Untold Stories Post 59: Pocket Money


Stepping into teenage is amazing time of life, we have more “friends” which we think we really need. Get exposed to various true stories which were alien when we were sitting at home. And now due to technological upgrade, even get exposed to so much fiction facts and concepts which had hold no meaning to us before.

The concept of Pocket money came to me when I was teenage and just started to learn the concept of Money (as it the theory was not enough).
I grew in a family surrounding where My parents and Sibling were enough to be support of each other and thus everything we needed at early age was provided the time even before the demands. Let that be a delicious food item or a fancy game, demands were fulfilled by the household though sometime taking longer than expected time but things were in house when we needed it.
With new “friends” or I can truly use the word “School Mates” the new concepts were introduced to me and one such top in my mind is Pocket money.
My mates at school who had both working Parents use to give them a sum of money every month or some cases every week. My friends explained me all the benefits of having a Pocket Money. Money that is “yours”, You can spend it all with your “will”, You could save more and buy the food you desire, the games you wish, the clothes you admire and wish you had them.
The concept which initially look foreign attracted to me the most when I discovered its very common among most of my friends. Someday’s later I found out I was the only “different” child who not use to get Pocket Money.
The the demand came as urgency and I asked my parents to provide me with the Pocket money. The Idea was like a little foolish technique for my parents but they anyway accepted my demand and started giving me 10Rs a month. I was happy to get every month 10Rs. The amount 10Rs might seem very small but at teenage in 2003 to 2005 seemed a big deal to me.
I kept collecting the money until it became first 100 then 300, but unfortunately I did not know where to spend the money?

All the exciting things which my friends at that time suggested me I can wish to buy with that money were already present at my home. Thus the concept of “Pocket Money” might not be my cup of tea. (I was a boost drinker at that time….lol)

That time I was not enough matured to analyze the concepts which even I needed in my life or not. Thus anything new and exciting I wanted to install in my living. I wish I can say that I learned the big lesson and moved on, but I did not. I kept repeating same mistakes with now accepting different concepts in life.

In 2013 I came to Australia and now with my University Mates I came to know the concept of “Open Relationship”
In open relationship, you could be married to one person or be in realtionship to one person and with this you are free to get physical or emotionally involved with other persons.
I thought This is an awesome concept, “Open Relationship”
I can have my partner and also enjoy the benefit of having multiple partners. I knew If I would have tried hard enough I could have convinced my partner to accept the new Concept but in doing so…and accepting the law of Equilibrium or equality that would mean I would allow my partner to be in open Relationship too…
And I hate to share my objective “things” so sharing a relationship with anyone was out of Question. Thus the concept of “Open Relationship” how so ever tempting it is, its still not my cup of tea. (I am still a Boost drinker I guess…he he)
So I choose to stick with Monogamy which suited my style of living.

I wish we could all stop the story here….but I took my mistakes a step further…
Getting attracted to various Cultures was the new addiction I had, I tried various living styles, from accepting martial art and learning minimal style of living to going busking on Brisbane streets with friends and trying to blend in…I tried to live extreme ends of living and install it to my living. And recently discovered I am little stingy, little Greedy and of over spending mentally to the things I like, thus none of the pre-defined living traditions matched or satisfied me. Thus finally I decided to accept “my way” how so ever stupid it might be but I will follow My own way of living.

On this post I wont demoralize people to follow any new concept or go with the traditional one. I would just urge every living creature to have the courage to make some mistakes. Try some and discover your own way of living which suits you the best. It may may not match mine or any living tradition in history but if it satisfies you..Go for IT….Live THAT LIFE

If our paths crossed, will see you with a big smile
Till then Happy Day Have a Happy life ahead..

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