No Names Please


This month I wrote huge number of unpublished articles.
You must be wondering why they are unpublished
One of the reason may be that they are too personal and I would like to
tell you all at the right time with complete story.
But the second and main reason for them to be unpublished are
because of the “Request” form many of my colleagues that I must not use
their names while publishing.
When I studied their behaviour to life and achievements, I was more
strange to acknowledge that these are the same people who have very
high goal in life and even they process the confidence of achieving it..
Then why to hide names ?

The most polite answer was “May be these people are too modest to share
their story of failure and success to the world”
But I bet these people are the same who wants their names to go very
high and royal in the history of universe
And in future years Some one will be writing their Biography….
I can’t go against my friends and I will accept their wishes…
From hear on I will use substitute for the real names being their story
to be true….

Love you all…. 🙂

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