How Special is Today ?

Actually, it is a normal Saturday day, but trying to add a little drama to life to make it feel special.

Planned so many things in life, and never stuck with the plan. So wherever I am today in life, I am because of my own inconsistencies and a little bit of environmental influence.

One of my good friends Bhratlal said, (Actually he reads shit and he said so many things nowadays) but just for this conversation that you and I are having now, Bharatlal once said, “Whichever time, place, family, or surrounding you are born in – it is a Biological accident.” and later on he continued with some philosophical things like “what you do after the accident is what you make out of it” or something else which I am not able to remember as I was lost in my own thoughts when he was saying it. But the word “Biological Accident” sounded special. I thought wow, never ever used ‘Biology’ to define ‘Accident’ referring to our own life. Ohh Hooo !!! Loved it !!!!

Next para I wanted to talk about my job. I don’t know why but it just felt like writing about it. So currently what I do is work for a company named, “Sxxxxx Parking” actually its better if I don’t take their name. Full day 8 to 10 hours of my shift I fix server computers, listen to complaints from the Control center (Call Center) in a sweet Philipino voice that says go and fix this issue, and then I go and fix the Parking Gates/Ticket Jams/Printing errors/Software or Hardware errors. This job sounded so fun when I started but after 90 days of working, I feel like quitting every day.

The money is good, but not great. And money was the only motivation that I use to go and do the work, but currently, I feel that amount is not enough. Thus probably time to upscale my skills and move on to something which actually fills the whole of current inflation and compensates for the cost of living in Australia. Along with the education loan debt I have to pay which seems like Mountain.

F**K I loaded your Saturday with my problems instead of making it special. You can call it a Writing Accident, LOL.

But writing this felt like a stress buster, so come on, be a little venerable and let me know one of your problems in the comment section below. Probably we can solve it or probably we cannot. But it feels great to express and get it out of your mind.

See you in the next post, and hopefully, make that post a Special one !!!



Perceptive Thinking on E-Baba’s Birthday

The Adam Project (Netflix 2022)

So 16th March 2022 about 00:00am I got the Google Notification that it’s “E-Baba’s Birthday”. For those of you who have not read the previous articles I wrote on E-Baba, he is my paternal Uncle having very high moral grounds in my perception.

With the notification came a moral dilemma, should I even wish him or not?

I know wishing any person on his/her birthday is a positive social activity. But to wish E-Baba there are various Caveat attached. The most prominent one was that I was somewhat angry with him myself. Don’t get me wrong, he still holds a high moral value as a perceptive being. But his clashes with his own family made him choose an action in the past where he left everyone hanging dry. His side of the story is true that he was hurt. But hurt people hurt other people, consciously or unconsciously. Thus when he had fought with his brothers and left the main house, there was no fault of us at that time, that we deserve his isolation. And for leaving me as a kid, unguided, that really made me angry.

In later years, due to good circumstances, now that he is making his efforts to re-console with his brothers and sharing happy memories of them being together, this, in turn, made me angrier. That, “all the years of anger that I had held on to, was that of no use or no worth”?

Watching this movie “The Adam Project” I was able to have another perception of myself. In a conversion in this movie, (exactly at the time of this picture above) it is expressed that we tend to be angry when we grow up, or tend to, not because we are really angry. But in fact, because we are sad. It is easier to be ‘Angry’ than to be ‘Sad’. To mourne from our pain and then to recover. Is easier to blame others and tend to relive the made-up stories than to face the hurtful truth. Since this whole month I am trying to accept my own one truth after another, so thought why not give this theory a chance too.

Instead of being angrier about E-Baba’s constantly changing actions, let’s consider him as a normal human being. A human being who makes mistakes.

And when I think it that way, I am able to think one step ahead of that where I was stuck all these years. And that is, We tend to accept the mistakes of people we love. Or in other words, we tend to ignore the mistakes of people we love and accept the person as a whole being. And whenever we are not able to accept a person as a whole, that is only because we are not able to ignore the mistakes that the person has done to us.

