Friends, I wonder How I had them?

Today I have seen the friends Group of my partner, Anupam Jyoti.
I don’t know how to say but I was amazed to see them.
Anupam Jyoti for the four years I was with her in Engineering life, never had friends.
May be she was a little skeptic about making friends or may had bad experience with people in friends zone that she could never have friends in her life before.
But times change and so dose people.
I beg your pardon, seldom people change so lets suppose only time change.
I could not believe Anupam is having a friends group. And that made me thinking “Why the hell I am thinking HIGH of MYSELF.”

I, Tapish Dongre lie to people all the time.
I like to be in my comfort zone so don’t always like company and like to stay alone maximum part of the day.
I curse my parents for many reasons what they did to me, fully expressing negativity.
I speak only rhetorical dialogues and make fun of people (which I know I shouldn’t)

Still I have friends.

They all thought my lies as excuses and forget them the next moment.
They pushed me away form my comfort zone and took my life on a high scale. High sometime mean very scary high.
They listen my parents cursing speeches as bed time stories.
And I still don’t understand they din’t understand my rhetorical sentences or just ignored them?

But in this five years,
I have seen Bharatlal worrying sitting with a calculator at the time of Campus Selection that I made it to 60 % criteria or not.
I had company of Swati Gupta constantly making my engineering life difficult to survive and thus making me stronger day by day.
Though not very secret keeper but Ankul was there covering up my each and every silly mistakes I make in handling money and people.
Akshay reminded me that though life and family are pain in the ass but you can smile always and act you are happy. (He only express his true feeling when he is Drunk)
Nishant famous for being very very very miser, still daily shared his plate of Food with me.
And last but not the least Gaurav, the boy who lived* I mean he was our punchbag. Doesn’t matter how much we tease him, he will be ready to help back on just a single phone call.
People say RICH can never have FRIENDS
So When I grow rich or richy rich I wish There is at least One Hand out of these Six that I never let it go.

Signing off for now.
Tapish Dongre

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