Untold Stories 36: The Dis-Obedient Student

I had to wait for roughly more than 4 years to actually come out with this story. And At the end I would definitely love to share my journey. This post is not meant to defame anyone its just the story the way it happened.

In most of my post I will always ask people to find a good teacher so that you learn something new. Something different and something valuable to keep you marching forward. I told you to take their guidance, but I forgot to mention you the path of a disobedient student.
My father use to say there will be people in your life journey who might be rude to you, who might be not happy with your progress and who also would like to divert you form the path you mostly choose to become in your life. I personally like to be in a fairyland where everyone is good. Everyone is happy of whatever everyone is doing. But it was very late till I realize that fairyland is an Ideal situation, a theoretical concept and in real world even when you flip a coin, only the choosers of winning side of the coin be happy than the others. And though they choose heads or tails, they must learn to move on.
But this kid took a time to understand the difference between good and bad. It took me time as on my face, every other individual was happy, friendly and satisfied with my actions. But I was unaware of people who talk to you friendly and divert you form reaching to your goal. The momentary negative in them can hamper your whole life line. Thus it must be learned by everyone when not to follow your teacher. The key is simple when your mind stops working, Just follow YOUR HEART. People around you will be momentary unhappy but on the long run will respect you as a person.
In early 2011, I became the dis-obedient student for the first time. Dr. Manju Soni at Priyadarshini Institute of Engineering and Technology was the Head of Department of Biotechnology where I was perusing my Engineering Degree. After one of the student organised function of the department we were talking about the path to be taken in future after the degree. Everyone told her what they wanted to do. I remember Bharatlal Choudhary wanted to be a businessman after graduation. Akshay Korkalaiand Ankul Dogra wanted to use the degree and get a job. Gaurav Pendkeand Swati Gupta had their options open for Doing Masters. And I was the one who wanted to continue my journey with Biotechnology and Genetics as I planned in my class XIIth. After expression of my interest, Dr Manju Soni said, you must not waste your time in Biotechnology and its better you do a Personal Relations (PR) course. Then I replied to her, but I love Biotech, Even If I am not a scientist I would like to learn more and be industrialist, quality controller or just a writer to tell people the stories of Biotech Industries and industrialization. Who knows I might be story writer who uses the concepts of high end biotechnologies to publish some novels or paper articles. She replied, Biotechnology is not going to do any good to you. Better find a different path.
Many thoughts run in my mind at that point. I even thought that she being a Dr. of Microbiology and also Head of PIET Biotech Department would have more knowledge about the right decision for me. But my heart was unhappy with her words. Mostly I am first person to follow the teachers instructions, but this time I decided to Close my ears for a while. Lets not think what people what form me. Lets think about what I want form this life. Lets be selfish for a while. And just for the sake your own happiness FOLLOW YOUR HEART.
I tried to apply for CSIR to get into further research in Biotech but I failed. I applied to GATE for doing M.Tech but again I failed. My failures turned into frustration. I started avoiding my family, my friends and my so called life partner which I decided in early age. I kept myself isolated in room away form my family near Subhashnagar, Nagpur, INDIA. Somewhere inside me thought may be Dr Soni is right. And I should stop wasting my time. But then I met Shubham Deshmukh and Shubham Ballewar. Spending time with them and learning stories of their life made me more stronger. They were young teenagers who though financially or academically withhold to pursue further education but then they told me that they would try out different means. Ballawar said to me, Even If he dint get admission in Engg college, he would do Poli. and then go to Engg. second year. I learned form their simple style of living that nothing is stopping them form achieving their goals, what they dream of, then I am not that old who would stop my struggle then and there. I re-applied to all the exams again and also gave IELTS to try out different options to explore. The results came out; I failed CSIR by 2 marks and GATE by 1 but I cleared my IELTS and was then eligible to apply for Masters in Biotechnology not only in India but various countries abroad. I choose QUT, Brisbane Australia and transcended to other type of struggles. To meet new teachers and to be a DIS-OBEDIENT student again. Now I just know that even if people say that I cannot do any particular thing, I always have an option to close my ears and Follow my Heart. If I would have listened to Dr Manju Soni then I would never been able to reach this far. Thus I would like to say to myself, “ITS OK TO BE DIS-OBEDIENT STUDENT SOMETIMES”
And by doing this on 22nd July 2015 I would be awarded my Masters of Biotechnology form Queensland University of Technology (QUT).
I invite you all to watch my Convocation ceremony on-line live on 22nd July 2015, 6:30PM AEST (ie 2pm Indian Standard Time)
The link will be active/live only on the mentioned time above.


Have a great week ahead everyone 🙂 NEVER stop chasing your dreams

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