There again comes a choice in the present moment, when we are all alive, Not in memories but here in flesh and blood. Time for new bonds, time for new memories, time for new fights, and time for new love. I think I can get past this mental stuck and move in a new direction. Not a right or wrong direction, as no one could judge where our future lies. But at least one step ahead of our past stuck.

So somehow grabbed the number from my cousin’s sister and texted him, “Happy Birthday

Unfortunately, this is not a complete story as it is rolling on this present timeline, thus even I don’t know where my or others’ actions will lead in the future, but till that time when my heart beats more than normal that compel me to write more about E-Baba, I can only Say it is “To Be Continued….”

See you in the next post or next life, whichever comes earlier.

Signing off for now

Tapish Dongre

The “Wants” but Not the “Needs”

Sitting, working or study at “home” I am daily bombared with many commercial adds. Tapping deep down to my insecurity or just touching the peak of my craving curve. These adds, target the basic choice of a person. Though I am learing Data Science and I am hopeful to be on the other side of the imaganary line where I will be making software and Data Analysis platforms that can predict a model or some behaviourial pattern. But currently on primitive side of the imaginary line, these “Wants” are of a big distraction.

Thus instead of giving on to those Wants” I am just making another list here with pictures of all the things I want, instead of the ones I actually need.

  1. Playstation Five PS5

Its been pending since the start of the year. Probably the lack of availabilty in the current market makes it more desirable. I currenlty have a PS4 and probaly more than 100 games. Actually exactly 121 Games (I just checked my list) and out of that more than 50 are my Retirement Plan Games. Still the Craving for buying a PS5 is an itch difficult to get out of.

Play Station Five PS5

2. An M1 Apple

This is an expensive one as well thus more difficult to decide on one. Since the annouce of M1 processor and my Professor suggesting me to buy a mac to do Data Science instead of the Windows I am use to. I am actually confused between the two. Should I go for a Mac Mini which is equaly powerful as the Mac Book Pro using an M1 Processor.

Mac M1 Machines

3. Nintendo Switch (unpatched)

Since the time I learned that Nintendo switch can be homebrewed I wanted one my hand. I knew only the first generation can be modified without the use of a soildering skills that I do not have now. I wanted to try out the what all a small platformer can do with modifying its softwares

Nintendo Switch with Atmosphere Installed in it

4. Back Massager

This is the one craving I am ready to give into. Spending at least 8 hours on chair in front of my system, this is the one thing I am eager to buy as soon as possible. I have see the cheaper model of Massaging Instrumentation at nearest Kmart and I guess this is the one on my bucketlist before Dec 2021. The craving started when I went to one of my freinds’ (MJ’s) house warming party and used a similar model kept on his dinning chair.

Back and Thigh Massager

5. A portable Vaccume Cleaner

One of my household duty is to keep the house clearn or at least Vaccume it once a week. My current vaccume clearns is eons old and thus I wanted to upgrade it from past month. Though I am very keen to upgrade to a Codless vaccume cleaner but comparing its power and runntime only being 20 minutes, I would probably buy a Chorded one.

I-Vac X20 Stick Vaccume Cleaner

6. Go Pro Camera

I know I know my list is mostly of electric and electronic cravings but an Action Cam is one on my list from a very long time. Especially since the time I learned that the new Go_Pro Hero 9 has inbuild image stabilization and thus even if you walk and capure something, the video comes without any shakes even on 4k 60 frames per second.

Go Pro Hero 9

7. Google Pixel 6

I wanted to upgrade my mobile(Moto G9 Plus) since last November which it got its first crack on its screen within first month of its purchase. The warrenty did not cover the glass damage and though its a good working mobile still it was not the first choice at the time of purchase. I have used a Pixel 3 and I am aware of the Google Phone performance thus would like to switch back to it as and when possible and not being heavy on my pocket.

