Break UP Memories

After hearing all form most of people about their break up in mid NOV and DEC 2014, I was inspired to write about Breakup.

Actually people may think that Break up is not at all an inspiring topic to write about, but for me it is…

Breakup is a phase where we are emotionally disturbed as the momentum to stay dependent on our partner is disturbed by some external force (Newton’s 1st law). Let the external force be another person or change of interest or created misunderstandings or unavoidable circumstances. As per my experience Breakup for me is very difficult to handle as I am a very emotional sensitive guy, but experience taught me that Breakup is an temporary phase to stay and move on. New is always better and we learn a lot form our past experience that we are ready to avoid that factor in our next relationship.

So here a story  about my first Breakup:


It was in 2004/2005 during my class X board exam period in Hyderabad, the girl whom I plan to spend my life with came with all the gifts I gave her, destroyed into pieces and kept in an Yellow Polythene bag handed over to me, saying lot of stuff till date I cannot figure out what that mean to me. A guy, one of my classmate was with her(Nikesh/Nikhlesh) and he came to me and said, “shame on you.”

More than my breakup I was angry that an Alien person who has no knowledge about me and my girlfriend’s relationship has came with her and speaking against me.

That time calculated something and wrote on my dairy which I promise myself to open in 20 years and follow whats written in. I explained myself with simple logic that if a girl takes third party to explain or support her statement to me then there are two factors to learn her

1) She feels unsafe to withstand my anger on breakup (which makes my choice clear that in future i must chooze a girl who is more bold in facing me)

2) She needs some else to express what she has to say to me (which guides me that I did not made her comfortable to speak the truth to me that she had to take another person, tell the truth about me to him and talk to me back)

I was aware that as Human, my powers are limited and when my anger cools down I will have a natural tendency to forgive for what she did to me. So to remind myself I need something strong that will stop me form getting along with her again,

Thus I check the yellow polythene given by her again,

I checked there was watch, some papers/letter/greeting cards and a diary what I gifted to her on our first Valentines Day. Inside the dairy there was 26 INR what that she returned to me after calculating what I spent on her. I discovered that a girl with this amount of ego and pride over her father’s earned money is definitely no match for me. So I kept that two 10 INR notes, one 5 INR note and a one rupee coin with me till date which reminds me that why I should not got back to her again.

I am not saying that everyone should hold themselves back to fall into same relationship with same person, But as you know the that person the most, and there are higher chances for history to repeat itself. And I am not that strong to take that chance and feel the pain again. I kept the one rupee coin as a strong memory naming it “Kalvi’s Coin” reminding me to move on and learn more form life.

I and My sister Kritika Dongre believes in one strong point by HIMYM


So in search of this better one, my journey continued and I believe I finally after several failures I found one 🙂

But more on that later…

Happy Break UP guys

Congratulations on Commencement of a New Journey……Never give up till you find your right match


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