Untold Stories 46: Stealing is a Crime???


Ohhh, its feels so good to be back on writing, Happy New Year Everyone, So lets get the words Rolling 🙂..

One of the principle lesson taught at schools and as well as home that ‘Stealing is Bad’. And whenever the terms law and rules were explained to us when we were very very small, somewhere the sentence rings the bell “Stealing is a Crime”
More we grew up with the sentence more we tend to believe its true, more we learn more we tend to accept it as a moral. Even I did the same, I did followed the principle and hated the steals or robbers considering them bad people until and unless I was put in their shoes.

I think this is not the usual way I start the stories, but let me to take you to wonderland, Long Long ago, before all the merchandise came, water was free. Food grew on plants, trees and other food kept running on ground (for all non veg lovers 🙂 ). Goods and commodities were created or extracted by individuals form nature and exchanged with appreciation. We the humans were called wanderers, gathers and pre-form of Society. When Society formed every person or group found a way to look down on others, to protect their belongings, and expertise in one skill and serve others. Even at that time Skills of individuals were appreciated. By words or Gifts the Services were exchanged. And to create the concept of equal exchange, the Concept of MONEY was introduced. And here we are today in a world that creator of Money, we humans now bow down to it.

Still both the above paras are confusing?
I think person story will be more beneficial. So the story goes

All my childhood, I followed the principle of Personalization, My school friends might have faced my wrath even when they try to touch my belonging without my permission. Even when I was in College I believed the concept of me, mine and sometimes only mine. I don’t take other’s belongings and so dose others should follow. Not going to the place I am not invited in was the basic manners I followed. Until I met bunch of Idiots and named our group “Stifflers”. Just for a change in groups we did all the things which was against the mannerism which I was taught. And I kinda enjoyed it. Going for places where even I was not Invited in was explained by a simple sentence, “IF you are BORN on this PLANET, You are INVITED my Friend”

Stealing is Crime, But “whats created by NATURE belongs to NO-ONE.” and what belongs to No-one Belongs to EVERYONE. Thus in a fun way I was somewhere in-between the line of sanity and mischief. In group it was all a different cause and different believe system. But when It came to individual surviving in future, that was the point where my actual decision making will be involved. In next years after my graduation, I came to Australia to pursue Post-graduation. 1st Semester was luxurious but as the time passed, The Money I earned by Job was not sufficient to hold my stay in Australian living. Asking money form home was not an option as Conversion form Rupee to Dollar left nothing on my hand. It was days where I had to re-think, Is stealing a crime???.
The Day became bad financially and time came, where I use to steal a Glass of milk form my housemates, (if you reading this, sorry guys) and Sometimes eat what ever was left by the Guest Checkouts at the hotel I was working as Housekeeper. Morally I was broken down as I couldn’t maintained the principles which I was been practicing for all my life before. Either I was doing wrong by stealing food for survival or there is something wrong in the system.
The food which was free in past, is now commercially grown and thus we have to pay for it. The water which was free in rivers now have a price of Minimum 3$ in a bottle. Even the money what we created and on top of that we claim to earn is Taxed for the benefit for all. I know you all in head have possible logical educated answers to my sentences, but then I urge to ask you again to re-think and re-evaluate is Stealing is Really a CRIME?

Currently I am part of system and wind of bad days is turned over, I again earning enough to have a luxurious life and have lust of earning more and more. But still couldn’t stand a hungry person in front of me, and still couldn’t bare a though that Somewhere in this planet, there is a student just like me, struggling to earn hard, struggling for his bread, and when in bad times have been thinking to move his hand looking left and right that no one watches him/her taking the food. And in his mind Deciding, “IS STEALING IS A CRIME????”

Have a thought & Enjoy your week ahead smile emoticon
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