Google Pixel 6

8. iPad Pro

This is another latest crave arised when making Mathematics Videos on my Youtube Channle. I recently started a journey of Revisting the NCERT/CBSE mathematics books from Class 1 to 12 ( link: ) While expaling anything on camera, many times I feel like there should be something which I can write on to show what I am thinking while explaining any maths problem This lead to search of devices with Pen capture and finally I landed on Ipad Pro which can do the job along with other stuff.

iPad Pro with Pen

9. Mirrorless Camera (Originaly Thought DSLR)

If/when I have a Go-Pro and Google Pixcel, I dont really need a good video capture device. But this list is not of the needs anyway. Thus I thought why not include the long awaited DSLR on my list. Currently the DSLR would be very heavy thus I switched on to the craving of possessing an Mirrorless with 4k 60 to 120 fps caputre and that is only possible in a camera ranging way above my pocket range. Cannon R5 or R6 are on the market that caters that “want”

Cannon R6

10. 4k Laser Projector

It was either this or a 75 inch TV. But in house if we really want the Theater Kinda feeling then a 4K Laser project is something I would plan for when I will buy a house of my own.

4k Laser Projector

All the images used in this post belong to their respecive creators fond on the web. My list could have been longer but currently all togher they have crossed my annual earning already. Thus even to think more I have to first expand my pocket or source of earning then dream upon making the Sand Castel.

If in your dream purchase list matches mine, please do write it on the comment section below. And if my list gets updated, either I will update this one with more items or just make another list next year.

Till then, be in touch…

See you on the other side !!!

Tapish Dongre

Untold Stories Post 67: Searching Jobs Part 3: Australia 2013 to 2016


A bad Workman always Quarrels with his tools. Similar happens to most of Middle class teenagers in India. As their whole life the funds are coming from home for their education, they never learns how to earn and thus a person knows only the theoretical part of knowledge which is been taught in School. The things which are not being taught includes rejection, re-rejection, improvement, and re-re-rejection and building up yourself together to ReFace the Issue.

After entering Australia. The first thing I did was to understand how the system work. How would I get my 1st job here and now along with studies I needed to earn. In local surrounding the first the first advice and sometimes the final advice you get is to browse internet and search for Job across the websites Gumtree and Seek dot com.

When I started searching for job on these website, on the left of the screen menu’s came, which type of job you would like to apply for? The options ranges from simple category like Carpentry, Gardening, Cleaning, Laundry the words which I could understand to most complex like food and beverage attended, barista, Consultant.
The fields of jobs include Hospitality and Tourism, Trade and Service, Construction, Retail, Sales, Educations and Teaching and the list followed.

When I tried to read the job specification each time, more and more I was able to understand that I have never done any of these in my life. The only thing I did was go to school/college and came home blaming my parents how tough life is.
I started thinking after clicking the job criteria after each and every job that I really don’t have the SKILLS to do these jobs. I never learned this in India. We were only trained how to battle on theories and logic that we fail to understand that to build a bench over which we are sitting it requires crafting, to enjoy the air from a fan or air con, it requires someone to work in Assembly line. And even to eat the food what we just eat in our tiffin, a manual labour is required to prepare them.
I remember fighting with even the Security Guard of my school and college to get permission for late entry, but on that day I dint even had a skill to become a Security Guard to stand on someone’s door.

In Australia I came to realise that your 12 years of Scientific education in Schooling and 4 years of Engineering is of waste when you cannot find a single work environment to earn and feed yourself.
The next advice from friends came was when you cant make it, fake it. Fake your complete resume and Get the job. I even tried that, but internally my heart was afraid that on an interview there are many things I am unaware what if they actually ask how to do it, I would have no clue how to respond to it.
Unfortunately the fake resume could not get me an interview either.

