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Untold Stories Post 81: THE BROKEN ENGINEER

My Engineering lifespan of four years was a journey along with roller-coaster of emotions.

Girls biologically wired to cope up with emotions, having this as their strong suit, could choose the practical decisions on their own.

Boys on the other hand needed a support group, which they even fail to admit that it is a support group.

The incidents I am quoting are not always alcohol induced, but alcohol did open up some strong men’s heart which left them to crying on the floor. I would not like to mention any
names of this article for the reason that I fail to get their permission yet to share their part of story. So these incidents only form my my point of view.

Scene 1:
First and second year of engineering everyone tries their best to accommodate and live with the new environment which they are forced into.
Not everyone is accustomed to live away form their respective parents.
At that time, may be due to my rebellious age I would love to live away from my parents and have less of a control of them over me.
But some of the boys were connected to their parents in a very very deep and complicated bond that only they could express.

I went to a house party.

Ya because in Engineering life, every day is Party.

Ohh ! I am sorry Every night is party and every day is a kind of sleepover.
In this party a new song got trending.

And with a very slow dial up or mobile internet connection at time this was downloaded the with high definition video of “YOU CAN PUT THAT BLAME OF ME”
by Ackon.
We watched the song once.
We watched the song twice.
and then thrice.
Goosebumps were running on the lyrics,

“Sorry for the times I left you home,

I was on the road and you were alone”

And all of a sudden may be the desi guy finally understood the English lyrics and started crying.
He just went on that he misses his mom and now want to just go home for good.
I was astonished to see such a strong personality breaking down in front of me and weeping, sitting outside of house, not bothering to observe the strange world which in constant caution he did before. I was not a emotional supporter and thus could not help the guy, but that day I was thankful that I am still living with my parents. And I was not sure what would be my go when I had to leave away. (*fast forward to year 2013 when I had to live alone, I did cry, but that story for some other time)

Scene 2:
This was just past the Final year Engineering life and I was invited to another party.

This time it was booze and chicken and what not in the house.

One of the reason was, though not by 9 to 5 jobs but street smart Engineers in their final year and beyond, learn their way to gain income through various objectionable mediums.
Those time the song, “Tera Pyaar Pyaar Pyaar Hooka Baar” form Khiladi 786 was released and I asked for if I can have Sheesha instead of drinking.
Truly speaking till this day I never like alcohol. I am just a social drinker who like to loose control once in a while.

Since I was not drinking I became the judge of two heavy drinkers of that group. The completion was who can have and handle maximum amount of alcohol.
One of the player was very dear friend of mine and other was a Super Senior.

“Super Senior” as if it is even a word.

But we use to believe anyone who is more than two academic
batches ahead of is a Super Senior.

They Drank almost one and half bottle of Whiskey “McDowell’s No. 1” and discussion turns to arguments and then crossed the stage of apologies. Finally the Super senior broke heavy.
He started crying out a loud, “What a waste of life we have become. Four Years of Engineering academic course and its been 7 years for me and still not completed these stupid fucking semesters. Still taking money from my parents. I should die of shame.”

That day I realised though outside we can pretend to be strong on our failures but inside the failures eat you out alive. And for an Engineer, the worst part is
taking money from parents. They internally feel loss of  self respect if they continue doing it after certain years. But in a non- induce stage wont admit it openly.
Dr. Phill calls this stage and behaviour as “Moochers” And I am sorry to admit that for more than 22 years of my life I was one. But that night I decided, doesn’t matter what,
I will find a job, I would clean someone’s house but will not live a Moochers life. (*fast forward, I still owe a lot of sum to my parents but I believe I am off the mooching ground)

Scene 3:
People say keep the best for the last.
But I would keep a very ordinary story to dilute the emotions we had in previous scenario.
I am not even evolved in this story. Thus presenting to you in the form I perceived it form the closest friend.
It was time of campus section. A process where companies come to University and take the brightest mind to work with them. That means for selected few, you will end up with a job right after you have completed your degree. Being the first batch in Biotechnology our college fail to create a carrier show for us. But with enough struggle manage to get one company to interview us.
(I was in a different state of India and focused that I need to perceive a higher education and thus decided not to for this campus event).
My friends who went there were sitting outside for hours before their interview and in contact with me by telephonic conversion through sms.
Only one or two people in that group were given adequate soft skill training about the interview.

