Untold Stories 29: Determination

This is a stupid story of an unusual occasion, But still i believe worth sharing.
In my childhood I was the most disciplined boy. If someone ask me to sit in a corner of room keeping “Finger on your Lips” and I would do so.
Discipline and Rules were part of my lifestyle. These rules were giving shape to my thoughts until I started my own thinking. Or in other works someone showed me by pass route for not following all the rules and still remain happy
In the same world where I was living, My little sister who is 6 years younger than me, had a parallel universe. Her way of living was way different than mine. Rules were only important when someone forces them on her. And other times she use to do what she wants to and then be ready to face the consequences with an attitude of “What Worse Could Happen???

In late 90’s We had two televisions in our house. One was Colour CRT and other was Blank and White CRT. Plasma, LCD or LED were not even discovered by that time, or not being so popularised than common man can buy it as its is affordable now. My mom, sometimes being angry of certain things use to have strict rules like switch off the tv and go to bed or studies. Its exam time or tomorrow is some important event or other reasons which according to my thinking at that time were enough reasonable that I cannot re question them. I use to follow the same and off the television with half heartedness and sometimes cry out aloud in my room that I don’t have any freedom. Blame the system or convince myself that when my time come I will show her THE RULES.

Parallely 6 years later when my little sister was of the same age and the time came when these rules were to be imposed on her. She used a little trick. When my mom use to say “Dolly!! Switch off the TV”, Yes she used to switch off the TV and go to her room. But along with that, she use to read the timings of repeat telecast of the same episodes which she missed when mom didn’t allow her to watch the TV. The repeat telecast mostly use to be after 2am in night. She use to get up at that time when everyone is sleeping, Switch on the TV with very minimal volume and watch the full episode without waking up anyone. As she use to get up late next morning so everyone in the house knew what she did last night, But what has happened cannot be undone.
She use to get a scolding on the other day but she did what she has to.

After Years of this incident Me and my sister was talking about the same situations and the difference between my and her way of living styles that we followed in our childhood.
I was regretting that I missed all the TV episodes that I wanted to watch when I was small and my sis Kritika Milind Never missed to do what she wanted to..
In this discussion she asked me a simple question
If yes then you will achieve it no matter what anyone else say to you.
You simply were not determined to watch them and you missed it.

The lesson was simple and even today I sometimes remember my Sister’s Mischief to motivate myself when people tell me not to do this or not to do that.

I am not motivating the youth to Break the rules set by government and follow your heart. I am saying that when you are DETERMINED of what you want, ways will be made out of nowhere. You will get the things of what you want. Only and only when you show enough Action to chase What you have dreamed of and Have a solid determination and faith that what you believe is Achievable. As the saying goes “WHERE THERE’S A WILL THERE’S A WAY”
Wishing you for all the various path you will be taking this week. Give your best..!!!!

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