Untold Stories Post 18: Baby Health Competition

When I was small, Really Really Small and I had no sense of understanding of good vs bad.
So this story is the Interpretation of the data and Pictures I got from my known ones.

Every year in the period of 1989 to 1996, a Baby Health Competition was conducted in Ordnance Factory Chanda, Chandrapur, Maharashtra, INDIA.
I have, actually I was made to participate in the completion by my mother. With the proper care of my diet, neatness and presentation taken by my mother to me, I managed to score the 2nd Position in the competition in the whole estate in the year 1990.
I did not relize but some years back that I missed the 1st position because there was muskara (kajal) on my eyes. This concept was new to me but still is followed in India that a samll Black Dot is kept on the cheek or head or near eyes of a baby to protect him/her form negative energy projected by other living beings. (Mechanism is still unknown to me 🙂
The Doctor told my mother that Applying Muskara near the eye area is harmful for the baby, It may spoil the kid’s eyes and he explained various reasons why the kids shouldn’t be wearing any makeup for any occasion as their safety is more important than their beauty. (And Kids are cute anyways 🙂 )
That Day I definitely lost a competition but my mother Learnt an important lesson. She upgraded from what was taught to her by her surrounding to what a Qualified Doctor explained about baby nurturing. Since then all my pictures I have of my childhood lack the back muskara makeup and the pictures reflect as I am.

The story Dose not End over here

My mother took it next level…

I participated the competition again in 1991 and I won the completion, People feel proud to say they they scored highest OP in Australia or Score 90% grade in 12 in India, but I was the one who was Proud to Score the 1st Position just 2 years after my birth 🙂
After 5 years of this incident in 1996 my little sis Kritika Milind Won the Baby health competition in the same place..
The Story Sill Dose not End here..

On a recent conversation in a marriage ceremony, My mom was teaching this concept of Muskara to some of the new born’s mothers and educating them with the knowledge that she learnt.
Mother Tejashri Milind did never stopped at one learned lesson, and kept on learning the latest information, Teenage trends and their psychology and various new stuff which she keep on UPGRADING herself on a day to day basis…
This might be one of the reason she can well communicate with Current Generation Youth and keep guiding them according to the experiences she faced/failed and Upgraded in Life 🙂

SO I guess If Failing in one Baby Health Competition could give such a positive Change, I am ready to fail again and again for a better learning of one’s failure and thereby methods to Win With Strong Base in various field
Happy Day World..
Happy Week 🙂

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