The next thing I started was to go to door to door, shop to shop asking for jobs. I went to two Indian restaurant owners the first one was Masala Art at Roma Street, Brisbane. The Manager offered me job as Dish washer. The pay was 8$ an hour for start and then might be increased if my performance is good. I came to know let that be any country in the world Indians will exploit Indians. The pay was illegal but I was desperate. (Legal Pay that time for an adult was minimum 18$per hour). Manager called me from the morning a day after. After coming back to home and going to college the next day, it was decided that I would not be able to go to a job as on the same time I had my 1st laboratory Practical starting. I completed my Practical and went back running to the Roma street, the owner then told me that sorry you were not there when we needed you so now the job has been given to someone else. Thought illegal, though less pay, thought I agreed to self exploitation but even on this desperate occasion I missed a job as I dint go there on the right time I promised to.
That might be a shock in desperation that from that day for all my future jobs I made sure that if I sign up for a job, I am there at the location of job no matter how big or small the job is.

Next some of the Interview it was easily caught that I am faking it as the confidence was all gone. I was tired of all rejections and then out of blue moon one of random college-mate introduced me to her job location. The owner was again Indian, thus the pay was 18$ and hour on ABN which means I would be paying my own taxes. But for a start I was going to learn my first skill in life. Those days I did my first attempt for time management and I was able to successfully attend both my classes and Job. My Australian Carrier started as a Cleaner at a four start Apartment living called as “OXYGEN” on Roma Street.
I worked hard there, harder than even I thought I could. The pay was such calculated that sometimes I worked for 9 hours and got pay of only 4 or 5 hours. But still in desperation I did that work.

While coming from India I was happy that even I can even earn 25000Rs pay by being a floor Cleaner, but when I actually had to become a Floor cleaner, the words became so heavy. I was able to understand the fake attitude I had in my home country. Internally I use to feel low to do this job, though i must not but it might be the internal mentality set in India that Cleaning is a bad profession (which is not). But day by day I realised I am not made for this.
There was Job, there was Money, but there was not job Satisfaction. When I am not doing the thing which dose not interest me, the work becomes a burden, there is no pull by Interest only Push due to greed/need or money. The part of job which is most undisscussed is that your mentality and thought process is altered by your surrounding. You are surrounded by people at workplace which talk about only the things they know and by this, your knowledge comes to its limits by hanging out more time with these people. I was feeling that 8 to 9 hours a day is a major part of the day you are colleagues which constantly think small and in turn restricting your own capability.

Every day after coming home from both work and studies, I use to sit and apply for job. Understand the skill and re-built my resume. I must have applied 100’s and 1000’s job on that period of three to four months of end of 2013 and rejected every time but one. The one yes was a ray of hope and I realised that if you fail and keep re trying, there is a time when you have window to get your success, but if you stop the window can never open.

My first ever decent pay job was in RGIS as a Stalk taker. The job gave me chance to actually travel a lot with in my state. I was able to observe the nature is beautiful which I am unable to see in those 9 hours of trying shifts. I joined Sales with one of my Classmates and talked with many people in Australia, I was prepared for rejection in Sales, it build me more strong but I was also able to see various living standards, build in mind the way I would build my dream house. Understand how the local people of various living standard think, and with their hospitality I came to know that let it be India or Australia, the people of every class are present everywhere. They talk similar stuff, thought technology is different and way of doing things are different but people are people.

After that my focus completely shifted from Earning Money to Leanring Skills, I can cash my skills anytime with right opportunity but may times cash cannot install a skill in me. It requires a person to be both physically and mentally be present on the location where the magic is happening.
In two years I did more than 8 to 10 jobs. The difficult term to understand called “Food and Beverage Attended” was mastered to such a level that for 1 year I was able to Supervise and Manage 10 to 20 Food and Beverage Attendants working for me in a common goal.

In year 2015 for a short duration of 3 months I also established my own company, though it wasn’t successful as I had to learn a lot before handling my own, but it was an experience of a lifetime

Today I am ready to go back to the Theoretical world, of the Biotechnology, research, development but as better person that I would have been if I was only an Academic.
So even today I sit and Apply to various zones of Jobs as my mind is always Hungry to learn more and more and more….

