Untold story Post 47 : HEY MOGAMBOo !!!!


Greetings for the Day everyone, this post is only about Greetings smile emoticon

When I was small, various teachers were teaching me different ways to use ICE BREAKER words, such as HELLO in English, Nameste in Hindi, Namaskar in Marathi, Assalamu Alaikum in Urdu etc etc. and we use to respond to the same greeting phrase from whom we learned form. We never know such an Ice breaker words will have an importance in future, when we grow up…(physically or mentally that’s another case..)

Ice Breaker words are the words used in begging of any conversation or even when we would just like to acknowledge our presence to a stranger. If used properly the conversation proceeds in a happy tone…and some times and very very rare times goes to disaster (again depending on mood of the speaker)

When I was small along with learning form elders, we learned a lot form media, just like the kids of these days are doing form you-tube. But those days the video media was not much popular, but there was a craze for acceptance of the media. Thus on those days when humanity shifted to Color television form Black and White television, one bollywood movie became famous among Indian kids named, “MR. INDIA”
Mr India was Indian superhero with power of invisibility by the Invisibility Gadget he found in a professor’s lab, but more pointing out about the superhero, I would like to divert your focus on the Villain of this movie. The name of villain in this movie was MOGAMBO, and Every person who is working for Mr. Mogambo in his secret hideout, use to wish each other “HEY MOGAMBO” and the response was the same by lifting one hand and shouting back “HEY MOGAMBO”
When workers use to wish Mr Mogambo saying out a loud, HEY MOGAMBO, then the supervillian Mr Mogambo use to reply, “MOGAMBO KHUSH HUA” meaning Mogambo is Happy NOW.
This scene was getting popular among 90’s Indian kids and one day we planned a trick to one of our bald science primary school teacher. When he entered the class, we all stood up and raised our one had to the shoulders and said out a loud in Chores, ‘HEY MOGAMBO’ we all thought that professor either have not seen the movie or will get very angry on us for saying HEY MOGAMBO instead of GOOOD MOOOR NINIGGG SIRRR.
And to our surprise, our teacher replied to us “MOGAMBO KHUSH HUA”
We laughed out a hard and then continued our lessons of that day.

Ohhh, I wish to go back to my school days, but today the day is little different. With time and experience everyone wants to and expects to be treated different. Different languages and greetings want to dominate the population. I have heard stories that previously called Ice Breakers words have now become Passwords. For Eg. The person following Swaminarayan will only respond when greeted as “Jai Swaminarayan” and disregard any other greetings to him/her. Initially I thought it’s a joke but when tested on some of my known, its was actually true. Similarly the pharase “Jai Bheem” give you acceptance and access to special communities of India.

It was a pleasant experience to take greetings international. I try my best not to sound racist but I had to learn it the hard way if you wish “Ni Hao”, “Konichiwa” “Lin Ho” not to Chinese, Japanse or Taiwanise person respectively, I mean if we miss calculate the greetings and wish some other greeting to some other asian, then people get offended that they don’t belong to country for the language used to wish them.

Thus my overall observation was that these days simple Ice Breaker words have turned into Passwords. There is nothing wrong or right in these Greetings or their current use as passwords, but I only feel that more learning and Acceptance of the Essence in person’s intention is Important. If someone greets you, 99% of the time the intention’s are good, peace and harmony to wish and start a polite humanly conversation. Thus the essence of greetings must be appreciated and Enjoy your presence in this planet.

Good Day Everyone

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