UNTOLD Stories Post 3: College Days

Proffessor: Stand up Gaurank, you should stand up when u are answering to a teacher.
Gaurank: Yes professor
Proffessor: Where is your tie? Why are u not in proper uniform?
Gaurank: Sorry Professor, I FORGOT.
Proffessor: (Angryli) How can you forget? Tell me why did you forget?

In this conversation I am not pointing anyone was wrong. But I apprietiate the way Gaurank Handle the situation. He was though kicked out of class after this, but I dont find anything what he said as wrong. The education system in India faces several such situation where Teachers take undue advantage of students and take out anger of someone elese in the mangement on students.
Students in turn dont reply back, very rare absorb the anger by the proffessor and most of them starts hating the professor and in turn the subject. THERE THE WHOLE PURPOSE OF EDUCATION STOPS.

The same student expresses his anger when he is in power or to his young ones and the chain of anger continues.

I believe You guys must have solution to this probem becauses I dont have it…
But I truly appritiate Gaurank’s attitude who currently discontinued his education form PIET nagpur and is having a sweet shop in Sitaburdy Nagpur (Near Ghanghor).
Post in comments if u have any possible solution to avoid people leaving education in our country…

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