All the best for all readers who might have found the job which Interest them or still searching for one, but remember if you fail for the 100th time, never stop trying because the 101th time might be a chance that your window of opportunity opens welcoming you in…

(P.S The simplest and toughest job is to be a better Husband. Most exciting and mind blowing job is yet to come: To be a father…)

Have a Great week ahead Everyone

Untold Stories Post 66: Searching for Job Part 2 – Higher Living Approach.


Necessity is the Mother of Invention, heard it many times in life and now was the time of application. Not being selected in Campus and Rejected the offer of Private Agencies left me to force myself in searching other path which are usually not so often after completing Engineering. I heard of People preparing for Civil Services but as Biotechnology my field of study not being in any of the list of Civil Services acceptance list kept me away form that examination. Still due to father’s wish I appeared in Couple of Civil Services examination and as expected did fail hard. My search and search took me states of India and I came to know along with my three Engineering friends that It is possible to directly join a PhD after completing B.Tech Degree. You have to appear in an examination
called CSIR. CSIR stands for Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. Qualifying this examination will lead you to directly pursue PhD after your Bachelors(Graduation) where as the Common Taken Step is to Do your Graduation(4 years) then Masters (2 years) and then PhD (3 to 5 years).
I was going to save 2 years of my carrier path and be ahead of the competition.

Applying to CSIR-NET was not only saving my two years of carrier path but also providing me with 18 to 25,000 Rs per month tax free income in my account as a stipen which is not as good as doing a job but better than what I would have possessed if I qualified Gate (8 to 10,000)

I attempted GATE for three times along with CSIR about 5 times in a row. The best part of shooting two birds moving in opposite direction with one bullet and not truly understanding or accepting which is your favourite bird to shoot is: You will not be able to catch either of the two.

This is what happened and I Never Cleared either GATE nor CSIR. Along with the emotional troma of not having a Job after Graduation, now I was failure in various examinations too. This situation if you can imagine is adding more and more demoralising emotions to already a student who think himself as a failure and struggle to get out of this situation.
But most of all is “Your Own Relatives”

It is either “Your Relatives in INDIA” takes your constant care and asks about your where about throughout your life, or my observation is true that they Get somehow activated when you are failing in life and comes with ridiculous questions like “How are you doing? or What have you decided to do in life? or Indirectly asking parents that what your son is going to do now?”
I was having struggle to understand these relative actually care for you or they enjoy watching your failure and come to poke you in your weak time. As whenever you are getting Successful in life, the relatives somehow disappears in their own life struggle and forgets about you for ever. (Ya there are exceptions to this theory but those days I felt my observation was not wrong).

The next thing I did was is done by most of common students who are so failed in after several tries, I started to run away from things, running away from Relatives, Friends, Problems, and Even Parents.

I locked myself away from Parents and very less of my friends actually had accesses to my whereabouts. When you are alone you somehow get time to speak to yourself. Usually people talking to themselves seemed mad. But being Mad is what is needed sometimes to take your first step towards success.
And though not adviced by any doctors and psychiatrics but I urge everyone to please find time to talk to yourself, tell yourself what you want, where you want to go, how you want to be and don’t trust me, just do this experiment of talking to yourself alone where no one is Judging you, the true answers come along out of your heart.

I remember in one of alone conversation that once I wrote a page on my dairy with only 1 line on it. The line was
“Money dosn’t have power to push me out of my country but one day I will myself.”

I don’t actually remember the state of mind when I wrote this line in past, by reading it today also it conveys multiple meanings, but on that day I had solutions to all my issues. I selected only 1 exam to get me out of India, and that was IELTS, decided to give 100% of only 1 try to check do I really wanted it. And to my surprise I actually worked hard for it. And even while working hard I dint realise I was doing it as at time It was of my Interest.

