Untold Story Post 8: Respecting Yourself

A question is mostly asked in Interview, How are you worth of ? or How much you think company should pay you? or What Salary do you expect ?
Put the question in any way, the Question just means that the person evaluating you wants to know How confident are you on yourself and how much profit you can gain to Company that they should pay u the amount you deserve…
I don’t know the answer of this question but one guy did something in his real life
Once in early 2011, this guy calls me “Hey form today I am planning to take an elevation to my name and instead of Bhartal, I want to call my self THE BHATATLAL CHOUDHARY.
Subconsciously My mind accepted the simple sentence, Simplicity has that power.From that day I actually started Calling him THE BHARATLAL CHOUDHARY.

Now he Has become a Mentor and Bharatlal Choudhary or THE BHARATLAL CHOUDHARY is on his step to teach his students what he learned in his life…

The observation in this story is just that The amount of Respect you Give to Yourself, People will automatically follow you. If you think you are worthless or a minute creature in this world, you will become one. If you think you can compete Tata, Birla, Ambani, Gates, Jobs, YOU CAN ACTUALLY DO THAT..
People will respect you what you believe in..
(And constant believe with persistence not one day hero)

So Make a Change in this year 2015 and Show the World The NEW PERSON in you,
Who is Much more Stronger than what you WERE in 2014
Happy New Year..
All the Best as


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