Friends, I wonder How I had them?

Today I have seen the friends Group of my partner, Anupam Jyoti.
I don’t know how to say but I was amazed to see them.
Anupam Jyoti for the four years I was with her in Engineering life, never had friends.
May be she was a little skeptic about making friends or may had bad experience with people in friends zone that she could never have friends in her life before.
But times change and so dose people.
I beg your pardon, seldom people change so lets suppose only time change.
I could not believe Anupam is having a friends group. And that made me thinking “Why the hell I am thinking HIGH of MYSELF.”

I, Tapish Dongre lie to people all the time.
I like to be in my comfort zone so don’t always like company and like to stay alone maximum part of the day.
I curse my parents for many reasons what they did to me, fully expressing negativity.
I speak only rhetorical dialogues and make fun of people (which I know I shouldn’t)

Still I have friends.

They all thought my lies as excuses and forget them the next moment.
They pushed me away form my comfort zone and took my life on a high scale. High sometime mean very scary high.
They listen my parents cursing speeches as bed time stories.
And I still don’t understand they din’t understand my rhetorical sentences or just ignored them?

But in this five years,
I have seen Bharatlal worrying sitting with a calculator at the time of Campus Selection that I made it to 60 % criteria or not.
I had company of Swati Gupta constantly making my engineering life difficult to survive and thus making me stronger day by day.
Though not very secret keeper but Ankul was there covering up my each and every silly mistakes I make in handling money and people.
Akshay reminded me that though life and family are pain in the ass but you can smile always and act you are happy. (He only express his true feeling when he is Drunk)
Nishant famous for being very very very miser, still daily shared his plate of Food with me.
And last but not the least Gaurav, the boy who lived* I mean he was our punchbag. Doesn’t matter how much we tease him, he will be ready to help back on just a single phone call.
People say RICH can never have FRIENDS
So When I grow rich or richy rich I wish There is at least One Hand out of these Six that I never let it go.

Signing off for now.
Tapish Dongre

My First Speech

I think everybody remembers his or her first step towards a mic on a stage. Some very rich moments where the whole of audience remembers you for the rest of the day or rest of the life may be. But most important you remember it…
Telling you the truth, I don’t remember clearly what actually happened on my first time on a stage.

It was grade 5th and I had to read News on morning 8 am of Primary stage.(I know class 5th is too much but what  to do I was a little shy guy from the beginning). My family had a habit of getting up late in morning (and still does)….So my dad woke up at 7.00 am and wrote some nonsense on piece of paper that I was supposed to read on stage in next an hour. The very thing was His handwriting is CRAP. You cannot differentiate in my fathers handwriting and a doctor’s prescription. So reading it normally was a challenge for me. I tried it once or twice and without any preparation I saw myself in front of the mic for the first time.

I had no Idea how the technology works in there…Do the Mic sucks the voice out of your mouth and then shouts  itself in a very very loud voice to all the listeners or there are actually 10 people sitting inside the mic to do this job
for you….???
I don’t really remember how the speech of my voice started or ended but I only remember is I stucked on the word  “Metropolitan Cities” And the audience who actually was listening to the news shouted back from off stage and asked me to repeat the toung twister again and again….
I can’t remember everything clearly but I am thankful to my part of brain that It actually doesn’t remember “who all were standing in the audience”
The same idea draws me in front of stage every time from then is : Even if I do a mistake in front of 100 or 1000’s of individuals in front of me, a day will come sooner that all these fellows will die one day.
I hope no one remembers this incident as I don’t want them to…and even if they remember all this…I dont know them…So we will not talk about it ever…and I mean it…
B bye for ever my ex audience

A Never Posted Letter…



Principle K.V.O.F.Ambajhari


Dear Madam

I wrote you many letters in my mind and erased it off thinking of what if you’ll find the truth behind my affectionate way of writing to you, but today I feel so different inside myself.

I was an average student of your school. Scored 73% in my 10th and 60% in 12th grades.

Played none of the sports taught by the professor, never involved in any co-curium activities and I still neither knows what I will become in my future life. Accepting your rules and following them at one go was something not possible for me.

You pointed out many demerits in me and never ever appreciated the qualities I possessed. I loved to challenge and disprove every statement form your mouth against me.

You made my mother cried. You made my father scold me for no mistake of mine. You made your discissions to be imposed on me without my willing. Your almost destroyed my childhood.

Professor(Pandaya Sir, Mathematics Teacher) at school even warned me that I will never ever cross my 12th examinations at my first attempt but I did.

Personally I hate you the most in my life but I must admit you are the best teacher of my life

You taught me many things what I never wanted to learn. You made me what I am 2 day and I am proud of what I am.

In spite of your several rejections, I proud to be ACCEPTED by the world.

Thank you

Thank you for coming into my life and show me the worse I could experience at that age. I pray to your god that please never ever create a wonderful teacher like you.

Sorry that I cannot follow the bible as it says “to forgive”

But I promise of a day that you will be proud of me.

Though I am not interested to ever see you face again in my life but still I promise of an appointment with you after your death. Let it be haven or hell I will pay a visit to you.

That’s my promise.


Yours sincerely

An Average Student.

No Names Please


This month I wrote huge number of unpublished articles.
You must be wondering why they are unpublished
One of the reason may be that they are too personal and I would like to
tell you all at the right time with complete story.
But the second and main reason for them to be unpublished are
because of the “Request” form many of my colleagues that I must not use
their names while publishing.
When I studied their behaviour to life and achievements, I was more
strange to acknowledge that these are the same people who have very
high goal in life and even they process the confidence of achieving it..
Then why to hide names ?