Read in many books but finally came to my understanding that if you do the things which interest you, the work is half way done. Your interest puts all the efforts in the work and a Simple Engineering Production formula is “Demand Pulls rather than Supply Pushers”

The demand to experiencing another Country, the Demand to Learn more in life, The Demand to finally stand out the 1 million of Engineers crowd pulled so hard that I cleared the IETLS in my first go. Some of Worlds top 100 university were ready to take me in. And I selected Queensland University of Technology to Pursue my Masters in Biotechnology.
At that time my thought were, lets get out of this corrupted system of Job Hunt and 18 to 25000 Rs I can earn even if I became a Floor Cleaner in other country. And as there is no social stigma of “What Your Son is Doing” as long as I am happy, I will achieve more than what I have aimed for.

Don’t ask me how I managed to gather funds, how many doors, banks, relatives or Agreements I had to sign up for, but I did Manage to get to Australia.
The life was at Higher Living Approach but some basic question of “Searching Job” were still Answered.


Sorry Readers I couldn’t keep up to my promise and instead of publishing this article on 5th September, I was only able complete my writing on 5th October.
I again would find time and publish the last part of “Searching Jobs” towards the end of this month.
Thanks for your Patience – Tapish Dongre

Untold Stories 65 : Searching Jobs Part 1 India


Completed the last question of Last exam of my Engineering Examinations and I thought Its finally Over. The results were out
in couple of months and I finally Became ‘an’ ENGINEER. I was so happy that the whole pain of ups and downs of life have completed now. Now I will get a Job and “SETTLE” in life. The fact I did not realize that Along with me almost 3000 other Engineers passed from my college itself.
This is Google Statistic which scared me that there are 1511 Engineering Colleges in India which results in production of 1 Million Engineering Pass Out every year in India itself. The statics of being just the one in 1 Million started a fear in my understanding of the system of Job Selection.

Dose all the companies in the India have the capacity to absorb 1 million engineers per year? Dose even 1 million people Retire or get fired per year? and most important one… Will I get a Job in Intake this year?

There is a stupid system in India for Job Intake during study period called “Campusing.” I am calling it stupid because some how all students assume that its University’s responsibility to provide the students with a JOB after completion of Engineering. They get angry on Management if they fail to get a job or speaking in their terms “if college fails to provide them with a job”.
Out of 3000 students passed in my college and average top bar is calculated and only those who score a minimum percentile above the top mark set for every year get a chance to sit in the job application process of Campusing. My heart pounded that My percentile score just touched the minimum bar and finally I was happy that I would be able to appear in the selection process.
Further an aptitude test was taken for each company. They questions were mix of both eazy and difficult one, thus you yourself cannot be 100% sure that you are selected in or not. So unfortunately I was not selected in any of the Rounds of INTERVIEW which is the next process.
My race to compete with the 3000 and 1 million felt halted on the 2nd step of the interview itself. Then its sad to say but I joined the team of students who blamed college to be responsible for me not having any job (must be my lack of understanding the system or amateurishness).

Out of the campusing rounds takes engineers on some of the pre calculated path. One to study Masters or Search for local Jobs which are no way related to our field of study.
Studing Masters with own money is expensive than that of Engineering Itself thus people often appear an examination called “GATE” which is elaborated as Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering. If a person qualifies this exam he/she is enable to get minimum 8 to 11,000 Rs per month. Dropped out of the Camusing expectation Salary of 30 to 40,000 the new amount 11,000 still feels better than sitting at home and Being a MOOCHER.

Again referring to Google statistic on 2014 roughly 10,33,625 candidates appeared in the examination. This number is a sum of students appearing this year, reappearing this year and pre appearing this year for section process of that particular year. Its is again astonishing to note that only 16.84% qualified the Gate Examination. That indirectly means 100-16.84= 83.16% of students are incompitatnt according to GATE and are not selected.
Somehow this time I felt ashamed of being in Majority of the Group. As one door was closed the only known other door remained for me was to go and approach other agencies to find a job not related to my field but at least giving some money inside the pocket.
The first two agencies had job vacancy for a Call Center to be a Sales Representative.