The package was in the range of 8 to 12 thousand rupees per month. Which was definitely way too less than expectation of Engineering Graduate. People with soft skill taring have the idea of how to respond to the question “Are YOU happy with the SALARY package offered?”
And if you want that as your first job without having the necessary training for the job, the answer should be “YES”

But one candidate who knew this information started discussing outside, before the interview, and also influenced the interview seekers outside that the salary package offered is very low.
Lets all demand for making this salary package at least up to in the range of 16 to 20 thousand per month.
If we all demand for a higher salary, we will push the economy high and the company has to accept us with giving us an higher salary package.

At this point I would say, WOW ! and Excellent move. Forcing the company to actually provide the acknowledge pay rate to every employee and set the bar high.

Few hours later I was again dazzled by the information, that company only selected few candidates who said they are happy with the salary package they offered.
And rejected all who went against and demand more money to do this job with a pay raise.
The shocking part was, The candidate who influenced everyone to ask for raise actually said “YES” for the pay offered and got selected.



Untold Stories Post (UTSP) 80: Marvel vs DC = Fictional Neutral Post

Stories were, are and hopefully will be my passion that motivates me time to time.

With my previous mention on multiple occasions, this must have come across that in current generation of Fiction Wars, I am a super Marvel Fan.

This gives me a strange opportunity to randomly meet strangers and connect with them sharing the same love for stories.

In my understanding Marvel has reached up to that limit where ancient literature like “Ramayana and Mahabharata” would have reached.

The character depth, story cross connection, multiple language translation, huge roll over of currency and love are the common factors I could get comparing various literature and Marvel universe.

I even observed that there is No Particular GOOD or EVIL permanent state of a character.

Dead-pool being the Villain of X-Men series is now a Hero having his own franchise.

Venom being villain in Spider-man series is now a comparative Good character according to 2018 story line.

This was similar to Ravana begin the Villain of Ramayana but later fiction, more research and ongoing work presented him as a good  devotee of God (Not that bad Man then).

Krishna being the super hero, smiled as Gandhari’s son death and sentenced to internal curse. (Bad present inside Good)

I can comment more by comparing Greek Stories and Bible or Quran, but at last results the same purpose. Stories to teach a lesson, to inspire, to learn, to entertain, to fear, to laugh and to connect with similar or dissimilar mentalities over the globe (and hopefully beyond).

Yes UTSP is mostly about personal experience with day to day scenario, thus let me divert in the above comparison and tell you another story.

I was working in Sun-corp Stadium and I met a guy who was leading the food retail team on that particular day. We started talking about fiction stories and then he said, he is a DC fan thus he is waiting for AQUA MAN release this year.

I replied I am as eager as he is, but I am also interested in next edition of Infinity War (which is Marvel Based story-line).

Suddenly he was firm and said, I don’t watch Marvel movies BECAUSE I am DC fan. The discussion went on and on about Marvel and DC.

Late coming home I realized, Fuck the shit.. I love both Marvel and DC. Being one’s fan docent mean I hate the others.

Many days later when I was watching the 2018 Venom, I meat a Marvel fan who hated DC fictions up to an extent that he would not support even the release of AQUA MAN.

And the next step I am doing in this post might be controversial but pattern seems to be true at my current understanding.

I am trying to develop pattern or similarities between religion and fiction. (Both having its followers, preachers, as well as extremist)

More I met with people I gained info that People following Marvel in general avoid DC and vice a versa.
Similarly people following one religion or faith try to avoid lessons and practices from other. And Extremist even try to pin down the non-followers of their own kind.

The time I was most glad was, while meeting people who believe in Peaceful co-existence. The people who like to put Political, Racial, Linguistic and Religions barriers aside and share a Smile together.

Being Atheist (agnostic actually) and Religion neutral gave me access and acceptance to people from all religion. And being Fiction Neutral gave me the entertainment from all over the industry.

