Untold Stories 38 : Inspiration Among Us

Usually we get inspired by watching a video presentation, movie, speech or reading media which mostly provides us with an example of a success story where one person or a group could achieve the impossible, people often use the phrase the word impossible can be spilt into I am Possible. Personally speaking in my teenage I use to watch several videos and in my college days which makes us to dream that I am going out to the world and I am built to follow my dreams, to follow my passion and make a meaningful change in the society. The most inspirational series I started in my teenage and I still follow is Naruto which kept in me the spirit plus fantasy alive, the can do attitude and will of fire. But when it came to real world, Fantasy shatters the moment we keep our feet on ground. Back in India My Vice Chancellor was the first to de-motivate me. I also rememberOmkar Vinchure was also challenged that he will never get a job after having B.Tech Degree, which he proved wrong, and now it was my turn. After coming to Australia, and learning cooperate demand supply rule, I was again little demotivated that I joined Biotech to make the high-tech resources available to common man, and was told by course coordinator that in-spite of several good people working for various cause, the high end companies work for money and thus small diseases like malaria and various small viruses are been preserved and modulated among the population so that the money cycle keeps flowing. After loosing the purpose of motivation that future will have more challenges sometimes my mind trends to give up thinking that all those motivation was for waste, wonderland only exist in fiction stories, and in real world, the powerful always wins, though right or wrong.
I cannot see future…and has very less idea about what’s going to happen next…thus I have a habit to look into past….
The story of one of my primary-school classmate, always motivates me. It made me believe that even at Real world though small but change is possible.
In Class IVth to IXth, we KV school pupils were told to read out a loud in front of whole class a para or two of the lesson we are learning that day. That was most fun part of learning for me that I use to wait for my chance to read and spread my loud voice throughout the class. In class Vth we had a new student named Nabhila Ambekar, when asked to read a para in English, she use to stuck at every three words, I remember everyone laughed at her and she dint even complete her para and sat down. We were eager to know more and waited for HINDI class and even in Hindi she use to stuck in reading every three to four words. Everyone laughed at her again. Initially she did not have much friends thus kept it to herself. I knew little late that she use to live just two houses next to mine and seldom use to play outside like we all children use to. Everyday we use to wait for her chance to read out a loud, once she miss pronounced the word “Cycorax” as “XEROX” and for that day me and my friends called Xerox as CYCORAX (form the famous Shakespeare Novel The Tempest, the person who looked like a fish)
Just after two weeks we were all astonished to see, the girl who use to stuck at reading every two to three words started reading both English and Hindi para fluently with proper pronunciation. Teachers were impressed with the change and Students had no point for Laughing.
This was the first time for me to watch peer pressure made a positive change. And I am sure the time we use to play outside and watch television, she must have used to practice and practice loud reading to gain her classmate’s respect and shut the laughing audience, which she did.
Unfortunately, due to my rude behaviour in past we might not be friends today but her behaviour towards learning will always be my motivation. In real life, practice and persistence can clear all the boundaries between you and your goal.
Thus Some day In future, I would be a Industrial Biotechnologist along with a Motivational Writer and You will be the person You want to be…
Because in Real life….. IT IS POSSIBLE… 🙂

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