UNTOLD Stories Post 1

A Mom was challenged by her Own Father in Law that your kids don’t deserve Better education, Your kids are not going to achive anything in life. They are grand children of an Rikshaw Puller(maternal) and they are going to be the same for rest of their life.
With limited amount of finance, with limited amount of resources and Awesome managerial skills, she made her kids Engineers and Proud Future Owners of Dongre Group of Industries.
I salute a the Mom of such inspiration and Salute her struggle to fight own family members to achieve her goal.
I SALUTE RAJASHRI R DONGRE for her hardwork and Congratulate her for winning the Challange 🙂
Asit Dongre Padma Dongre Tejashri Milind Kritika Milind Sonakshi DongreGrinita Dongre Ninad Dongre ‪#‎tapishdongre‬ ‪#‎utsp‬

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