My First Speech

I think everybody remembers his or her first step towards a mic on a stage. Some very rich moments where the whole of audience remembers you for the rest of the day or rest of the life may be. But most important you remember it…
Telling you the truth, I don’t remember clearly what actually happened on my first time on a stage.

It was grade 5th and I had to read News on morning 8 am of Primary stage.(I know class 5th is too much but what  to do I was a little shy guy from the beginning). My family had a habit of getting up late in morning (and still does)….So my dad woke up at 7.00 am and wrote some nonsense on piece of paper that I was supposed to read on stage in next an hour. The very thing was His handwriting is CRAP. You cannot differentiate in my fathers handwriting and a doctor’s prescription. So reading it normally was a challenge for me. I tried it once or twice and without any preparation I saw myself in front of the mic for the first time.

I had no Idea how the technology works in there…Do the Mic sucks the voice out of your mouth and then shouts  itself in a very very loud voice to all the listeners or there are actually 10 people sitting inside the mic to do this job
for you….???
I don’t really remember how the speech of my voice started or ended but I only remember is I stucked on the word  “Metropolitan Cities” And the audience who actually was listening to the news shouted back from off stage and asked me to repeat the toung twister again and again….
I can’t remember everything clearly but I am thankful to my part of brain that It actually doesn’t remember “who all were standing in the audience”
The same idea draws me in front of stage every time from then is : Even if I do a mistake in front of 100 or 1000’s of individuals in front of me, a day will come sooner that all these fellows will die one day.
I hope no one remembers this incident as I don’t want them to…and even if they remember all this…I dont know them…So we will not talk about it ever…and I mean it…
B bye for ever my ex audience

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