Untold Stories 45: Can We FIX it??? YES we CAN !!!!!


World is not a perfect place, It never was and it may never will be.

May be the first line is a pessimist in me speaking but sometimes I take my time to even listen to the pessimistic side of me, as i don’t want to neglect any side of my inner voice.

Working as Security Officer takes me various places. And many a times to places where I have all the time in the world to observe minute things happening around me and to think and re-think on the prospects of how this day is being useful to me or what I can learn form here. Then at some hours I recalculate or filter the thoughts into main categories, One which are Important to me and Second Which are not.

Recently I have been allotted construction sites where I have a chance to observe and sometimes interact with Construction Workers.
Each construction workers has special or unique skills which all over make the team workable. And the jokes followed throughout the day are uncontrollably awesome that makes my day to continue going on site. Ya sometimes swearing also takes place but these guys have an awesome attitude that reduces the work load stress and all are back to work.

This story happened just a day ago. As per the last plan they had, all construction workers fixed tiles and Fire Extinguisher as explained to them. After the work was done, the head contractor came and observed that the wiring which was suppose to be beneath the tiles has been done not according to plan and even Fire Extinguisher has been mounted on the wrong side of door (the opposite of what is planed now is the right side explained by operation planner – as I don’t have knowledge about left or right or which side is correct to keep fire extinguisher, I wont publish the correct side and let the Contractor decide)
But the mistakes involved can be only be fixed now by completely undo the construction these guys were doing form past 3 days. That involves removing the tiles and cutting a whole segment of wall to refit the fire extinguisher on the other side. By this insistence I was reminded by the kids show me and my sis use to watch in childhood. Or actually speaking I was forced to watch as we had only one color TV in our house that time which played all channels and thus we got to take chances and watch shows. Thus by force or choice I had experience of watching the kids show BOB THE BUILDER and this dialogue was always repeated on the show “Can we Fix it?” to which the reply came “YES WE CAN”
The construction workers used some kinda adult version of this dialogue. “Can we Fu***ng Fix It?” To which the Construction workers replied, “Yes we are getting paid more to do this job again, thus Yes We Can.” Probably in next two days they will fix the issue. As I am not assigned my next shift there so I wont be able to watch the reaming construction.
Point to note here is Instead of getting more angry, instead of being sad about the happenings around. The construction workers decided to work on the problems again and try to fix the issue as per new plan.

Probably life is similar, lot of problems, lot of ups and downs and the world is the same. Then it comes back to my inner voice, “The World is not an Perfect place, it never was and may be it never will be” to which I say out a loud, Who needs a perfect world. Its all about my attitude towards the world, I just have to plan for the day and the day ahead. And Say

CAN I FIX IT??……Haha ha you know the rest.

Cheers everyone, Have a Good Day Ahead

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