Untold Stories Post 31 : Cake Theory

In my engineering life, Having your own birthday cake was some what very difficult job. Not because it was less, but it was excess in your mouth. But in the same time, having a cake in someone else birthday was an Mission Impossible task. To explain this I made my own cake theory.
But to explain cake theory you must know what use to happen in my university days.

Birthday Boy was well prepared that his ass is going to get kicked just after he cuts the cake. We use to celebrate the extreme version of “Birthday Bumps”
The next thing to be noted is the cake use to be so big and if distributed properly would be enough to be eaten by by everyone present on the birthday and the cake will also remain for more guest.
Now before the cutting of cake, A sentence was to be spoken by someone or the other. I called that person as Politician. The sentence was, “Keep calm the cake will be distributed evenly to all.”

Finally the time came when the cake cutting ceremony began.
At this time every person attending the party knew very well whats going to happen next. Or had a pre assumption that what will happen next. Two thoughts run in your mind at once…

(1) Skepticism: What if the politician was lying. What if everyone don’t get the equal cake piece. What if the politician only who is standing close to cake will have all biggest piece of cake for himself.
(2) Greed: What if I get the bigger piece.

These two thought determined the next action. In only 20 seconds of the cake being cut, or sometimes when only in the time when the knife was touched to the the cake, Every one use to grab a hand on to the cake. Trying to get the biggest piece.
Some use to win in getting and some were left with no cake at all. Yes and many a time Politician end up getting the biggest piece of the cake.

Overall I had to mention that we use to enjoy this ceremony cake after cake, Party after party. Everything in the above description was for fun. I call it best days of my life.
But one thing which I dint realize till very late was Cake after cake, party after party, we installed the two thoughts stronger and stronger into our system. After every party The thought of Skepticism and Greed became stronger. But it happened worse when the 1st thought of Skepticism became into Fear
Fear of not getting the cake at all. And after that everyone joined the race. Getting the bigger piece or no peace at all.

Previously we use to run the thoughts in our mind now the thoughts turned into believes and they run us.
Same analogy we started following in our life strategies. When the time of Application of Jobs came or Exploration of carrier options came. The cake theory came to existence.

The two mere thoughts of Disbelief over equality and Greed over resources made us who we are today.
Today its difficult for common man to trust the Politician as by default he/she believes that just like the cake is not going to be distributed equally. The resources, jobs, rights or anything will not be justified and given to everyone. May be the politician will end up getting the biggest share.
Its even difficult to control over greed. I want to have the highest Bank Balance. Sometimes I even forget when to put limit to this greed and call myself rich and stop running for wealth.

No I am not a preacher of any policy. Neither I came to ignite the hope of faith. I am explaining what the current scenario is. And I made a Cake Theory to explain to my future kid with as ease that Why people are behaving the way that they are. And in the end I will give the responsibility to my kids and my next generation. With a simple question to be asked, thought we failed oh my son/daughter but,

Can you change who we are ?????

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