And thus I even hope to meet more and more people who are able to keep the FICTIONAL FOLLOWER barriers aside and give chance to be entertain from more and more and stories, let that be from DC, Marvel or even M. Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable Universe.

Who knows I might create a new genre in future years to have a fan following. But in all case, Do love each other, and Keep each others happy. Let only the Fictional Characters Fight. 🙂 We as humans can co-exist.!!!!

#utsp #tapishdongre

Untold Story Post 79: Accepting Imperfection (ENGINEERING VERSION)


In Year 2013 I came to Australia and the first ever Job I could land with was for Nikesh Patel in Hospitality Industry as a House Keeper in Oxygen Apartments Brisbane.
In the start I was ashamed to join the job as the fake “ENGINEERING PRIDE” was stopping me from accepting the reality of life.

Engineering Pride is most common stigma in India and that is because “ENGINEERING” is a reputed Degree, but way more Engineers get their Degree every year than the number of Engineering Jobs available.

Thus Engineers are Forced to work in a Industry where they had no prior knowledge or skills about the Industry. And Since no skills are installed in the Engineers they had to start with very low position with minimum wage jobs. Another common
thing Engineers do is to compare their success with the Top Notches Academic Student of their own batch and live in self Guilt of underachievement. These two forces of “low start” and “underachievement” along with the socio-logical pressure
coming from society accounts for “ENGINEERING PRIDE” self implying that, “the job offer in Hand is below my dignity to work”.

Thus in My case I was a Bachelors in Technology in Biotechnology and Housekeeper in Hospitality Industry basically means a clearer. Thus mentally it was me going down certain level of work ethics (which I had none to start with).

But when there was last $160 left in account and
a decision to make weather to pay the $155 Rent or Buy Bread for the week, working for the Job Offer in had was a no brainier choice. During those weeks I was so ashamed of myself that I decided not to declare what I was working as to my friends, relatives and even to my own family. It took me years to get out of the “Engineering Pride” and then set my life progress accepting the reality of life, learning more skills to gain different variety of jobs and keep uplifting yourself time to time.

In the mid year 2014 – 2015 I met with my 2nd boss Mazin Albassit, in the same Industry and fortunately same venue. And Since this time I had the skills and experience already, so convincing him to get the job offer was very easy than the initial struggle I had in year 2013.

Then came the second stage of learning work ethics which is called “KNOWING YOURSELF”

I remember in the start of days of his business days Mazin was so focused that he spent time to understand the working style of each and every staff he had. He concentrated and spent time for continuous improvement of every individual and whole team under his supervision. I sometimes still hear good stories about him that how he went out of the way to take a step further and help his staff when they needed of him.

One of the one to one meeting I had about self reflection changed the way and direction of the work culture I got exposed to. I remember this meeting word to word as if it had just happen yesterday.

He sat with me with a pen an paper, and explained to me how I would understand the concept of Industry where we were working at that stage. He drew a straight line in between two points saying “Thats an Ideal work position and working culture where only Robots can work. With 100 percent accuracy and consuming the least amount of time.” Then he draw a parabola meeting the same starting and ending point, saying, “this is your working style, you want to achieve the perfection and therefore consume a tremendous amount of time to achieve that.” Then he drew a Diagonal line from the starting point to a random interference in my parabola which dint even touch the ending point. He continued, “You are a human. Learn to accept that. This is where I want to you work. Consume a moderate amount of time and finish all task in had for the day. Sometimes it is OK to forgive yourself for not achieving the perfection you aimed for. We all will achieve the Perfection one day with more practice and more and persistence, but today is the day where if you invest all the time one task you may never be able to complete all what you have in your hand for the day. Thus believe in yourself and learn to accept minute imperfections in life as well as your work”

The results of that meeting dint get immediate affect but eventually I was able to absorb the learning value of what was been taught to me that day. Since childhood in India academically we are so forced and focused to achieve the 100% result in life that we fail to accept or even appropriate the imperfection.