The most polite answer was “May be these people are too modest to share
their story of failure and success to the world”
But I bet these people are the same who wants their names to go very
high and royal in the history of universe
And in future years Some one will be writing their Biography….
I can’t go against my friends and I will accept their wishes…
From hear on I will use substitute for the real names being their story
to be true….

Love you all…. 🙂

Returning Home

A person after experiening and discovering something very great….comes back to his place of origin…physically, but to come back to his pace of origin mentally takes time…
Sometimes wishes not to reaturn at all…

Same happens with all scientists..
same happens with all journilist…
and the
same happens with every stuendt who approaches to an institution form his place of origin ( his house)

What Is Tapish?



Tapish is Scared by many situations; therefore he has to do what he does.

Tapish is Scared for losing his love, therefore he cares too much for it.

Tapish is Scared for being alone in this world, thus he starts his day in making friends.

Tapish is Scared for physical fighting, therefore he believes in a peaceful living.

Tapish is Scared for being dumb, therefore he learns new things daily.

Tapish is Scared for not being accepted by the world, therefore he tries his level best to understand the world.

Tapish is Scared for being a single unknown individual with no identity…

Therefore HE FIGHTS




Someone so Scared can only be COWARD, A Courageous Coward..

Thus in Simple Words…



Entering A new Estate

After completion of my degree I headed to Hyderabad for Gate coaching classes. A new place brings lots of hopes as well as worries along.

First two days were the most frustative one. Our sir from helpBiotech assured us to come two or three days early and we will search room for you.

The movement we reached here the assured above statement was true except for the fact of a substitution of You instead of we.

So now its was our duty to search room in an unknown place with no place to live that day, having roughly about zero idea of the economic spending and an exhausted body due to travelling.

Though it was a sudden shock for us that helpBiotech provides only a idea about helping yourself, but even learning this was a pleasant experience.

After long tiring two day seach with spending a huge sum of money on  our roaming charges on mobile network. We finally arrived at a Green Colour 2BHK flat. Quite costly but a peaceful place to live.

Our flat owner Dr. Vijju(in short) was very helpful person. He guided me to various economic places nearby which was very necessary for a student life.

After having a peaceful shelter to stay and a personal room to think freely I hope all our worries will turn small and my next post will have more positivity than this one…

Signing off till next internet session.

Tapish M Dongre

Why People Talk…..

I mean to say why people do actually communicate ? Its most often that we ask a sick person that if he or she is fine and in reply we find an answer to that “Yes I am.” where as the actual fact remains untouched or untold.

It is most often that we do lie. The word ‘lie’ is not at all a negative word. I mean if we really understand the human behavior to various situation, there is a needy necessity for lying. Its start form a mother to her child that “do not demand of chocolate or luxury items as it may contain devil or untrue evil spirit” which actually keeps the children out of reach of the commodity form which the kid has to be protected form.

Many disclosures in many industry share a very small piece of information with the consumer and the seller itself is not telling you the truth as he himself does not have any information over the product.

Many of the time a simple decent individual replies to a query that “the job will be done in five minutes.” When in actual practical terms the given work is physically not possible to carry out in five minutes by what so ever means the job is being done.

In fact I want to say the actual terms Human tells other Human only the word which keeps the receiver in stable emotional condition. You may perceive this dialog in a positive terminology that:

“We tell others or speak only the words which will bring about a positive change or a positive hope that carries the human tendency to feel comfortable with.”


Teacher Can Learn

You can grasp anything for anywhere only to a limit that you are wanted to. So the first thing to be taught to any student is the “need” to study that subject being taught. If a student is “wants” to study any subject then he will do so by his own wish. Student can sit for hours to read a novel and the same student gets bored in a 45 minutes lecture.

Similar kind of knowledge is being taught by making a child to dream big. Dreaming big and then to follow it. The next step is to guide him to the path he wishes to follow. Sometimes it happens that a teacher or a parent forces a child to follow their dreams or to do things they planned for him, but in doing so the teacher completely forgets to make an interest in the subject to be taught. The result is always the child thinks the lesson taught to him is a dull one.

Mostly the path of a student changes when he starts to follow his heart. To listen to what he really want to, and when he does this, the first blame from teacher is that: “student is misguided” or “student is deviated from the path.” Now the force ‘to follow the commands of a teacher’ increases and the same happens with the ‘student desire’. This only leads to two of the mentioned result:

(1) If student follow the teacher’s command, he becomes a successful unwillingful worker.

(2) If student follows his heart, he becomes successful artist but thrown out of so called society.


In both the cases the real teaching and learning process is kept aside. There always has to be a third option of the above mentioned problem. I mean its your life and you can definitely make it more complex or more simple by only a way i.e., change  and express your thoughts. I gave you a simple problem to solve. If you have solution please discuss it with the world and do comment to share it with me….

Desperately waiting..

Tapish Dongre

In Bhandra for Holiday..

The project’s complications was increasing day by i decided to have a trip to my parents and celebrate may sister’s official birthday..
So I packed my luggage along with my Internet connection and heeded to Bhandra, a palce called Jawarhar Nagar around 45 km form Nagpur. An amusing byck ride definitely gave me all the relaxation I wanted and now I am ready to go back and do the remaining work of my project titled “Artificil Neual Network”
But truly speaking the food what mom cooks stops me for going back…daily new dishes for all over Indian styles….form south’s dosa idli wada to north dhokla…I am enjoying all the stuff that mummy server in front of me…
and mummy’s new microwave has added the list in menu items…
i have hell lot of choices to eat here…ya I love might have got the idea by now..
and the real thing is Mothers food is Mothers can never get this taste when you cook alone or oder by tiffin services…
So I am enjoying my stay in ORDNANCE FACTORY Bhandra for the first time….
love you all…