Untold Stories Post 60: Accidental Pinch !!!


Brain is very strange organ, lot of memories you thought you lost but on a favorable repetitive environment or a parallel situation, the memories comes back in an instant. Mostly my technique is to relate a memories to an emotion and you can remember it forever. But some part of my brain have non emotional saved memories when now can be analysed fresh when loaded to current living. Thus this happened in a fraction of second..and that fraction of second was so important that I could not resist in sharing it..

My recent work as a team member in a buzy American Chain of Restro dose not allow me to sit ideal for long time as I use to do in my previous job as Security. As I enjoy the work mostly now…time for creative writing and possible fiction is getting less and less thus one day when I was lifting a loaded box about 10kg, The freezer door of my workplace coming in contact with the box creating an accidental pinch on my right hand. The pain came in an instant and stayed till an hour or so.. But in that short instant I was reminded of a memories from my school.

My mathematics teacher from Grade 9 to 11, Mr Srisailam Navuluri Sir was definitely the greatest teacher I could ever had, because if I deny that fact I would never have made it through my four years of Engineering, which I did and for that subject I am thankful to him.

The accidental pinch loaded me with a memory that Everyone in class use to be afraid of him for some reason. When communicated with some of my classmates they recalled the same thing which I did in that instant. “The Brutal Bruse Marks of PINCHES.”
Along with Excellent teaching skills he had a bad habit to give physical punishment to school children by pinching them on their arms near the soft tissue. The pinch was both painful and use to leave marks for days.
Being afraid from the bruse marks and pain most of student use to complete their “Home-Work”
He also use to beat children when not paying attention in class. I remember Mr Kartik Manoharan in his school days was beaten up with a wooden duster on his head several times just because of a silly reason that he did not bring bookmark and was looking at his desk thinking something else instead of concentrating on Black Board.

On those days even taking this point to Principal or Home was worthless as “Punishment in teaching’ was an acceptable offence on those days. Even parents use to give examples of their teachers being very strict and beating them up in their school days with a cane stick.

Though I am grateful for Mr Srisailam Navuluri‘s teaching and I could not express my feelings at childhood or at an age or time when Physical abuse was appreciated by teacher’s on student, I would just like to make my point clear. I might have to go over my liberty of expression of words for explaining how I feel, but

“In future, if my yet born child gets an teacher like Srisailam Navuluri and He/She gets a pinch mark from any of his teacher, I will make sure I will find the person, reach up to his house and Put a Shovel on his Ass so that he remembers the pain for his life before pinching or causing any harm to any children ever coming to his surrounding.”

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