Untold Stories Post 19: The Heroes Among Us

The memories of this story are little faded thus cannot comment on the accuracy of the story but its is how I remember form my point of view…

I was in Standard Vth of my schooling and My Best friend at time Avinash Chaudhari was with class II or IIIrd I guess. Though we had an age difference but because of our thought similarity and area compatibility, we made a great team. If someone in the Ordnance Factory Ground Bullied any one of us, we use to hit back together.

The houses our area had Manual Lock system. i.e they had to bold in form inside to lock the door or form outside an external Pad lock should be installed every time we are going away form our home.
This was a strange incident that Avinash’s Mother came to our House to talk with my mother about some issues, (the afternoon girl talk ha ha)
She might have forgot the Pressure Cooker On gas stove kept on, or Might have done it on purpose as the Cooker takes about more than 20 minutes to cook. Till that time Multi-Tasker Home Maker woman can do various stuff in the 20 minutes time (including having a small chat with their neighbor. The food has to done before 12pm as at around 1pm our respective father will have Lunch in Factory and our mother’s home cooked food is being delivered to them by a transporter man.
Avinash’s little brother Sonu has just learn how to walk, he was not able to speak sentence but was able to speak little words. Just with a Playful attitude he use to walk and touch every thing around his house as the world was new to his baby hands. He accidentally came towards the house main door and as kids like to play with things, he bolted himself inside the house, unaware of how to open himself back.
The Gravity of situation is A mother is locked outside the house, Her kid is inside, Pressure Cooker is on, that is on the Gas Stove which is filled by LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) which have highest Probably of Blasting and Burning the whole house itself.

As the Pressure Cooker whistle more and more, an helpless mother use to cry outside and he baby use to cry from inside of not being aware how to open the door. The house started filling up with steam/smoke.
We tried different ways to open the door but we failed.
Our fathers were not available at that period of time. They were working in the factory so it made us the sole owner and of the situation maintenance.

I tried to climb up the house form back and enter the house form behind. But I discovered My stupid head structure is so Big that it dose not fit the grill and I cannot cross the grill to enter the house. Plus I was very fat that time.

Then came the chance of Avinash Himself. He was little but very flexible guy and he climbed the ladder, Cross through the grill and went inside the house. He opened the House from inside and saw his brother on floor semi unconscious as he cried for a long time.
From then the adults took over and Situation got under control.

The lesson I learned that day was how so small a person is build, he/she is build with a purpose. And time and situations realizes us the importance of the person
Time Faded the story, but let me Remind you
AVINASH UTTAM CHAUDHARY son of Uttam Choudhari was the HERO among us who save the life of his young brother.

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