Your academic life goes in aiming for getting 100 out of 100 marks the field that you fail to observe that only one or two students in each batch actually made to nearest 90% of that academic culture and rest all are between range of some of self guilt, jealousy, comparative nature, and non acceptance of reality of their result.
In our minds the person achieving nearest to perfection becomes a hero that we fail to support our own mates who couldn’t even pass the examination. I am not demeaning the high scores for their academic excellence but I am just appreciating the existence and acknowledgement of all the students who could not come under the perfection bracket.

The same academic culture we try to implement in our working ethics and thus live in the same guilt of not achieving perfection or comparing our misery with the top notches of your surrounding who could achieve that perfection. Thus Knowing, acknowledging and accepting yourself is important and accepting imperfection is way more important.

With the Guidance in my work culture, I definitely did not transform into Steve Jobs or ended up having the urge/need for end to end control and coming up with a great product like “APPLE”. But, I was and I am “Tapish Dongre” somewhere in between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates work ethics and positive that one day I will make a recognisable contribution in the world.

Only because of past experience and learning with different teachers in life, when I was given a position to run a team, I could accept the imperfection among individuals in my team
without getting mad on my team members or myself, learned to move on, complete the task and be ready for(if) I get another day in hand.

With this hope I sign off believing in Mazin Albassit words that, “Yes one day we will achieve perfection but today is the day to accept who you are and complete the task for the day.” You may never have a tommrow.

Have a Great Imperfect Day Guys
#tapishdongre #utsp

Untold Stories Post 76: The Book


Only For You Sanmit Ambekar, this will be small post.

So on a random day, I walked down the platform number 5 at Central Railways Station Brisbane, Queensland, Australia to catch Ipswich lane which will lead me to my home in Toowong.
There were more than 50 people waiting for train on either side, but being writer myself I gazed upon a reader. A girl in her late 20’s, blond, slim in a blue dress with lily flower print on it, not covering her legs even when there is winter here.
She had a massive, book on her lap and was reading it with a constant gaze that the outside world dose not matter to her anymore.

I looked on display screen and it says that my train will be arriving in next 7 minutes. I know looking back to girl would be awkward as one you don’t stare at random girls even if they are cute, especially when you are married yourself 😉 .
And two that while you are watching someone there is always a possibility that someone is watching you. I hope the later someone is not a teen with his mobile camera ‘on’ shooting a per-vi-writer cum observer before he publishes his UTSP the following week.

But curiosity killed the cat and my eyes gazed back to the reader girl. I have no clue what she was reading, but I saw a tear coming down her left eye. She was crying while reading a book.!!!!!

Just in that moment, time froze for me. I went on a day dream to appreciate the artist who wrote the book. I still don’t know the book and I still don’t know the writer either but I could imagine the power of the words that a human can
fill in the white pages that can create an emotional turbulence in another human. Words are like power used in a right way can connect to you, doesn’t matter you are sitting right next to me, or oceans apart or even separated by time or generations.

On that frozen time I thought about myself, that would I ever be able to reach up to that level that I can create any emotion impact on my readers. The Tear being a powerful expression of emotion, but joy, fear, anger, anticipation, disappointment, and other various emotions including the “puzzle” what Sanmit Ambekar might be feeling that the story was promised small, but this guy doesn’t seem to stop writing at all.

I wondered would I ever be able to create an emotion with my writing, and if I could, that day I would consider myself paving my first brick in the world of successful writers.

But til then Keep enjoying small stories I write, and Sanmit Ambekar, I cant promise the next one would be a small story, but I am sure it will be an interesting one.

#utsp #tapishdongre

P.S: I did catch my train on time
P.S: The girl closed the book and walked up to the same trian as me.
P.S: If the girl in Blue reads my this post, could you please tell me the name of the book???

Untold Stories Post 64: Biographies


Someday on July 2012, I was sitting with my parents on the “Ghost House” (16th Samta Layout North Amabjhari Road Nagpur India). I call it Ghost House both because Grandpa and Grandma Died there as well as the physical and philological environmental condition of that house is just like only “GHOSTS” wants to live there.
I started with a conversation “Why all the example we ever talk of people are so negative, Either they are failed in life or Dint make it or stuck in some part?” “Why there no positive stories of people in our family or surrounding who actually made a difference? Live their life big?”

