Untold Stories Post 9: How U Going Mate :) ?

November 2014, I was working for G20 in Airport, there everyone was alien to each other, People of All Countries working together to make the event a Success,
One Guy was assigned to drop us at the spot and pick the guys up who’s shift got over. That guy had lot of pressure to complete certain task in time and he was shouting on people for no reason, We all kept quite as he was senior to us. He dropped one guy and said to us, He is an dick head, cant get out of the Vehicle in time, Even that fella took time to come Enter the car at Entry Gate.
One Unknown Aussi sitting back in seating back seat of our car Replied to him, Mate TALK THIS ON HIS FACE, NOT BEHIND HIS BACK.

As I am an Indian, talking behind someone back was usual to me. I dint like it but the culture I was born and the people I was raised with, Talked Behind People’s Back and created Rumors and fake stories which the original person is not even aware of..

After Several Days, On a Very Different Topic, two teenagers Tim andBrent Gesch Explained me, Australian Culture works this way, In our Army and Working area Buddy System is Being taught. We help each other and Grow Together, We don’t care we know that person or not. As long as he is in our Surrounding, He is our Mate. He is our Friend and its our duty to protect him, help him grow and He will do the same for us.

So Who is “Mate” I questioned.
The answer was stunning given by this teenager and he replied,

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