The shame of taking money for parents every month even after Graduating was increasing month after month so as the frustration inside. With an unfocused mind and tornado of emotions its really difficult to take the right decision. So I am not sure the next thing I did was right or not.
I approached the advertised job agencies which welcomed me and asked me basic questions. I was happy to, though private but I am attending an Interview with HR. I answered the basic questions like “Tell me about yourself” “Why did you want to join this job” and any tasked based question like “Sell me this Pen”
The same evening I got a call form both the agencies I approached. They said “YOU ARE SELECTED” and made into first round of the selection process. The next round involves attending more real interviews and we will give you the links of all interviews if you deposit 500RS on our account.
My reaction to this statement were mixed as after completing the Engineering this was the first person who said “Yes I am selected” but hearing the remaining terms and conditions and about the 500rs to deposit. It felt like I am a Customer to Job agency. To test this theory I avoided their offer for few days and they kept calling me to deposit 500rs so that I could appear for real interview.
When I thought if Engineering Students are a Customer to this agency then I must completely know What I am buying?
Thus I asked for the first time boldly that what are the futher outcomes and when will I start working and earning money and if there is anymore hidden fees like the 500Rs you are asking me to deposit now. Where as in Job search we apply to get money not pay them.

Both agencies explained me their way of handeling the situation further. 1st agency said, after your deposition of 500rs we will groom you and send you to interviews of companies. Animals needed Grooming, I dint know in these days Humans do too. Further If you are selected there you will deposit your two month salary to us which will be in range of 5 to 8000 Rs. per month and then on you can have your salary deposited in your account directly.
The other agency offered me the similar procedure except the two months cut, they wanted 20% of my salary for the whole tenure I am working with that company selected by them.

I was already compromising form Joining to an Engineering Job to Joining a Call Center And Now top of that I had to sacrifice the amount of Pay which I didn’t even earn till now. Thus I am not sure I did right or not by taking this decision but I refused to both the offers presented to me and applied my energy and time in search of other options rather than the two “pre-definnd” paths called Masters or Job.
I knew that If I try enough I will find a way or an option which is the Road not taken by Engineers and finally I found something.

#tapishdongre #utsp
(As the matter was lengthy, this is first time I divided my post into parts. The next post will be made Monday 5th Sep. Sorry to keep you waiting, Enjoy your week ahead)

Break UP Memories

After hearing all form most of people about their break up in mid NOV and DEC 2014, I was inspired to write about Breakup.

Actually people may think that Break up is not at all an inspiring topic to write about, but for me it is…

Breakup is a phase where we are emotionally disturbed as the momentum to stay dependent on our partner is disturbed by some external force (Newton’s 1st law). Let the external force be another person or change of interest or created misunderstandings or unavoidable circumstances. As per my experience Breakup for me is very difficult to handle as I am a very emotional sensitive guy, but experience taught me that Breakup is an temporary phase to stay and move on. New is always better and we learn a lot form our past experience that we are ready to avoid that factor in our next relationship.

So here a story  about my first Breakup:


It was in 2004/2005 during my class X board exam period in Hyderabad, the girl whom I plan to spend my life with came with all the gifts I gave her, destroyed into pieces and kept in an Yellow Polythene bag handed over to me, saying lot of stuff till date I cannot figure out what that mean to me. A guy, one of my classmate was with her(Nikesh/Nikhlesh) and he came to me and said, “shame on you.”

More than my breakup I was angry that an Alien person who has no knowledge about me and my girlfriend’s relationship has came with her and speaking against me.

