Untold Stories Post 58: Sour Grapes (The latest Version)


Ohh Feels so good to be able to find time to write again,

You must have heard the story of Fox and the Sour Grape. Where A fox (technically a wild non-vegetarian animal) craves Grapes (a vegetarian diet) and jumps and jumps on the farm but his height was not enough to reach the top of farm where grapes are hanging
Thus concluded and gives Self satisfaction that Grapes are Sour and leaves the Farm.

When I was child I never had question why a non-vegetarian animal would crave for the vegetarian diet. It dint matter as that
was not the actual message of the story. The story wanted to convey that how we fail in life and situation and Blame the situation
for not “TRYING ENOUGH”.

The New version of this story is little general and indeed complex to understand.

I got a free laptop in Kerbside Collection. In Brisbane Australia a Kerbside collection is organised by Brisbane Council once a year per subberb to dispose the Electronic, Furniture, and other big Items which could not be dumped in a Dustbin. And Cheap people like me 😉 put fuel in 2nd hand Car and Run on a Treasure hunt on that particular day. Thus I found a laptop which had No operating System on a Kerbside Collection Day of Toowong Brisbane. I dint realize after repairing and constantly using the system
I started complaining about the Laptop to my mates.
I kept telling them stories of how I recovered the laptop but the Laptop is working too Slow. It is piece of shit. Takes hours to start and open app.
The laptop thought not bought by me received so much criticism than it might have received by its original owner who kept it out for Kerbside Collection in the first place.

Thus one day when I was in phone call with my mate Ravi Kiran from Melbourne, Victoria Australia, Guess what, I told him the story of Crappy Laptop too.
His reply was “have you every gone to Vegetable Market and before buying grapes you taste one of the bunch? It felt so sweet right? And the same bunch of Grapes when you bought them in Kg and yes Paid for them, after coming home the same bunch of Grapes taste sour in your house.”
I said…Yes it had happen many a times.
Then he continued, “its not the Grapes which had become sour, its your mentality towards the Grapes. You tasted a Free Grape and you liked it, just the same way you got the Kerbside Laptop
When you paid and brought the Grapes home, in your case Invested the Time and Skills on the Repair of the Laptop. The grapes started to taste sour, i.e the Laptop which was paid by your time and skills started to be boring, slow and worth less. It was Free on the first place.”

I was again wondering, yes the problem is being pointed out but what about the solution, what to do with the laptop now?
And answer again Lied in the Sour Grapes Story. Either You Throw away the Sour Grapes you Bought from Vegetable Market or you eat them by having the knowledge that You paid for them.
And the day you open your fridge and have a thought to start to through the Sour Grapes into Rubbish bin, The Grapes becomes Sweet again.

Complicated stuff ha…

Keep thinking
Have a Nice Day ahead..

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