Untold Stories Post 20: The Word FUCK

India is a country very famous for Graffiti, In all public places we find non public posters all over. Boys even express their love in Graffiti in Boys toilet writing “I love you Simran” when I always use to wonder when will Simran have time to peep into boys toilet and check the status that a guy actually loved her.

In Railway stand/toilets Youth are so interested to teach Kamasutra to other people that they draw all 26 positions of having sex just to guide other travelers how it has to be done. Today I can at least try to understand all the images and the code languages, but there was a time when I was first exposed to these stuff where I had no clue what it means

I was in Grade VI and started living at Type III new Residential Rental House at Ordnance Factory Medak, Yeddumaliaram, AP 502205 INDIA. I have seen this for the first time that A BIG picture of Naked girl was drawn in Type V bus stand and near her Vaginal opening there was a big Arrow pointing towards and Words written “FUCK ME”

As a boy I was excited to watch the picture but as a Kendirya Vidyalay Science Student, I was more keen to know what the word “FUCK” means
As I was aware my parents have very less command over English I decided to ask my English Teacher, Muhhamad Ali Sir.
To my question he smiled and replied, “Have you checked the English Dictionary for the meaning?
Yes I replied it says the word Fuck is a VERB which means “having act of sexual intercourse”
Then what is your question asked Ali sir,
I asked him again, I am not aware of the word Sexual Intercourse either ! This dictionary has no use to me, Thus I wanted to know the meaning form you.
That time no one laughed on me as In my town, none of the VIth grade knew about the meaning of FUCK.
Muhammad Ali sir replied, Probably you must ask your biology teacher, she can teach you better.
I followed sir instructions and asked my Biology Teacher,
She replied in anger, “When I am teaching about Parts of a Plant you are keen to know form where the fruit has come.”
The word FUCK is not in syllabus, have you seen it anywhere in your Science Class VI text book?. she asked.
I bowed my head down and came back as the question was unanswered.
That Time during the whole conversation, I clearly remember, no one laughed at me as the whole town class VI grade students did not know the meaning of FUCK or sexual intercourse either.

That was my exposure to the word fuck
Students of 21st century are aware of the word long before they are in Grade VI. Its nice that they are finally receiving the knowledge about sexual education long before people start to exploit them.
They are not deprived of education as I was only exposed to one Bus Stand as the present Generation kids carry their bus stand in their pocket in form of Mobile Phones.
I even don’t say that class 6th is the right age to gain sexual knowledge, But I don’t even justify the reply which was given to me by my teachers.

In this fast growing era where education system is carried by mobile phones, youtube and other media, I request all Teachers in my contact at lest to please understand the demand of current generation knowledge, Please dont get angry with students questions and feel free to at least give a try to understand what a child have in his mind and try to explain with the possible positive knowledge which will make a stable society in which young minds can live in harmony, Respecting opposite sex rather than trying to exploit them

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