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Nominated and Won “Best Article of the Issue” – ACTA Scientific

Our Research Article won the Best Article of the Issue “Voume 2, Issue 8” year 2018 of ACTA Scientific Publication in field of Plant Biotechnology and Agriculture Development.

The research article describes how computer simulation can be use to determine the best concentration of nutrient media by running various plant growth experiments in computer simulation. This technology of using Artificial Neural Network can save time and resources in modern Scientific laboratory and have potential to bring a revolutionary change in Agricultural Industry.


Best Article certificate

Modern Students and Scientist along with all enthusiastic can read the whole publication issue at the link

If any of the reader have interest in publication of their research contribution they can do it by submitting the article to Acta Sceientific website or contacting the Senior editor by Ms. Prerna Deshmukh by email (Contact: +91-9182824667). The Acta Scientific team is very friendly and can guide you through the whole process of publication. 

Please don’t forget to cite our article in your research and I would be happy to help/discuss the topic and process if and when needed. My email Id is Current Contact Details +61 415 370 974. (living in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 4066 at the time of this publication)



Untold Stories 57: The First Suicide


At an very early age, I would say the first suicide experience is when you hear the word first time and search in dictionary searching for the meaning of it
It was the similar but somehow I knew the meaning before the incident had an impact.

I never knew her name, why you ask? Because in south Indian locality where I grew up it was most offensive to even approach a stranger teenage girl and I was shy as well.
Me and My friend Ravi Kiran at Class IXth had a regular weekly chess match at Junior Club Ordnance Factory Project Medak Yeddumailaram AP, INDIA. We completed a game and mostly Ravi use to win the match
and if at I won the game there was at least two times re-match before he is satisfied that he is best at Chess. It was more of re-assurance for him I guess and I use to play again to sharpen my skills and have the chance of enjoying the frustration on his face again.
And that day he did loose and wanted a re-match but senior players(senior by age) took the chess board away form us and we had no choice but to leave the Club as we know their game will run for hours and its late for us to take our bicycles home.
We came out of the Club and outside was a kids playground. On the playground we saw her first time on a Swing seat. She was wearing Blue Frock tired hairs towards her back, Spectacles on her nose. I asked Ravi Check the girl at your 9 O’Clock. A direction code which simply meant look on your left and check out the girl.
But before I said so I saw Ravi’s eyes was already sticked on her as her eyes saw him back giving a smile.

At that instance I observed I was already walking two-three steps away form Ravi though we were walking on the same direction. I realized on that moment that I had lost my friend for now. There will be no more chess matches but regular visits to Junior Club will not stop. And same did happen. We visited the same Club almost everyday now. I waited in line to get an Ice-Cream whereas Ravi waited outside to have a glimpse of her. As we both did not know the name of her, I called her “Chashmis” a teaser name meaning the girl with Glasses on her eyes.
We arrived on Club as that was the only source where we could see her again. Our wait was over when she was seen again after a week of time and then on every week.
We use to go home only when she left the Club. This might seem little purvey but once we even followed her in shadows to know her home address. Though now we know where she lived but we still agreed to follow the common courtesy to see her only at Club.
Weeks passed and I urged Ravi, just go and talk to her, or should I do that job for you? Finally Ravi agreed that He will go and talk to her the next week.

The day arrived that when Ravi will finally go and talk to her, the day when I will know her Real Name and stop calling her Chashmis. The day when I get a confirmation that after weeks of struggle my mate finally have a girlfriend or a girl-friend at least. We went early to Club and waited and waited and waited.
I remember it started getting dark and still we waited outside in Cold. I had three Ice Creams that day and Ravi paid the 15Rs for them as it was his treat. Unfortunately our wait never ended, she did not show up.

I said, “no worries dude we will catch her up either when she is going out for tutions form her home or school”, I thought she might be sick that she did’t show up for today and I might be fool to eat 3 Ice Creams when winter is starting already. Its too late lets go home.

The next week I heard a funny story form him that Chasmis was practicing a dance of movie name “Varsham” which means Rain in Telugu Language and to do that she actually filled her room with water to get the leg beating noise of ‘Rain Splash’ and in doing so actually slipped and broke her ankle. Whereas in the actual movie the actress girl dances on Rain water shouting “Nuvvu Vosta ante nen Voddatantana?”
We laughed so hard that I even forgot ask how did he even managed to get this information?

