Untold Stories 35: The Richest Teacher

Exchange of Stories was the only amusement as well as inspiration at the time when Theater, Small and Big screen did not take over. In rural parts of India as well as Australia, by experience, people like to tell their life story to each other, or mostly one or two important incidents to even to strangers they meet in life. That way though the name of person fades, but the story remains in our mind. Even I would wish for a future when stories spread by me would be in memories of my readers.
The RICHEST TEACHER is the name given by me to one of my mom’s school teacher. The story in past goes;
Long time ago there was a Teacher in a primary education schooling of ODF Chandrapur. He was good at teaching his unit and disciplined in organised learning. As he was new to the batch of students in which Mom studied, they all assumed that while writing examination the papers will be corrected very strictly and all students might end up getting low marks.
When the time came of Result announcement, everyone was little shocked to see their own results. Average or slow learner students got Highest marks in his subject. Whereas normally academic high scorers got little low marks than their batchmates. The result was both surprising and frustrating for many. But it was still a mystery why and how the grading was given like that. When Second and Third Examination came the overall result was astonishing. It was a subject where all students of the class passed with Enough good grades which never happened with this batch of students. When Asked by many that how did he managed to overall get a good scoring in Final Board Examinations, His explanation became a story worth to be shared:
He Gave More than deserving marks to the slow learners. This created a self confidence boost in those students who always get low marks. They got interest in subject that this one is easy and if studied properly, can score more marks like they did in the first examination. The other section of students who normally were called high scores of the class initially got less marks than others. This ignited a competitive spirit in themselves. They realized that this subject needs more attention and we must study more to get better marks than what we got in first exam. The overall result was, Everyone in the class got an INTEREST to learn the subject. Everyone actually studied the subject because of positive result or fruit expected.
I call this man the Richest Teacher because in my schooling days, every teacher use to give less marks to students. We thought the teachers are little stingy or miserly as they never gave good marks to students as if the Marks are the property of theirs reserve bank or they have to give the marks form their own pocket. But the Richest teacher was different. He emptied his bank of marks to get Good Subject learners. He taught everyone that, “Roots of Education are Bitter but the Fruit is Sweet.”
I wish I had at least one teacher like that for me. And as our thoughts become things I did, Actually I had many such teachers not in my school days but in real working environment. In Australia I started my job with local 7×11 stores which was run by “stingy teachers” who always use to point out the mistakes in me while working. The fear of penalties from the mistake had to be paid by reduction in number of hours of pay while working thus slow learners student like me lost their self confidence and only focus in not doing mistakes at work. They day I left that job and joined two of the Leading companies namely RGIS and Spotless. I met many rich teachers, Every now and then the Rich teachers in the form of SUPERVISORS came to me and thanked me for little effort I made on the working arena. They appreciated for the small work I did in the company. Day by day I started giving more and more effort and finally came to a day when I was given the opportunity to become a supervisor. Now I am Rich or Stingy teacher that can only be answered by my staff. But I focus on teaching them that when they become a Supervisor, BE RICH FORM INSIDE and Appreciate the people around you, You many never know the person beside you might be a slow Learner like me who has just taken his/her fist step in the world of working 🙂

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