Untold Stories 37: My First TV VIDEO GAME

We always analyse a story or a content message and keep on filtering its positive or negative ones. But there are many things I need to learn in Life or Sometimes though learned cannot be decided as Positive or negative. Neutral Zones are only temporary ones for me. Thus is the story of my First Video Game.
In my primary schooling I was not the one who play on grounds. I like indoor games the most. Chess, Carom, Table Tennis, Billiards and Cards were the games I use to spend most of my time with. The World of Indoor gaming was going to be revolutionist in some years that I was not aware of. But I only heard of some technology called TV-Video Gaming. And finally the destiny called, and on one of my mom’s relatives home we went, I saw the TV-Video Game for the first time. It was Dr Premchand Bhagwandas‘s son Ameet was playing in his room. I was amazed with the technology. With pressing some buttons on screen the character called “Mario” jumps on the screen and walks. I was more amazed when he showed me a the next game called “Duck Hunt” A laser Gun was to be pointed on TV and then when We shoot on the screen, the Duck actually gets the bullet and is dropped off flying, and if we miss, the Dog Jumps up the bush and Laughs on us. That was the first Electro Magnetic Artificial Intelligence Insult a 90’s Kid can receive.
I wanted to play both of the game, but Ameet dint not allow me to, may be the game was very expensive to touch that I will spoil by torching it, was convinced to me. I dint question anyone back as my logical brain might not have developed at that age. Only thing I could do was that I came home and kept on Crying. My father did not like it. He felt it so bad and though I did not ask but on his next trip to Bombay (MUMBAI was called Bombay at that time) he got a new Castes TV Video Game form me. The first Time my brain Accepted that the NEW TV VIDEO GAME belongs to me now. The ME, MINE and MYSELF concept got its grip. Just like Ameet did not allow me to touch his Video Game even I did not allow anyone to touch mine. The concept grew bigger and stronger as time passed. Form MY VIDEO GAME to MY CAR, MY HOUSE, MY LIFE.
The small little poor “OURS” was somewhere lost in time, I was reminded by Aniket Garg in class XII that I even scolded him for touching my pencil box when I did not know him. It was initially difficult for me be with friends in my College life where things were used as common in friends. On a recent discussion with Bharatlal Choudhary rhetorical questioned me “Its just like asking the Motor-Byck in Engg. college was yours or mine” pointing out that somewhere back in College days I re-believed that resources belong to US and not ME
Currently I try my best to keep things to OURS but the Roots of ME, MINE and MYSELF are so strong that I don’t really care if I hurt someone.
The story of MY TV VIDEO GAME was definitely MINE but I guess even YOU have experienced some thing which you HOLED ON as only YOURS.

Cheer to Personalization

Happy Week Ahead 🙂

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