Untold Stories Post 21: The Death of SuperStar

On 18 July 2012, we lost a very known Bollywood actor and a great soul, “Rajesh Khanna”
My father was very sad for the incident,
I remember He called me after very long time, as Me and My father rarely use to talk in my engineering days. He gave me a telephonic call when I was in Hyderabad for an Short term course, as his first sentence were, Rajaesh Khanna is no more.
Even my teacher Dr. Ananad Raj form Help Biotech Academy was also sad that Rajesh Khanna Died.
I had to look at Wikipedia that time and search who is Rajesh Khanna, I knew he was some actor but i wasn’t sure of, I was even not sure that he is actually talking about the Actor Rajesh Khanna or there is someone in our family died.
In fact it did.

Family is not the blood bound relationship that we have to follow even if we don’t like them. FAMILY ARE THE PEOPLE WHO ACCEPT YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE AND YOU ACCEPT THEM BACK EVEN BEING AWARE OF THEIR FLAWS AND DEEDS.

Rajesh Khanna accepted people as part of his life, his family was much bigger, and even crossed the borders India long time before I even think of reaching somewhere abroad. In turn people like My Dad, My Proffessor and may 80’s and 90’s generation youth accepted him as part of their family.
Unfortunately No one told me and even I dint see it, as “Bonds don’t require name to form.”

I could never understand the pain or the vacuum feeling unless the time 30th November 2013. We lost Paul Walker, another great soul in the mid way shooting of Fast and Furious 7.
I got a thought of Though on screen we 21st generation youth were so connected with him that even a thought of not seeing him again even on screen was a sad feeling one. Bonds Don’t require name to form. And this Bond or a relation between and actor and a spectator was a bond which is form already. We are connected with an Imaginary Thread which when cut, feels us incomplete in a very minute dose of pain.

Rest In Peace you both. We Miss you !!!!
I would like to quote both the dialog quoted for these two actors:

Rajesh Khanna : “Babumoshai, zindagi aur maut uparwale ke haath hai jahanpanah. Usse na toh aap badal sakte hain na main. Hum sab toh rangmanch ki kathputhliyan hain jinki dor uparwale ki ungliyon main bandhi hain. Kab, kaun, kaise uthega yeh koi nahi bata sakta hai. Ha, ha, ha.”

Translation: Life and death are in hands of God, we are just puppets in his hands on the stage called world. We cannot change it. When which string will be lifted up, No one had any clue 🙂 ha ha

Paul Walker: “If one day Speed Kills me Don’t Cry, because I was Smiling”

No Matter where you are, whether a quarter mile away or half way across the world, You will always be with me…………

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images courtesy: Wikipedia & Wikimedia 🙂

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