Untold Stories 32: The Nations Flag

Country of Origin, Virtues, Culture are never a choice of an individual when he/she is born. Its either decided by fate (for the people who believe in it) or Decided by parents as they choose our country of our birth by residing there and accepting the country and culture and the virtues of that land learned by them.
As a Science student, It was very difficult for me to read the books on HISTORY and CIVICS. ‘Homo Sapiens Sapiens’ i.e in common name HUMAN was initially a Nomad, which in general term means wandered from place to place for food. Where there are more animals which cannot be controlled, he declared himself that it is a danger area and should not be using for hunting/ collecting food. Where the area is favourable has enough water, food and convenience to spend life, he decided to stay there. A place where he feels safe.
Colonization came along and thus came rule of dominance. Area Division and then exploration of new area. Mapping, and then Country Division. But on roots I stilled believed that the Whole earth is mine and I am allowed to go where ever I wish to.
Then down the learning of my school I was introduced to Alliance and Competitive Countries, I was introduced to history of WORLD WAR I and WORLD WAR II, all a fight of India Vs Pakistan, India Vs China. It was all resemblance to fighting what NOMAD use to do, in early days. To prove Dominance and to fight for Resources. In groups attacking other groups. My most of the untold stories are not me constructing something new. But it is about how I was the part of something which already existed. And I am slow learner. Thus Untold stories are moments where I learned something from pre-existing things around us. So coming back to my story, How it started:
This is partially my memory and partially told by my parents as they were there to observe. On My 2nd year of Kindergarten, Independence day of INDIA, I participated/ forcely pushed by my class teacher SUSHILA Madam to participate in Flag Hosting Ceremony. Every child learn about his/her country long way back in his upbringing. But the moment of realization differs. For me this might be the day. Me as a small boy dressed all white and white was asked to March in a team of three towards the flag with the General Manager who was going to Hoist the Flag. Before the ceremony teacher came and pinned an INDIAN flag on to my left pocket. My mother described that I was very happy and stood in a proud alert position. The flag was hoisted, and Everyone present there started singing the National anthem together. though practiced a lot but I did not know the lyrics of my own National anthem at that time. But the words, “Jana Gana Mana Adhinayak Jai Hai” sounded very powerful when I was given something to hold to. I was constantly looking at the paper flag pinned to my shirt’s pocket and then looking at the flag up in the air, spreading its charm. Towards the end of National Anthem when people started saying, “Jaya hai, Jaya Hai, Jaya Jaya Jaya Jaya Hai” Goose bumps were on my hands and I still remember in a proud voice I raise my hand and Said “JAI HIND”

That day the seed of patriotism was set to my set to my heart. The feeling to belonging to country or being a part of something may be beyond my understanding for now but powerful and positive. My little eyes and small brain observed that this song brings people together. Race, Colour, Class, Cast, Sex and Age are kept aside when this song is sung.
Years after when I came to Australia, and being part of Suncorp/Spotless team. While working, I was able to watch Matches here. I was also enough fortunate to be a part and member of Gold Coast V8 by team National Workforce. People having different state of origin and supporting different team having a opposition in sports spirit were able to bring together when the AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL ANTHEM was sung. This time from my point of view, though the lyrics differed than the song I learned in India but People are being brought together when the words “Australian all Let us Rejoice. For we are Young and Free” were sung. The same expression, proud togetherness what I have observed back in people’s attitude in India, I was able to observe here. The feeling of Belonging together. My heart was the same as it was in Kindergarten. I don’t know much about this country but I need to learn the lyrics of this song to join something big and positive.

Previously a simple white cloth is of worth nothing, but painted in right combination of colours becomes a Nation’s Flag, An imaginary thinking of belonging to togetherness. Something to hold on to. When Hoisted on top or Projected on Big Screen, people come together under one name. Sing a particular song and feel the moment of togetherness. I was able to connect to Indian National flag, I was able to Connect to Australian National Flag. But I am still searching for a Flag which may unite all living Humans under ONE NATION. Nation of Humanity which may even if by decimal value but may have power to remove the possibility of World War III

My scientific thinking will always be with me I guess, Like No Mad one day People might choose side and fight for dominance again. And then afterwards Humans will find a place, “A PLACE SAFE FOR LIVING” and I will call that As My Country In Future !!!!

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