Untold Stories 69: My Dead Friends


6.9 is my Date of Birth, and this number also symbolises an adult mating position not ideal for mating, anyways lets get back story.

“Books are not papers and words, but a conversation between two individuals on a one to one basis not separated by some, but many years or generations.” -Author Unknown

Our basic life Ideas though we claim to be to be our own are mostly inspired or influenced by things around us. Smart thinkers may deny the above line, but more Smarter thinkers will at least give time to understand the point. More than understanding, its better if we could accept and then use the theoretical concepts, try it and then form our own.

For example, My Grandfather born in 80’s due to his upbringing or Influence of the India Pak division and tragedy in 1947, had very rude attitude towards Muslims in India. I dint really talk this with him face to face, but after his death, when I was able to read his Dairy Pages, I could interpret this information. Currently I dont judge him for his views but that defiantly Influenced me not to have those views and treat everyone equal, no matter of which believe system one follows.

Another example when I was reading a book of Chetan Bhagat Revolution 2020 (the writer is still alive by the way) I was so negatively influenced, may be because of my age or the long distance relation I was under that time that, I became super Possessive for a short period of time. I am happy that I could come out of that phase.

Similarly a student of Science or a Student of Religion, talk confidently about their respective subject without even getting the Idea that the words he/she is using are not of his own and been derived by the content of Books the individual is Reading or the content of People he/she is surrounded by.

By now you must have an Idea that Books or People who you talk to, have an influence over your way thinking. Most of Motivation speakers including your own mom advice you to be aware of what friends circle you choose, as most of the time, you become an average thinker of sum of the Circle around you.

Now choosing a Right book is also important, its like you are choosing a Dead or Alive friends which at least for some time will have a little impact on you.

Most of the books I choose to read are of writers who are no more alive, but through their books I can have a one to one understating that what kind or type of thinking they had in their time. They are My Dead Friends and I am fortunate to have them. Like other Friends I don’t actually always have to agree with them, nor I have a compulsion to be in their company. but when I am in or out of their company, I feel like slowly I am a changed person.

Hope you have your Dead Friends too….name me some, introduce me with some of special ones…and Have a Great week ahead 🙂

#tapishdongre #utsp

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