Untold Stories Post 64: Biographies


Someday on July 2012, I was sitting with my parents on the “Ghost House” (16th Samta Layout North Amabjhari Road Nagpur India). I call it Ghost House both because Grandpa and Grandma Died there as well as the physical and philological environmental condition of that house is just like only “GHOSTS” wants to live there.
I started with a conversation “Why all the example we ever talk of people are so negative, Either they are failed in life or Dint make it or stuck in some part?” “Why there no positive stories of people in our family or surrounding who actually made a difference? Live their life big?”

The Negative thought analization might be because I might have recently watched the documentary by Ronda Byrne The Secret and
seriously wanted to keep the garbage of negative thought and examples out of my life at that time. May be I was venerable or lost what to do next and all what I was loaded with was examples of failures.

My mom and Dad came with some examples for the people who could achieve some position in life but being in a middle class society of India, I could see less praise and more of Jealousness in the stories I absorbed that day. May be lets accept we all do that at some part of our life. Comparing our current position with others and being happy or sad over it…

Years later and some months before in the present timeline Kritika Zariya (https://www.facebook.com/angel.kritika.391) contacted me asking me guidance what pathway to chooze after completing 10th. “I would like to follow you” she said. Should she choose Biology or Mathematics.
At that point I was really not in right state to answer the question asked and accept Have I really reached that point that people can come to seek guidance from me? I modestly told her, I am still a student of life and yet did not discover my destiny.

On those days when I was at her position to choose from the carrier available, to avoid all failure and risk in carrier we had only two options, one to become and Engineer (which I did) and other to become a doctor which my sister Kritika Milind choose(Though she wanted to become an Animation Designer for a while).

All the examples except a Doctor or Engineer were neither exposed nor allowed to us at those time. But today the scenario is completely different. They have variety of Carrier to be choosing from. From animation designing to a gamer, for a sports person to a musician, from a Carpenter to Structural designer, From a local salesman to wholesale dealer, from Stalk trader to a Security Guard, from Fucking Saint to a Drug dealer you can and you are free to choose any Carrier in life you want.

That added more questions as Choosing Biology vs Mathematics was a difficult decision for me at time and how can anyone decide if we have multiple options to choose from. What if I choose the wrong carrier path?. As on those days we thought that that single decision to choose Biology or Mathematics will decide our carrier path. But truly speaking it ain’t true. Even after Completing a Degree or being mid way of a Carrier path in one direction you are free to choose and change your path. Or follow both if you like. It is well accepted now and only awaits you to accept that. One of my teacher said, “The only barriers holding you are the ones created by your own.”

And to really have the right motivation in life, or even to believe on the above point is right, the mind has to get familiar that this is possible. One of the way is by Reading BioGraphies. BioGraphies of famous and unfamous people. They tell us all possibility in life and timeline always brings us new possibilities.

In school we only learn The discovers of Electric Bulb, E=mc.c, Great painting by Picasso, but we are not exposed to did Edison ever fucked the wrong girl in life and how did he came out from that situation, Did Einstein ever had problem in reading things, Did Picasso had to choose form Biology or Mathematics and how did he came over that issue and chose Art?

Everyone though famous or unfamous has ups and downs in their life and reading Biography gives you a small hope that when he/she can get out of that situation, I am no one smaller that them, may be made to something Big and one day I will achieve it.

That small hope to accept all possibilities can lead you many undiscovered places. And one day you will stop comparing your story/success/carrier path with others because you will be happy and satisfied with the one you own yourself.

Just start your journey, And keep taking decisions according to time and situations…May be you are on the road not taken, May be you are the Discoverer

Have a happy Week Ahead πŸ™‚
#tapishdongre #utsp

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