Untold Stories 44: Quality vs. Being First


Most of the Comparative examples are Quality vs. Quantity, but let me re-define the trend is changed now. It’s mostly Quality vs. Being First.

To make any product efficient, proper or in the well known terms Qualitative it consumes time. And we all know by your own experiences of calculation that Time is MONEY in many senses. Whereas Quantitative progression also consumes time but finds its easy economical ways to reach out to individuals.

One of the races me and my friends have is to either experience the quality, standard of life or be there first to experience making some compromises. I hate the word Compromise at it lead to no choice but learning more from life I realize we can also take advantages if we choose the right Compromise. More reading about life of Steve Jobs and his Competitors I learned that THE ART of COMPROMISE is a thing lacked by Steve which took him to heights and also falls of his journey. So best outcome is to learn the art of Compromise and CHOOSE to take it or not.

Above two paragraph might be somewhat overhead material for the readers thus I will simplify it in a form of Story.

Me and My sister always had a competition of watching Movies First. Let that be first day first show release on the nearest theater or the first telecast of premiere of any show. We had competition of grabbing it first and then blabbering to world about it that we have actually experience it.

This competition became more and more interesting when we starting living separate, when I was doing my engineering and she her schooling. Me spending my time at rented houses, or in a different state during my college – post college life and she living with parents. Both had pros and cons to access the movies and shows. When my friend Bhratlal joined me in most of my adventure to watch movies his choice was always to go for Quality. High Definition Prints of movies or preferably watching on Big Screen.
The taste of quality was drowning me which in overall time can be calculated as going towards betterment. But the race with my sister was still on. The race became intense when we both got crazily attracted towards an Animated Series called “NARUTO”, the drawback was its first release was on Japan and it released in India or other countries probably after 6 months. This clause made us both lag behind all the people who already saw the movie in Japan. And as social media connects worldwide now, thus our mates at Japan spreading word about the experience of movie series Naruto six months ahead of us definitely made us jealous. Lagging behind was not an option. Thus the solution was PIRACY which gave us the option of Being FIRST again or at least know what the world is talking about after experiencing the movie.

Definitely PIRACY is illegal but if a movie due to its quality or distribution fails to reach us, its their lack that the customers demand is not fulfilled by the Producers or distributors. If Naruto was Released in India, I am sure of all Naruto Fans, Me and My sis were the first to book and PAY for the Premiere of the movie. But that time Piracy was the only option.
Thus the right compromise still made us won the completion of watching the movies first. When I reached Australia, I first won the race to watch Naruto Part 10 watching it on theater paying 16$ at event cinemas. I won with both Quality and Being First as Naruto copyrights were very strict about piracy but in latest release Naruto Part 11, she again won as the print was leaked for few days. The race is still on….
Overall today here in Australia Watching a Hindi Movie is a difficult task as all movies don’t have world wide release and thus Piracy is again gives the best option to me to BE THE FIRST again.
Today most of world raising voice against PIRACY must also raise voice to good Distribution of movies. MOVIES and SHOWS at your desktop, on your laptop on your mobile device on the Day of its RELEASE.
As the race is not Quality vs Quantity


Happy Day Guys

Have a Good Week Ahead 🙂



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