Untold Stories Post 66: Searching for Job Part 2 – Higher Living Approach.


Necessity is the Mother of Invention, heard it many times in life and now was the time of application. Not being selected in Campus and Rejected the offer of Private Agencies left me to force myself in searching other path which are usually not so often after completing Engineering. I heard of People preparing for Civil Services but as Biotechnology my field of study not being in any of the list of Civil Services acceptance list kept me away form that examination. Still due to father’s wish I appeared in Couple of Civil Services examination and as expected did fail hard. My search and search took me states of India and I came to know along with my three Engineering friends that It is possible to directly join a PhD after completing B.Tech Degree. You have to appear in an examination
called CSIR. CSIR stands for Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. Qualifying this examination will lead you to directly pursue PhD after your Bachelors(Graduation) where as the Common Taken Step is to Do your Graduation(4 years) then Masters (2 years) and then PhD (3 to 5 years).
I was going to save 2 years of my carrier path and be ahead of the competition.

Applying to CSIR-NET was not only saving my two years of carrier path but also providing me with 18 to 25,000 Rs per month tax free income in my account as a stipen which is not as good as doing a job but better than what I would have possessed if I qualified Gate (8 to 10,000)

I attempted GATE for three times along with CSIR about 5 times in a row. The best part of shooting two birds moving in opposite direction with one bullet and not truly understanding or accepting which is your favourite bird to shoot is: You will not be able to catch either of the two.

This is what happened and I Never Cleared either GATE nor CSIR. Along with the emotional troma of not having a Job after Graduation, now I was failure in various examinations too. This situation if you can imagine is adding more and more demoralising emotions to already a student who think himself as a failure and struggle to get out of this situation.
But most of all is “Your Own Relatives”

It is either “Your Relatives in INDIA” takes your constant care and asks about your where about throughout your life, or my observation is true that they Get somehow activated when you are failing in life and comes with ridiculous questions like “How are you doing? or What have you decided to do in life? or Indirectly asking parents that what your son is going to do now?”
I was having struggle to understand these relative actually care for you or they enjoy watching your failure and come to poke you in your weak time. As whenever you are getting Successful in life, the relatives somehow disappears in their own life struggle and forgets about you for ever. (Ya there are exceptions to this theory but those days I felt my observation was not wrong).

The next thing I did was is done by most of common students who are so failed in after several tries, I started to run away from things, running away from Relatives, Friends, Problems, and Even Parents.

I locked myself away from Parents and very less of my friends actually had accesses to my whereabouts. When you are alone you somehow get time to speak to yourself. Usually people talking to themselves seemed mad. But being Mad is what is needed sometimes to take your first step towards success.
And though not adviced by any doctors and psychiatrics but I urge everyone to please find time to talk to yourself, tell yourself what you want, where you want to go, how you want to be and don’t trust me, just do this experiment of talking to yourself alone where no one is Judging you, the true answers come along out of your heart.

I remember in one of alone conversation that once I wrote a page on my dairy with only 1 line on it. The line was
“Money dosn’t have power to push me out of my country but one day I will myself.”

I don’t actually remember the state of mind when I wrote this line in past, by reading it today also it conveys multiple meanings, but on that day I had solutions to all my issues. I selected only 1 exam to get me out of India, and that was IELTS, decided to give 100% of only 1 try to check do I really wanted it. And to my surprise I actually worked hard for it. And even while working hard I dint realise I was doing it as at time It was of my Interest.

Read in many books but finally came to my understanding that if you do the things which interest you, the work is half way done. Your interest puts all the efforts in the work and a Simple Engineering Production formula is “Demand Pulls rather than Supply Pushers”

The demand to experiencing another Country, the Demand to Learn more in life, The Demand to finally stand out the 1 million of Engineers crowd pulled so hard that I cleared the IETLS in my first go. Some of Worlds top 100 university were ready to take me in. And I selected Queensland University of Technology to Pursue my Masters in Biotechnology.
At that time my thought were, lets get out of this corrupted system of Job Hunt and 18 to 25000 Rs I can earn even if I became a Floor Cleaner in other country. And as there is no social stigma of “What Your Son is Doing” as long as I am happy, I will achieve more than what I have aimed for.

Don’t ask me how I managed to gather funds, how many doors, banks, relatives or Agreements I had to sign up for, but I did Manage to get to Australia.
The life was at Higher Living Approach but some basic question of “Searching Job” were still Answered.


Sorry Readers I couldn’t keep up to my promise and instead of publishing this article on 5th September, I was only able complete my writing on 5th October.
I again would find time and publish the last part of “Searching Jobs” towards the end of this month.
Thanks for your Patience – Tapish Dongre

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