike,  I will drive you there.

He gave me a wired and skeptical look and said bro just come with me, I want to take you somewhere more far, A place you have been there before, but its different that what we expected or told…

I was still puzzled and I said, Ayush, lets not cross the state border it will takes us days to come back. Ayush got angry and Busted: You are not listening  to me you have to experience it yourself. Hold This he said and handed me a dummy Magical wand form the story Harry Potter which usually is hanging on his wind chain. The wand was actually so heavy that I wondered for the first time, how did he managed to carry this till here, and on the first place, how did this wand was hanging as wind chain as only lighter materials are kept for the make of wind chain.

He told me then, Stop Believing in what you have learned so far and keep your brain pre-occupied in thoughts that you don’t have space to fit new Ideas. The world is different that what you have studied form last 25 years. Believe me, thought you might have traveled whole India and Australia, you have not seen even an inch of the world what I have seen in last six months. Keep your mind open and observe the changes around you. Now you have to observe that I am not moving my lips but still you are able to read my thoughts loud and clear, Cant you UNDERSTAND????

I dropped the stick on my hand in Panic and dropped on floor as my brain shut down instantly that I was not able to accept this change happening around me.

When I woke up the stick was again in my hand and somewhere from long Ayush was calling..Do you still want to take rest or come to the world I want to show you??? If you are ready come to my house as soon as possible.

I dint had a second thought. I completely forgot that I have an assignment to submit the next morning and I took my bike and rushed towards Ayush’s House hiding the wand in my bag. When I entered his room again, the filthy mess dint bothered me, I was more curious to know more and more about the wand and then he said, Seriously Pajama and this Night T-shirt, is this the way you  dress up for a journey to Hogwarts school????

I said, WHAAATTT????

He took the wand form my bag. Drew an Imaginary door in front empty wall  which turned yellow on the go, and then he said…Lets step in into this Jelly thing, I will answer all the questions running in your mind at the speed of light on our way to this wonderland.


I welcome You all to our journey to Rediscover the World of Harry Potter, which is completely changed in these number of years. Learn Scientifically Equation form all your school and university level Applied in the story line. Get exposed to Spirtiual awakening, a step by step process to train your subconscious mind.

If you want me to keep on writing, just like my page/this post, keep sharing my work and let me know if you want to read further 🙂

Happy Day

See you Soon 🙂


Powerful Words

Words have power.
Words express emotions
Words decides attitude
Words change a persons personal view and some times person itself.

You might remember some over the many stories what you read in your childhood…
The Hat salesman and Monkeys mimicking him, The resting caught in net lion and Mouse’s friendship story, Two cat fighting over pile of food and Monkey eating them one by one in a beam balance…..Crocodile and Monkeys bitter friendship story….

All theses are still hidden in somewhere in your positronic brain and I think all might have refreshed the whole story when I used them in above line. My point is before these stories came into your brain or effected your way of thinking, they were just some “words” printed on paper which may or may not have any relevance to you in your life. 21st or I may say 22nd generation might have something else in their course what we writers are writing now.
I am somewhere somehow proud to be a writer, that some day someone in future will be reading the ‘Words” I am writing right at this moment. So here is a simple thought: Now it our responsibility, Our include me, you, our generation, our parents generation and the next future owners of humanity, IT IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY to make sure that every word coming out of your mouth, pen or fingers on keyboard are used in a way which make you” and only “You” the reason to bring a new change in the minds of every reader and his fellowmates. As words have a power and Power has effect. Today or Tomorrow Your words are going to make a new society.

All the Best present writer….
The world is in you hands…….

Books Gives Shelter

Recently I was throwing all the paper cardboard covers of the book I studied and used so far. I know when we go for selling the used book for recycling (Raddi in hindi), only the main pages are being weigh sold and some cost per kg is given in return by the Raddiwala (merchant). The hard cardboard cover goes in for waste. So I sat down and removed it and kept it out of house to just throw it….

While doing so a small kid about age 8 or 9 came and started collecting the cardboards. Being Indian I was curious to know where my trash goes. This is a special quality that we posse that there may be gold kept inside our house cupboards but we are interested in if our waste is being used by any person in the world.  Those curiosities lead me to ask him “Why are you taking the cardboards with you?”

He smiled and replied, “That’s for making a hut”

I asked him again, “Ohhh, so it is your school project you are working on..?”

“No” he said “I am actually collecting these cardboard to cover the roof of the hut I live in.”