Untold Stories Post 22: Common Enemy

In early 2009, My and My partner’s relationship was always on a rough patch. Me and Anupam Jyoti​ were use to quarrel on small small topic throughout the day. This is the story of that one day when thighs were not in our hand but we reacted instantaneously.
I was angry on my love that she is not listening to me properly and most of the time she herself is going on an unsafe zone of people and complain me of not being protective. On the other end she was shouting back that I am showing over impulsive response and she shouted back for her free days. The argument started with this but as the quarrel goes all the topics from past which were irrelevant to this topic came along. We were literally fighting on Streets Near Hanuman/Sai Temple Near Girls Hostel Hingna Road, NAGPUR-Orange City​. The Verbal argument was so intense that it came a point where the next decision would definitely have been to end the relationship then and there and move on along our life path separately. We were fighting as we were enemies of each other.
Unexpectedly, A cop in his motor bike came along from the side door of the temple and came in front of us. Asked us the usual questions and Collected my drivers licence for a Bribe as according to him we Love Birds are not allowed to sit in a temple and some so called ‘respected citizens’ of society complaint against us. That moment or that impulse was enough for us to stop fighting and build a common enemy. Rather than fighting with each other, we bursted our anger at the cop. At that very point we completely forgot we were fighting from long and we both acted together against Cop.
That was the common Enemy we chooz that night, and we won the fight by defeating the enemy and we came more closer. (Actually we couldn’t defend him but we managed the situation by INDIAN way)

If you look the overall situation, this is not only the story of just me and my life partner, its the story of every Human being and his/her attitude in society.
We in India usually fights with each other based on States, Maharashtra vs Bihar, Andhra vs Telengana, Tamil Nadu vs Uttar Pradesh, Punjab vs whole south India, and so on..
But when the time comes that we Indians are in war with Pakistan, we forget all our small battles and join hand together, decide our Common Enemy and Fight against Pakistan in the years 1947,1965,1971 and 1999 (I was in this planet in the last recent fight 🙂 ).

Still if you think Globally, Even Dose WAR with Pakistan Does Not satisfy us, We have joined Group of Countries and in Past Even and Went on Two World Wars in year 1914 and 1939. (India was under Britisher rule and had joined war unwillingly I guess)

I am not a preacher who want everyone to stop fighting, its natural human tendency to fight. And truly speaking, I SUPPORT ALL WARS, its a tendency to define either superiority or limits of every organism in the planet. In fact, I want you all to participate in all kind of arguments, fights and Wars. But my readers, I just want you all to choose your common enemies properly

I am not saying I am completely right, but in my view as Human being Our Common Enemy are
Social Injustice
Lack of Management of Resources…. etc etc

Just Choose your enemy and Begin the Battle !!!
I will be on other end to Celebrate our Victory Together
All the Best !!!!!!

#tapishdongre #utsp

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