UNTOLD Stories Post 2. Wishing Happy Birthday to HIM on 19th November 2014

After a pre medial diagnosis and record of Vascular Necrosis and Anxiety Neurosis, A man breaths every day with a courage of Lion. Struggles every day to support his family, Maintain the faith of togetherness and ultimate aim of Progress within the individual and the surrounding.
Coming form a conventional cultural thinking tries his best to understand present generation thoughts like Live in Relationship, Concept of GF/BF i.e Partners before Marriage etc etc. Its difficult for him but he try his best to digest new concepts and maintain a pace with the new generation.
Deprived quality education, He aims his next generation to reach the highest literacy limit and he proved this point admitting his son to Higher Education Overseas and His Daughter to get a Medical Seat in Renowned Medical University.
He gives his wife utmost respect and freedom of what he deprived to her in initial years of marriage. He Supports his wife, kids and all fellas who he believes as a family member.
Forgetting all family grudges, He dreams to see all his Brothers together in one shelter for at least one time before sleeping on his death bead. He believes in a completely new concept that “He in an Engine to a train where all compartments are scattered. And if he stops functioning the whole train will become at rest and thrown out of track” Thus he takes care of Condemn House with an Hope that the birds once flew away, will come back home one day, sit and eat together.
He was a person with power of “varanam ayiram” in my life an encourage me to fight my battles of life with courage, dignity and faith in yourself.

I cannot thank him by words to give me chance to come in this world. But I could still feel the support of first time he holed me in his arms when I was born. And promise myself to give him the same comfort when he is leaving this physical world. To man of his words and power of thousand elephants and attitude of Lion, I wish Milind R Dongre Hearty Wishes on his Birthday.

Happy Birthday Father,
From His proud Son – Tapish Dongre ‪#‎tapishdongre‬
Daughter: Kritika Milind
And Wife Tejashri Milind ‪#‎utsp‬

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