The Negative thought analization might be because I might have recently watched the documentary by Ronda Byrne The Secret and
seriously wanted to keep the garbage of negative thought and examples out of my life at that time. May be I was venerable or lost what to do next and all what I was loaded with was examples of failures.

My mom and Dad came with some examples for the people who could achieve some position in life but being in a middle class society of India, I could see less praise and more of Jealousness in the stories I absorbed that day. May be lets accept we all do that at some part of our life. Comparing our current position with others and being happy or sad over it…

Years later and some months before in the present timeline Kritika Zariya ( contacted me asking me guidance what pathway to chooze after completing 10th. “I would like to follow you” she said. Should she choose Biology or Mathematics.
At that point I was really not in right state to answer the question asked and accept Have I really reached that point that people can come to seek guidance from me? I modestly told her, I am still a student of life and yet did not discover my destiny.

On those days when I was at her position to choose from the carrier available, to avoid all failure and risk in carrier we had only two options, one to become and Engineer (which I did) and other to become a doctor which my sister Kritika Milind choose(Though she wanted to become an Animation Designer for a while).

All the examples except a Doctor or Engineer were neither exposed nor allowed to us at those time. But today the scenario is completely different. They have variety of Carrier to be choosing from. From animation designing to a gamer, for a sports person to a musician, from a Carpenter to Structural designer, From a local salesman to wholesale dealer, from Stalk trader to a Security Guard, from Fucking Saint to a Drug dealer you can and you are free to choose any Carrier in life you want.

That added more questions as Choosing Biology vs Mathematics was a difficult decision for me at time and how can anyone decide if we have multiple options to choose from. What if I choose the wrong carrier path?. As on those days we thought that that single decision to choose Biology or Mathematics will decide our carrier path. But truly speaking it ain’t true. Even after Completing a Degree or being mid way of a Carrier path in one direction you are free to choose and change your path. Or follow both if you like. It is well accepted now and only awaits you to accept that. One of my teacher said, “The only barriers holding you are the ones created by your own.”

And to really have the right motivation in life, or even to believe on the above point is right, the mind has to get familiar that this is possible. One of the way is by Reading BioGraphies. BioGraphies of famous and unfamous people. They tell us all possibility in life and timeline always brings us new possibilities.

In school we only learn The discovers of Electric Bulb, E=mc.c, Great painting by Picasso, but we are not exposed to did Edison ever fucked the wrong girl in life and how did he came out from that situation, Did Einstein ever had problem in reading things, Did Picasso had to choose form Biology or Mathematics and how did he came over that issue and chose Art?

Everyone though famous or unfamous has ups and downs in their life and reading Biography gives you a small hope that when he/she can get out of that situation, I am no one smaller that them, may be made to something Big and one day I will achieve it.

That small hope to accept all possibilities can lead you many undiscovered places. And one day you will stop comparing your story/success/carrier path with others because you will be happy and satisfied with the one you own yourself.

Just start your journey, And keep taking decisions according to time and situations…May be you are on the road not taken, May be you are the Discoverer

Have a happy Week Ahead 🙂
#tapishdongre #utsp

Harry Potter Returns

If  I could manage to Get 1000 likes for this story, I will Publish this book as per public Demand.

The Year is 2035, Craze of Harry Potter, the famous Novel written by J.K.Rowling is fading away with time. People believe the Harry Potter Books, Comics and Cos play Uniform is a collectible now. The story of the Boy Who Lived is a classic one. But The deep believers always believed that there is always possibility that an crystal clear Imagination of J,K. Rowling is not fictional one, she has seen something what we, the general public has not. People started entering and discovering the lifestyle of the author, but failed again and again. The research is still on…..we hope to uncover the fact some day some time…

Million Copies of the Book sold, 1000’s of cos play flying broom and magic wands reached public already, got the highest hit index to buy model of Nimbus 2000 and Ron’s Magical Wand, though broken one but still functioning,

Functioning…????? Really or Its an imagination???? Or simply a believe that makes the story true, But I discovered this boy Named Ayush in Central India, in the states of Maharashtra, who had something different that grew my interest in him. Ayush is studding in Class XI and earns more than 30 Thousand Rupees in a month. This is an Ideal salary what professional Engineers Could earn if placed in well known company of India. But this teenage boy either had different level of skills that it was believable that he could earn the amount and stand on his own feet at an early age.