Some week passed and the winter came and we nearly stopped our visits to the Junior Club. There was no motive anyway.
I still don’t know the Source of Ravi’s information but one very late night Ravi came to my house and urged that we talk outside. I took my bycycle and we rushed on a Route towards his home. On the mid way when he was too silent I wonder what surprise he had in his mind to give me this late night.
His words were more cold that the winter saying “Chashmis is Dead”
The government Mortuary was just next to were we were discussing this and I thought Ravi is playing another prank on me
But he was serious this time, He said, she committed Suicide as she got less marks in her pre-finals.

I replied she was not even doing her 10th Board that she had to take a harsh decision like this.(as if if it was 10th exam the Suicide was justified). Ravi said, Yes mate, but first girl I like in this life is Gone even before she knew that I liked her, and we will never even know her name.
I was a class 9th boy and had no clue how to console my friend as I was shocked myself, thus we just discussed the political issues that by what pressure of our society that a child had to commit Suicide. Exams can come and Go but life is just one way track…
We both parted in grief after a long discussion and for weeks everyone was Discussing about the “Girl who Committed Suicide Due to Exam Pressure” on Ordnance Factory Medak.

For some days the Intense Exam Pressure was waved off and Parents cared more of their son’s and daughters life than their marks on ScoreCard. But after some days we all forgot the story of the girl in Blue Frock, Ravi’s first heartbreak and the First Suicide case of my life. My political side of brain was thinking that there is at lest one benefit of her suicide that we don’t have the marks pressure anymore.

But later on after years passed and I was urged of committing the Suicide myself, not because of some marks but a different level of teenage pressure which seemed important that time and stupid at this stage of life. In around year 2009 I took a chemical name “Sodium Azide” form the Biotech Lab I was studding in, mixed it in milk and drank the first morning I wanted to depart the world.
It might be the poor quality of PIET Chemicals or Dilution by milk that I survived but If I haven’t experienced the life till date I could never realized how Stupid was the decision of taking an early termination from life.

Most of my positive post today might be a partial outcome of the shame I had after recovering of the worst times faced in life. I must not compare my life with someone and thus someone must not compare his/her life with me. I neither Support Suicide and Unfortunately not truly against it but its ‘you’ that who have to take the decision as a Choice to Live Everyday and Day after day. And if you choose “Life” instead of death things changes and chances comes along your path, you may never know how interesting it gets when the future unfolds…
So if you have decieded to “Live” this day, this week or this year for now….Lets make it interesting, enjoy to the fullest, make a remark in History and Some-Day die an un-regretful Sign off…..(I Hope and wish my best not by Suicide!!!!)

Have a wonderful Living week Ahead !!!!

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Untold Stories Post 54: Entering Inception


Currently there are many kinds and types of Religion people follow. I also over heard the statement that “Athiest” are also believers. Atheist have a strong belief that the God does not exist. In all types of religion there are several believes which comes along. These belief systems forms groups of similar thinking people. And sometimes the case happens the reverse. Instead of people’s believes that unite them with the group, Its the Group Rituals/belief system/religion that forces a person to think in a certain way and block the other observations.
Recently after easter 2016 I had some visitors following to my house paying their visit and visits turned into discussions. I would love to share many of the discussion happen in my own house but don’t want to turn the UTSP blog into a ring of fight between god acceptors and rejectors. So I would like to share a story long before I was born and the authentication of the story I just trust my mother who told me this story.

Not so Long before the Telephone was so popular in common man houses, another discovery of science called “TELEGRAM” was famous and popularly used. To get familiar with the system of using a TELEGRAPH, it was taught in Schools. Strange to express but till my class/grade 5th of education even I had to learn how to use TELEGRAPH system for distant communication. The Telegraph system relied on Post-Office, the same office used for Paper Mailing on those days.
A person, if want to communicate to other person having more than 500km of distance for assumption had to go to his nearest Post-Office and ask for a Telegraph Form. Sending The Telegraph was charged per word. I mean if you would like to say “I am fine Thank you” you would be charged Unit Price x Number of words. And for the last line you would be charged approx 2.5$ assuming 50 cents per word. Overall I want to say that the messages had to be as brief as possible to save money and thus only important short hand words use to be used for the distant communication.
Usually the Mail would be taking three to seven days to reach within a country. The telegraph made it possible to convey the message in as less as 3 to 5 hours.

