Untold Stories 30: The Gobar Gas Plant

In my school days, I was fortunate to join Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for my 12 years of education. The first three years you are made to believe that the books will guide you and make your future. Study those and pass the examination. Now a days there is a rule that no student will ever fail till he/she is in class Vth but in my time students use to…but that’s another story.
I believed the concept of books for education when I joined the prestigious institution and was driven by fear of failure. But more than that I started believing when the basic SCIENCE came in my studies as a subject. SCIENCE is a way of learning, systematic thinking or in simple words Learning by observation and experimentation.
I like the concept of books more when I was exposed to basic puzzles by the statements in the Science text books like “GO look into your Garden and find a Banana Tree, compare the leaves of a Banana tree with a Mango tree. Do you OBSERVE any difference?”
When books connected me to life outside, I was more and more interested in the books and believed them as a sole medium of learning. Reading books became my hobby which is still difficult to get rid of 🙂 I was so into books that on my 10th pre-finals I went late to class and I was reading “The Three Little Pigs by AGATHA Christie” My English teacherSrinivasan Thoppe asked me stop reading a novel and focus on Exam.
But getting away form interesting books was unfortunately impossible for me. The first strike something deviated form my studies was when the concept of THE GOBAR GAS PLANT” came to my text book. Gobar Gas plant is a Bio-Technology where to sustain the use of over produced cow dung in India, the Cow dung is fermented in a Giant Vessel and the outlet form the top of Vessel has a funnel like structure which collects gas so that this gas can be used in Household Cooking.
I was very amazed by the technology as in our house we use to use the LPG cylinders for cooking which contains compressed natural gas.
Based on the information I got in my text books I started exploring various nearby villages to see an actual Gobar Gas plant. My grandmother use to teach in a Village and I saw there only wood was used for cooking. Next I went to my Mom’s Brother’s village and asked Ratnarakshit Ramtekeabout the Gobar Gas Plant for which he was amused that it was never build in his village. His village was more developed and they used LPG cylinders for cooking and wood/coal for water heating. More and more I exposed to the villages, my hopes of finding the Gobar Gas Pant increased and by not finding them My expectations decreased. One day I by myself came to conclusion that Either the Book is very old or its so latest that its is not matching the real world outside.
After class XIIth I was again fortunate to listen to one lecture of Dr Avinash Upadhayae form Hislop College Nagpur where he explained that Its not always good to be a GOOD STUDENT. What comes out form a teacher’s mouth must not be 100% true. First we don’t re-question our teachers due the huge respect wall we created. Then we believed what he or she said is true as he read it for some book. And as a teacher was student some years ago, we are made to believe that what is written in books is 100% correct and we cannot re-question the books too. Books are written by humans like us. They are prone to make errors. Not updating those errors make at lest some generations to follow the same wrong or error-full concept which was typed as in that time the information was assumed to be true.
So don’t be a good student and ask question like WHY? How? Where? and When?

This was something like I learned to be “skeptical” and Always give yourself a chance for improving what the world thinks is the BEST. As today’s Best might be tomorrows an ordinary thing. Books are not 100% updated thus, Yes read them but have a strong skeptical mind to RE-QUESTION THEM when you have solid evidence.
With a skeptical positive mind, wishes for a wonderful new world ahead. Lest welcome the weekdays. Happy Start of the Week smile emoticon

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