Untold Stories 39: Resolution

In Micro-Biology we learned, Resolution is the ability to distinguish two points placed very closed to each other as separate. In other terms we clearly observe that two closest object when placed together though can look alike or same when watched with a distance and closer we move or with the help of right tools we can see they are either two different objects, matter or perception.

Let me give you a scenario: On a beautiful Sunday morning, You are on a Beach watching far off mountain with your naked eye, appreciating the view you wonder the colours brown and green on distinct mountains adds up to the view of the Blue Sea with the rise of sun. But when you take your binoculars and see that the green colours on mountain are not random colours but Tall Tree leaves which you just mistaken for simple greenery. When you use Telescope to see more clearly, now you are able to see that there are separate distant species of trees and the colour green differs in shades among the leaves of different flora present on mountain. Curiosity drags you to sail your mini boat and you reach the other shore just to see the mountains very closely. Now you witness different types of plants some grown to the height of below your knees and rest above your shoulders. Taking one leaf, you may observe the design and random lines drawn on leaves. If you had a microscope you would have observed that the leaf has various elements pores other features which were never possible to observe when you were standing at the other shore looking at mountain form a far off end. More technology applied and more and more Resolution can be available to observe, learn and witness the microbial change in front of your eyes.

The similar analogy can be treated when a person’s view point is considered. The more and more we understand the more are we able to differentiate between two points as distinct. Thus in a way Education is the tool which improves our resolution. In schools kids learn step by step various views, concepts, theories and thoughts that was yet studied or proposed. With my knowledge till date, I haven’t learned something which was never pre-existing. In other words, what my elders learned long years back when they were discovering those time, I am discovering them now. In the analogy comparison, trying new tools, sailing to the mountain to actually experience the plants. As my elders had theirs chance to try new tools, in future even I would be discovering something un-resolved. But the fact is to consider that acceptance of new concepts and theories requires time. The breakage of previews views to establish a new one.

I quote this example many times that in Class 3rd we learned Sun comes form the east and sets in west. And only after class 5th we were able to accept the concept that on a comparative relative scale, Sun doesn’t move east to west, actually earth rotates and we experience the moment of sun limited to our view point. I guess I am giving too much scientific info and I should limit myself in this article only about the Resolution. My point is there is an age to learn all concepts, if you teach violence, sex and politics to a 5 year old, either he will get it wrong or not understand at all. But with time and more eagerness to learn, the kid will grow into an responsible adult with might be more Resolution than we have with us now.

Thus with Time I have faith that we will learn more things. Some discovered by other people and some not discovered at all. And I just request the people who were still at the Beautiful Beach on a Sunday morning looking at the greenery of the mountain, Take your first binocular or start your sail.

Wishes for a wonderful week ahead

Happy Day 🙂

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