I tried to earn in many Different ways, but I was not able to achieve what this child could attain in age of 19 years, My failures made me angry on myself but curiosity to learn his ways of earning was much higher than the jealousy factor I had in me. I tried my best to gel with this guy and be with him to learn his secrets. The only things I have Discover was, He likes playing video games, watches lot of Television Serials, Has learned lot of different languages, some existing in real world and some fictional languages which is used by elves and other species of the fictional stories of my knowledge. His room is full of collectible from  different cartoons, storybooks, novels, movies. The only Idea I could have by entering his room was, This boy lives in a fictional world.

His computer had Iron-Man shaped Wireless Mouse, Pencil stand was in shape of Skull form the movie Indiana Jones, Stupid Harry Potter Magical Wand stick always hanging as a wind chain which strikes my head everytime I entered his room, Saskue’s Sword form the anime Naruto as a display on his Table. The room was full of mess and books everywhere that there was no place to sit peacefully. I couldn’t take the messy surrounding and preferred to stay out of his filthy palace and breath fresh air in the real living world. The curiosity dropped completely and I stopped judging his ideas and started my ways of thinking how I can earn money and find things in real world as I am not Ayush Ghotekar.

Once Ayush Came to my house and said, Bro I want to show you something, I assumed this must be a new electronic device which he shows me every time he purchase something new, He said its interesting and little scary so he wants someone to be with him when we go there. I explained him there is no place on our outskirts  where you will feel scary and curios too to enter that you cannot go…

He said what If I want to take you more farther than our outskirts? To which, I replied Oh you want to go to city, let me take my motorbike,  I will drive you there.

He gave me a wired and skeptical look and said bro just come with me, I want to take you somewhere more far, A place you have been there before, but its different that what we expected or told…

I was still puzzled and I said, Ayush, lets not cross the state border it will takes us days to come back. Ayush got angry and Busted: You are not listening  to me you have to experience it yourself. Hold This he said and handed me a dummy Magical wand form the story Harry Potter which usually is hanging on his wind chain. The wand was actually so heavy that I wondered for the first time, how did he managed to carry this till here, and on the first place, how did this wand was hanging as wind chain as only lighter materials are kept for the make of wind chain.

He told me then, Stop Believing in what you have learned so far and keep your brain pre-occupied in thoughts that you don’t have space to fit new Ideas. The world is different that what you have studied form last 25 years. Believe me, thought you might have traveled whole India and Australia, you have not seen even an inch of the world what I have seen in last six months. Keep your mind open and observe the changes around you. Now you have to observe that I am not moving my lips but still you are able to read my thoughts loud and clear, Cant you UNDERSTAND????

I dropped the stick on my hand in Panic and dropped on floor as my brain shut down instantly that I was not able to accept this change happening around me.

When I woke up the stick was again in my hand and somewhere from long Ayush was calling..Do you still want to take rest or come to the world I want to show you??? If you are ready come to my house as soon as possible.

I dint had a second thought. I completely forgot that I have an assignment to submit the next morning and I took my bike and rushed towards Ayush’s House hiding the wand in my bag. When I entered his room again, the filthy mess dint bothered me, I was more curious to know more and more about the wand and then he said, Seriously Pajama and this Night T-shirt, is this the way you  dress up for a journey to Hogwarts school????

I said, WHAAATTT????

He took the wand form my bag. Drew an Imaginary door in front empty wall  which turned yellow on the go, and then he said…Lets step in into this Jelly thing, I will answer all the questions running in your mind at the speed of light on our way to this wonderland.


I welcome You all to our journey to Rediscover the World of Harry Potter, which is completely changed in these number of years. Learn Scientifically Equation form all your school and university level Applied in the story line. Get exposed to Spirtiual awakening, a step by step process to train your subconscious mind.

If you want me to keep on writing, just like my page/this post, keep sharing my work and let me know if you want to read further 🙂

Happy Day

See you Soon 🙂