Untold Stories 28: My First Kiss

There is a good old saying, “A wise man kisses and Never Speaks”
So omitting the person’s name…here is the story how it happened:

It was my father’s birthday i.e, 19th November 2007 and she was my best friend (that’s what I assumed to be). My mind was between two different colleges of the renowned Nagpur University (Most Hated university by students of India because of impartiality plus teachers ego and politics). But one college was going to build my carrier(PIET) and the other had my heart in (DACN). I had a very strong crush on a girl and I was pretty confident that I will end up with my crush only. But shit happens and cyclone comes without intimidation…

Ok let me not confuse you more…!!! (Read my novel YULM and confusion will be clear…but till then….this is the story)

I tried my level best to express my feelings for the girl I like in my 1st College D.A.C.N but Every time I failed, I use to express my sadness to my best friend. I had no clue that time that the more time I am spending with my best friend; she was getting closer and closer to me. I assumed I am only expressing my views and even she use to tell up her past and screwed up stories to make me comfortable. She and I had great time talking hours with each other. Just the difference was, I wanted to talk about my crush and she wanted to talk about me.

On 19th November 2007, she came to my O.D.F Ambajhari Quarter (1/10/4) just to say hi as I was not much happy to leave a College and join the other one.
We had lunch together and as my sister did not like her much, we went up to the roof to sit and have conversation. I was showing her my old school which was easily seen from the roof of the house and was telling her all the past happy and sad memories I had with that place.

She started enjoying the conversation and got touchier to me. I was actually feeling awkward as had no feelings for her but cared about her a lot. Still in my mind I was sure that she is not the one, the one whom I want to spend my life with. I repelled to the physical closeness and started talking about other topics which will light the mood. At my teenage I was the person who shared most adult joke in the group but staying alone with her, I was most calm and composed person who avoided adult conversation at least when she is front of me.

We sat in the stairs going down to the house. She stated speaking more and more about “me”, “You’ and “US”
I started repealing the conversation and even sat a step away from her. I couldn’t remember the exact dialogues but she said, “You only talk adultery to people and when a bold girl like me is in front of you, you are just stepping away, just like a ‘scared cat’”

I replied “I am quite opposite of your description, so better be away form me”
She moved her head more close to me and said, “I don’t believe so.”
I moved my more closure and replied I don’t really care what you believe in.
She moved more close and said “I think you Dooooooo!!!!!!”

There was literally no more space for me to go close and say my next dialogue and with the fraction of second our lips collided. All my Chemistry, Mathematics, Science, Geography, History lesson were Failed in the moment of the touch of two lips. Eyes got self closed and the time was lost on the same moment.
I pushed her away thinking what if I have done. Instead of having my kiss with the right girl whom I want to spend my life with, I have kissed my best friend and spoiled two relations at once. One with my crush which seemed less possible now and one with my best friend as the relation will never be the same now.
But then lust continued in my mind and I forgot all the thoughts of above Para in the very moment. I kissed her again and welcome the Dooms Day…!!!!
My post of today is neither to promote anyone and nor to defame anyone. Today 25th May 2015, my best friend is married to her partner and I am with the real love of my life. We both are happy in our own and different path.
This just reminds me that all the teenage worries and plan I had, may be of no value at all. But overall if I can go back to past and give myself a warning I would have said,
Have patience, live each and every day of your life. Stop wasting your time in worrying for nothing, as Future is not happened yet, May the girl you kissed need not be compulsory your wife, may be the girl you have crush with is not meant for you at all. May be curse less the Nagpur University and PIET College, as may be the LOVE of YOUR LIFE is somewhere in near future…with a wrong guy waiting for her fate to join with you…in the same College you hate today….!!!!
In short,
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