Untold Stories Post 7 Culture Breed

Today I was comming back from Suncrop Job and I boarded Train from Milton to Brisbane
I sat on a window seat and I reallized one small boy wanted that seat as it had a window..
I got up and offered that seat to him and his mother and I sat In side seat without window.
While this,
As soon as the boy occupied the seat, Mother looked at the child and said in a very sweet voice, WHAT YOU SHOULD SAYYY?????

The boy replied, “THANK YOU”

I said Welcome and continued my Journey..

The Point I wanted to make you observe is the very Small Small things taught to Kids in Australia and Even in other countries make the Nation A beautiful place to Live

Hats off to every MOTHER who teaches the small but important Culture and Atticates and contibute in making a Responsible Humans…
Good Nights Friends
Have a Blast for 2014 End Eve 🙂

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