Untold Stories 65 : Searching Jobs Part 1 India


Completed the last question of Last exam of my Engineering Examinations and I thought Its finally Over. The results were out
in couple of months and I finally Became ‘an’ ENGINEER. I was so happy that the whole pain of ups and downs of life have completed now. Now I will get a Job and “SETTLE” in life. The fact I did not realize that Along with me almost 3000 other Engineers passed from my college itself.
This is Google Statistic which scared me that there are 1511 Engineering Colleges in India which results in production of 1 Million Engineering Pass Out every year in India itself. The statics of being just the one in 1 Million started a fear in my understanding of the system of Job Selection.

Dose all the companies in the India have the capacity to absorb 1 million engineers per year? Dose even 1 million people Retire or get fired per year? and most important one… Will I get a Job in Intake this year?

There is a stupid system in India for Job Intake during study period called “Campusing.” I am calling it stupid because some how all students assume that its University’s responsibility to provide the students with a JOB after completion of Engineering. They get angry on Management if they fail to get a job or speaking in their terms “if college fails to provide them with a job”.
Out of 3000 students passed in my college and average top bar is calculated and only those who score a minimum percentile above the top mark set for every year get a chance to sit in the job application process of Campusing. My heart pounded that My percentile score just touched the minimum bar and finally I was happy that I would be able to appear in the selection process.
Further an aptitude test was taken for each company. They questions were mix of both eazy and difficult one, thus you yourself cannot be 100% sure that you are selected in or not. So unfortunately I was not selected in any of the Rounds of INTERVIEW which is the next process.
My race to compete with the 3000 and 1 million felt halted on the 2nd step of the interview itself. Then its sad to say but I joined the team of students who blamed college to be responsible for me not having any job (must be my lack of understanding the system or amateurishness).

Out of the campusing rounds takes engineers on some of the pre calculated path. One to study Masters or Search for local Jobs which are no way related to our field of study.
Studing Masters with own money is expensive than that of Engineering Itself thus people often appear an examination called “GATE” which is elaborated as Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering. If a person qualifies this exam he/she is enable to get minimum 8 to 11,000 Rs per month. Dropped out of the Camusing expectation Salary of 30 to 40,000 the new amount 11,000 still feels better than sitting at home and Being a MOOCHER.

Again referring to Google statistic on 2014 roughly 10,33,625 candidates appeared in the examination. This number is a sum of students appearing this year, reappearing this year and pre appearing this year for section process of that particular year. Its is again astonishing to note that only 16.84% qualified the Gate Examination. That indirectly means 100-16.84= 83.16% of students are incompitatnt according to GATE and are not selected.
Somehow this time I felt ashamed of being in Majority of the Group. As one door was closed the only known other door remained for me was to go and approach other agencies to find a job not related to my field but at least giving some money inside the pocket.
The first two agencies had job vacancy for a Call Center to be a Sales Representative.

The shame of taking money for parents every month even after Graduating was increasing month after month so as the frustration inside. With an unfocused mind and tornado of emotions its really difficult to take the right decision. So I am not sure the next thing I did was right or not.
I approached the advertised job agencies which welcomed me and asked me basic questions. I was happy to, though private but I am attending an Interview with HR. I answered the basic questions like “Tell me about yourself” “Why did you want to join this job” and any tasked based question like “Sell me this Pen”
The same evening I got a call form both the agencies I approached. They said “YOU ARE SELECTED” and made into first round of the selection process. The next round involves attending more real interviews and we will give you the links of all interviews if you deposit 500RS on our account.
My reaction to this statement were mixed as after completing the Engineering this was the first person who said “Yes I am selected” but hearing the remaining terms and conditions and about the 500rs to deposit. It felt like I am a Customer to Job agency. To test this theory I avoided their offer for few days and they kept calling me to deposit 500rs so that I could appear for real interview.
When I thought if Engineering Students are a Customer to this agency then I must completely know What I am buying?
Thus I asked for the first time boldly that what are the futher outcomes and when will I start working and earning money and if there is anymore hidden fees like the 500Rs you are asking me to deposit now. Where as in Job search we apply to get money not pay them.

Both agencies explained me their way of handeling the situation further. 1st agency said, after your deposition of 500rs we will groom you and send you to interviews of companies. Animals needed Grooming, I dint know in these days Humans do too. Further If you are selected there you will deposit your two month salary to us which will be in range of 5 to 8000 Rs. per month and then on you can have your salary deposited in your account directly.
The other agency offered me the similar procedure except the two months cut, they wanted 20% of my salary for the whole tenure I am working with that company selected by them.

I was already compromising form Joining to an Engineering Job to Joining a Call Center And Now top of that I had to sacrifice the amount of Pay which I didn’t even earn till now. Thus I am not sure I did right or not by taking this decision but I refused to both the offers presented to me and applied my energy and time in search of other options rather than the two “pre-definnd” paths called Masters or Job.
I knew that If I try enough I will find a way or an option which is the Road not taken by Engineers and finally I found something.

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(As the matter was lengthy, this is first time I divided my post into parts. The next post will be made Monday 5th Sep. Sorry to keep you waiting, Enjoy your week ahead)

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