Untold Stories 63: Incident Report….!!!


It is unfortunate that I wast not able to watch the end scene for the movie Star Trek Beyond properly. Its not that the movie was not interesting or the Aircon of United Cinemas Eldorado was not working on Tuesday a fortnight ago, but, something more interesting happened in the theater that I had to pause the screening for a while and continue.

Me and my wife were having an argument of watching two movies in a row, own being the Star Trek who’s tickets I already bought and the next one was suppose to be “Lights OUT” just after the Star Treak.
Inside the theater towards the ending, instead of Lights OUT the Management has to switch the Lights of the theater. I dont know what really happened before this scene I am describing that lead to this scene but I saw two Grown ass fighting in the last row of Cinema. I was just 3 rows ahead of them.
It was not cat and mouse fight but like a real slam down. I would go to an entertainment center and pay to watch that fight kinda fight. The first guy blocked the second guy’s punch coming to his face and then in return gave 4 to 5 fist very fast on his stomach and lower abdomen. I thought the 1st guy had some lessons in Boxing to do that. But the second guy though not Asian took an martial art move. He used the blocking of the first punch as a place to hold grip, turned himself around the 1st guy after absorbing the 4 to 5 stomach punches from him and then wrapped himself around the 1st man’s neck. He locked his elbow to the 1st guy’s neck that the 1st guy could not move at all. I wish I would be judge of this fight but then someone form audience shouted “Someone please call Security”.

I repeated that dialogue on my head and the answer came, “Fuck !, I am the Security, though I am not on my job but Security was/is my profession.” I took my move toward’s the fight whereas I remember my wife stopping me not to. In that short duration and after watching their profession fight moves I have calculated that this fight is way way beyond my league. I was also taught in Ranvir Minhas and Sunny Minhas‘s Security Academy that do not touch a fight which is way beyond your capacity to handle and call for a backup. The backup was on their way but the fight had no full stop. I had the look around theater and many of the audience dint even bothered to get up from their seat.

I saw a small girl age 3 to 5 which seemed related to either the 1st or 2nd guy was walking towards the fight. I was sure of thought any of the guy’s in fight will not regret to hurt each other but if this girl gets any hurt either one of them will remember it for life. Or even I would have blamed myself for not saving her. I stepped my feet little faster and holed and picked up the girl walking towards the fight. I did not have the time to think the decision I did was right or wrong but it seemed justifying at that stage.

When Security Backup arrived and all lights were on, the 2nd guy finally removed his locking elbow. The first guy was now released and able to move. He along with a lady came near me to take the little girl, and left the theater.

I went back to my seat with my wife and she shouted, what are you are hero to go there and mess with that fight? I replied, I just went there to save a baby from getting hurt, no hero skills required there.
Actually at that particular time Even I had no idea why I put my step towards the fight. And to stop a fight?? Why would I stop a fight? I infact love Fights, its the only way to remove frustrations and form new bonds (if anyone lives from that battle).

After coming home and reanalyzing the situation I could only think, that there are several hundreds of fights going around us if we like to observe. People fight for home disputes, country border, religion, cast discrimination, race belonging, political disputes and many other day to day issues. Some of the fight might be eazy to tackle and some like the last one must be hard to stop by one person alone. But if the fights are giving people a point of interaction which they didn’t do before then I should not be the person to stop this fight. May be stopping these big fights are beyond my control. Then What will be my purpose? as even I don’t want to join any sides and join the fight itself. In the short instant of pressure the decision I made may be the one’s suited for me.

I don’t have power to stop the big fights, but I did have the power to stop the new generation, the small kids, to keep them away from the fights. Prevent them from getting hurt. It was easy. Small kids requires a story to understand the most complex situation in simple words and with the help of stories, storing telling my advantage point, I can keep the new born’s away from the fight so that when they grow old enough to understand, they will have power to decide themselves to continue their old generation fights or not…

I know currently you as reader might be in any one resemblance point of my story, you might be in the fight as 1st or 2nd guy fighting for justice, you might be the guy who call’s the security, you might be a observer who dont want to get up from their seat or you might the foolish person who gets up from his seat and stop the young one from entering the battle or you might be the young one’s yourself.

What ever the role you are playing just be reminded of the statement of Sir William Shakespeare ” All the world’s is a Stage and All men and woman merely Players.”

Enjoy your role and Keep Playing it..

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