Letter to Australian Visa Office As my Partner’s Visa was Delayed

Greetings for the Day

My Name is Tapish Dongre, and I have applied visa for my wife Before 12
weeks form now.
Initially it was told us that student dependent visa takes up to 4 to 6

I came to know that It takes more than that time and I was misguided by the
4 to 6 weeks data,
Then it was informed to me that Visa will be done in 12-14 weeks.

Sir/Madam, Its an request to please process the visa as early as possible.
Its little lonely out here. Though I have friends but I need my wife for
obvious reasons.

Sex life has become worse. I really feel jealous when my room mates gets
new girls every Friday and disturbs my sleep through out the week end, and
as I am committed, this add up the trouble.
I tried EMA but my Heart dose not allow to for other girls.
Due to the struggle we faced together to maintain our relationship form
last five years, May be my wife is HardWired into my mental life.
Plus Emotional comfort is very difficult to have on only telephonic and
skype conversions, Long Distant relationship is very difficult to maintain.
Please don’t think this letter is wired because I am speaking out the truth
as I am little frustrated
Plus the time lag, I want to sleep when she wants to talk to me, And she
wants to sleep when I want to talk to her….When we both commit to a time
together, I am messing up with my health to maintain my relationship. and
had an Insomnia record

So please please process her visa as fast as possible.

Her Details are

DOB: 14th Dec 1989
Phone Number +91 9431471667
VLN: AUX-IN-03-028954-X

My Details

Name Tapish Dongre
DOB: 6th Sep 1989
Passport NO. K8188821
Phone Number +61 415 370 974

Sir Call us, ask as many questions you like, But please process the visa as
soon as possible.
I want to hug my wife
Kiss her giving the reply for the love she have for me
Take care of her as she takes care of me
I want to see my reflection on her eyes
I want to fight with her
Fight for all those moments what I have missed form long time
I want to provide her with what I can earn through my hard work and talent.

I am a Biotechnologist, a Reseacher, A scientist, A Magition and A writer,
but more than that I am a Husband who need his partner to be along by side
to watch all this progress I am doing and comfort me by saying “Asshole
wakeup go and fight one more battle, You have the potential and You will do

Yours sincerely
Tapish Dongre

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