That time calculated something and wrote on my dairy which I promise myself to open in 20 years and follow whats written in. I explained myself with simple logic that if a girl takes third party to explain or support her statement to me then there are two factors to learn her

1) She feels unsafe to withstand my anger on breakup (which makes my choice clear that in future i must chooze a girl who is more bold in facing me)

2) She needs some else to express what she has to say to me (which guides me that I did not made her comfortable to speak the truth to me that she had to take another person, tell the truth about me to him and talk to me back)

I was aware that as Human, my powers are limited and when my anger cools down I will have a natural tendency to forgive for what she did to me. So to remind myself I need something strong that will stop me form getting along with her again,

Thus I check the yellow polythene given by her again,

I checked there was watch, some papers/letter/greeting cards and a diary what I gifted to her on our first Valentines Day. Inside the dairy there was 26 INR what that she returned to me after calculating what I spent on her. I discovered that a girl with this amount of ego and pride over her father’s earned money is definitely no match for me. So I kept that two 10 INR notes, one 5 INR note and a one rupee coin with me till date which reminds me that why I should not got back to her again.

I am not saying that everyone should hold themselves back to fall into same relationship with same person, But as you know the that person the most, and there are higher chances for history to repeat itself. And I am not that strong to take that chance and feel the pain again. I kept the one rupee coin as a strong memory naming it “Kalvi’s Coin” reminding me to move on and learn more form life.

I and My sister Kritika Dongre believes in one strong point by HIMYM


So in search of this better one, my journey continued and I believe I finally after several failures I found one 🙂

But more on that later…

Happy Break UP guys

Congratulations on Commencement of a New Journey……Never give up till you find your right match


After the LETTER I made a VIDEO

After hearing the news that my partner’s visa will be late by 6 months in total I was more frustrated and made this video after getting Drunk a lot..

To Watch the VIDEO CLick HerE



Then I re posted this video on FB, Youtube, Whats app and many other places and asked Myself in a drunk state that when I woke up in sober condition, I must not delete it.


So I am follwoing a drunk person’s advice, but Its kinda fun….


Letter to Australian Visa Office As my Partner’s Visa was Delayed

Greetings for the Day

My Name is Tapish Dongre, and I have applied visa for my wife Before 12
weeks form now.
Initially it was told us that student dependent visa takes up to 4 to 6

I came to know that It takes more than that time and I was misguided by the
4 to 6 weeks data,
Then it was informed to me that Visa will be done in 12-14 weeks.

Sir/Madam, Its an request to please process the visa as early as possible.
Its little lonely out here. Though I have friends but I need my wife for
obvious reasons.

Sex life has become worse. I really feel jealous when my room mates gets
new girls every Friday and disturbs my sleep through out the week end, and
as I am committed, this add up the trouble.
I tried EMA but my Heart dose not allow to for other girls.
Due to the struggle we faced together to maintain our relationship form
last five years, May be my wife is HardWired into my mental life.
Plus Emotional comfort is very difficult to have on only telephonic and
skype conversions, Long Distant relationship is very difficult to maintain.
Please don’t think this letter is wired because I am speaking out the truth
as I am little frustrated
Plus the time lag, I want to sleep when she wants to talk to me, And she
wants to sleep when I want to talk to her….When we both commit to a time
together, I am messing up with my health to maintain my relationship. and
had an Insomnia record

So please please process her visa as fast as possible.

Her Details are

DOB: 14th Dec 1989
Phone Number +91 9431471667
VLN: AUX-IN-03-028954-X

My Details

Name Tapish Dongre
DOB: 6th Sep 1989
Passport NO. K8188821
Phone Number +61 415 370 974

Sir Call us, ask as many questions you like, But please process the visa as
soon as possible.
I want to hug my wife
Kiss her giving the reply for the love she have for me
Take care of her as she takes care of me
I want to see my reflection on her eyes
I want to fight with her
Fight for all those moments what I have missed form long time
I want to provide her with what I can earn through my hard work and talent.

I am a Biotechnologist, a Reseacher, A scientist, A Magition and A writer,
but more than that I am a Husband who need his partner to be along by side
to watch all this progress I am doing and comfort me by saying “Asshole
wakeup go and fight one more battle, You have the potential and You will do

Yours sincerely
Tapish Dongre