Thus immediate communication was a matter of trouble and with less communication it increased the worries in natural transitions.
One day My Grandmother decided to visit our house. As grandmother was getting old, special care had been taken for her transport. My grandfather boarded her from a Bus which comes from Nagpur to Chandrapur which is a distance of about 165km and takes only 3 hours to reach by bus. As my grandfather already Telegram to my father that she will be taking the bus to reach our home, My father was well prepared to go to the Chandrapur bus stop and receive her. Granny stayed in our house for some days and then decided to return to her own house in Nagpur.
My father did the same and send a Telegraph that which bus Grandmother would be boarding to come to Nagpur so that Grandfather is well prepared to receive her on the bus stop of Nagpur.

After one day my father Received a telegraph from my Grandfather, “GRANDMOTHER DID NOT REACHED HOME. DID SHE LEAVE THE CHANDRAPUR ON TIME?”

The telegraph started a situation of panic in the house. My mother and father both were stressed that how come Granny did not reach the Nagpur Station when my father himself accompanied her to the bus stop. The worried started increasing that does something had happened to the Bus or Granny? Any Accident on Road or Robbery on route? The worries kept increasing and solution did not appear. At that moment my mother suggested that though this might be a superstitious believe but there is a person who can help. My father was introduced with a person called “MAA SHEELA” living in Chandrapur.
Maa Sheela had the power to directly connect with GOD and ask for solution of people’s problem. My father went to her, explained her the current situation and Maa Sheela closed her eyes, talked with God for sometimes and said to my father, “Don’t worry, your mother is safe, She has gone to her known house and will return in two or three days.”
Though my father heard the words of ‘not to worry’ about the matter happening now but alas he was a son, and at this point a skeptic person to even believe someone could talk to God at all. He was only worried for his mother to be safe.

Three days passed and then my father received another telegram from my grandfather saying “GRANDMOTHER REACHED HOME. HAD STAYED WITH HER SISTER FOR TWO DAYS.”

All the worries had gone in an instance but something more happened on that day. The seed of Inception had been sown on my father’s faith/believe system. As the “Maa Sheela” exactly predicted where my Granny was, thus my father started believing on her story and her powers to actually connect with GOD. And till date, he still believes the MAA Sheela system of connecting God and seeking answers is the right way to find answers.
When Maa Sheela Died two-three years ago from now, a new concept was introduced. The story is that the next of kin of Maa Sheela had been passed the powers to and now Maa Sheela communicates to the new person by spreading the light of knowledge by the Framed Pictured on the Room where Maa Sheela use to live. And people including my father still believe that is true.

If any of you reader are still reading the story that I am continuing to write then you might have a mixed view about the story, Either if you are a believer you might believe in the power of Maa Sheela, if you are a non-believer then you might believe in that Maa Sheela’s Power does not exist or she is a con artist. And coming to recent belief by one of the preacher of Christianity said, that the connection that Maa Sheela had was not seeking help from god but from the Devil smile emoticon

What ever the vantage point you may have now, I would just like to express that with story I could just explain or understand how the seed strong Inception of a Belvie system was installed in one man when he was in a mature age of taking wise decisions. I cannot generalize it to all but mostly seed of Inception in today’s era is started when a human is very small. When Human Babies are of very young age and are ready to accept all the stories you tell to them without asking back the logical questions, let that be of Any GOD or any Superhero, The Human Baby believes in the story.
The Human baby enters the point of Inception the moment you start telling the story. Let that be Allah (Peace be upon Him), Jesus (loving you), 35million types of Hindu God and Goddess, The child is believing the stories you are telling him or her. Currently I would say My time to enter any mode of inception is not arrived yet and I am just reading and exploring various religions and their sculptures along with the impact that they cause in Human development or destruction.
I would just urge the current and future parents reading my post, please give your child the chance to choose his/her own belief system. Right or Wrong, let him face the consequences and Trust him/her on the capability that as an Individual, the Human Baby can make a decision best suitable of the time and era he/she is living.

Have a Happy Week Ahead.

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